Wrap City Is Perfect If You Don't Want Shawarma

Wrap City

20A Fola Osibo/Emma Abimbola Cole Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. 

0818 242 38790903 476 0931

NOSA: Can’t remember how we found about this place. I think Instagram or something.

FOLLY: Yup it was Instagram. We have some pretty amazing followers who tag us in the comments of every new spot in Lagos (and beyond).

NOSA: Anyway, we decided to check it out last night because for the first time in forever, I didn’t have to do work stuff at night.  

FOLLY: Wiper for Jesus!


NOSA: The idea, itself, is pretty genius and I wonder why it hasn’t been done before. Like, why hasn’t someone started a Subway clone already. It’s such a simple concept.  

Speaking of Subway, Wrap City has the same tagline - Eat Fresh. LOL.

FOLLY: Awks.


NOSA: I got the Mexican Wrap, but with beef because they ran out of chicken. Folly got the last one, pretty much. I thought the wrap could’ve done with more avocados. Despite that, I liked my wrap.  

FOLLY: If you ask me, I think the default for a Mexican wrap should even be the beef and not chicken. It just sounds, you know, correct.

I had the Cookout Wrap which is essentially a BBQ chicken wrap. I liked it. I also think it could have done with some more onions (caramelized) to give it more flavour.


NOSA: All in all, it’s a pretty decent wrap and it’s at the shawarma price point so it’s a bit of a steal. A restaurant would probably charge you, at least, N2500 for this. 

FOLLY: Because they don't have the fear of God. 


FOLLY: I also liked that my wrap didn't have have TOO much BBQ sauce.


NOSA: It’s not filling though. I mean, I know I’m fat but I was still hungry. I won’t lie, I thought about eating rice as soon as I got home.

FOLLY: Yeah, the only con is that it's not as filling as a shawarma. 

NOSA: Their website says they're getting breakfast options this month  

If you know any of the owners, please beg them to increase the scrambled egg options and free the boiled egg ones. That ham/cheddar one would be so perfect with scrambled eggs in it.

FOLLY: It's probably cause they can pre-boil the eggs and what not.


NOSA: If you’re looking for something light but not shawarma, this is the one. 

FOLLY: They also have smoothies and iced-tea. We didn't get to try them when we went, but their menu says they have it. 



The Mexican Beef - N1400

The Cook-Out - N1200



Terrible. Folly fell into the gutter as she was reversing out. 

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