Yellow Chilli's Seafood Okro Is Excellent

 Yellow Chilli

27 Oju Olobun Close, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0808 552 2277

FOLLY: I finally convinced Nosa to let us check out Yellow Chilli.

NOSA: She didn't "convince" me please. Folly is always trying to make it look like I hate Nigerian food.

FOLLY: I've only ever been here once before this and it was okay. I don't like how dimly lit the VI location is but I hear that the Ikeja branch has a much nicer space. 


NOSA: Because Nigerians have refused to acknowledge small chops as a starter, there was really no starter for us to get. We settled for the Seafood Platter, which is actually a main.

FOLLY: Everything in the platter was over fried but I wasn't surprised as we were at a Nigerian restaurant and they probably thought anything south of this might as well be sushi. 

NOSA: As a collective, this isn't a bad platter. Indvidually, well, that's another story. One of my fish balls had a bone in it. The fish ball looked like a hushpuppy. I had a hushpuppy once. In another seafood basket on another continent. That seafood basket had fried alligator in it too.

Ah, good times.  

Back to this boring basket though. The calamari was passable but the prawn was definitely up my alley. 

FOLLY: The prawns were good but awfully over fried.


FOLLY: I've heard A LOT about Yellow Chili's seafood okro so I decided to go for that with amala. Yellow Chilli's seafood okro is often compared to L'Afric's, which I've also had before. 


Anyways, this seafood okro lived up to all the hype and was really good.


NOSA: I agree. I thought the seafood okro was pretty excellent. A bit of a shame that I hate "swallow". This might actually work with fried yam, uno.

FOLLY: The amala, on the other hand, was not amala and I'm not really sure what this imposter was.

Maybe a blend of that plantain elubo and real elubo, but I wonder who asked them to adulterate my amala in such an ungodly fashion. 


NOSA: I've tried amala twice now. Neither has been "airy and light". I'm starting to think you Twitter people told me lies and amala might really be scraps.  

Anyway, I got the Jollof Fiesta as my main. 


NOSA: Yeah, the Jollof was reaaaaaal basic. The Jollof in my house > 

I heard so much about so it was a bit disappointing to be so let down by it. 

FOLLY: This Jollof was not the one. 


FOLLY: I took at least half of my seafood okro home cause the portion was quite large, so in that regard, I'd say it's very good value for money. 

NOSA: I don't know Folly says this is a "Liked It". I didn't like it. I could've eaten Jollof at home and not wasted my money. 

FOLLY: That's just because of the seafood okro which is a winner. 



Jollof Fiesta - N3000

Seafood Basket - N4700

Seafood Okro & Amala - N3300



There's parking but a few restaurants are around that area so expect some struggle if Yellow Chilli's space is full