Work Lunches: Wingsville


Hedges & Smith Plaza. Admiralty Way, Lekki One, Lagos

0815 972 7488

FOLLY: Don't be fooled by that address and think this is a restaurant. That address you see above is not a physical location where you can sit in, it's more like going to buy suya and carrying your load to go. 

NOSA: Don't be like Nosa, basically.

FOLLY: First impressions, we originally tried to visit Wingsville on Sunday and discovered they weren't open. So don't try to go on Sunday.

NOSA: Don't be like Nosa, again

FOLLY: It's actually best if you order between 12 pm and 2 pm on a weekday because you get their lunch time special of 8 wings and a side for N2000.

wingsville wings lekki-2.jpg

FOLLY: I really liked this place. I prefer their wings to both Wings N Sides and Wild Wings Xpress

NOSA: Maybe Wild Wings Xpress, but definitely not Wings N Sides. She's the queen abeg.

FOLLY: Unlike Nosa, I drove over there to get my wings and my order was ready in exactly 7 minutes. 

wingsville wings lekki-1.jpg

FOLLY: The sweet potato fries is one of the better ones I've been served in Lagos. For some reason, sweet potato fries usually end up tasting like yam at most Lagos restaurants. Thankfully, not these.

NOSA: I let mine sit for hours until they were super soggy because I'm the king of terrible decisions.

FOLLY: What I liked about them was that even though the exterior was firm, the inside was still soft. 

NOSA: They had this really interesting spice on them. I might have to order again to figure it out.

wingsville wings lekki-4.jpg

FOLLY: I ordered the Suya wings and the BBQ wings. The suya wings brought ALL the heat, I was sweating while eating these. Suffice to say that these are original and not counterfeit at all. 

NOSA: I got the Lemon Pepper and the Buffalo. The Buffalo wings were alright, but they didn't blow me away or anything.

wingsville wings lekki-7.jpg

FOLLY: Sadly, the BBQ wings since they were packed alongside the suya wings and so absorbed some of that heat (seriously that's how HOT they were). What really struck me about Wingsville, is that the flavor of the wings literally permeated to the bone and even the bone was tender.

NOSA: Which is great if you didn't order the underwhelming lemon pepper wings like I did.

FOLLY: These also chickens weren't muscular at all, the meat was incredibly soft. 

NOSA: I'll give them credit. These weren't Crossfit Chickens unlike 90% of places you get wings at in Lagos.

wingsville wings lekki-8.jpg

NOSA: The wings felt really tiny, to me or maybe I'm being greedy.

FOLLY: To be very honest, I don't like buying chicken wings because since I make chicken wings often, I know that a pack of 20ish wings is N1750 or less at most supermarkets. So I always feel somehow when I'm handing over N2k for 8 - 10 wings at restaurants and places like Wingsville.

NOSA: Chicken wings in Lagos are lowkey a scam.

FOLLY: That said, I think Wingsville wings were very worth it and while I may not be a frequent buyer because of my "chicken wings principle", I'd say to anyone who doesn't share my "principles" to definitely try out Wingsville. Just assume you're paying them to "prepare" the wings.

In fact, please ignore my principles.



FOLLY: A resounding YES from me. 

NOSA: More of a meh from me.




Lunch Time Special - N2000




Delivery - 700 (Victoria Island)