Wings Over Lagos, Not

Wings N Sides

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NOSA: I found out about these guys from a friend of my cousin. He ordered them one time and thought they were amazing so I had to give them a shot.

FOLLY: The first time I tried to to order the wings, I selected the pickup option to save N250 (aka toll gate money) but HelloFood called to say the restaurant doesn't offer pickup :(

No worries though, I just had to reorder and choose delivery instead. Nosa and I usually get the 20 piece wings at Urban Fuxion, so with Wings 'N' Sides we decided to get the 4 x 6pcs cause they had different flavours and variety is the spice of life. 

NOSA: I think this is the only place in Lagos that offers different flavors if wings. 355 used to but I don't know if they still do. Heels does, but her delivery service doesn't run with any kind of regularity. There was some girl that used to a couple of years ago, but I think she's shut up shop now. So yeah, we just have these guys. 

FOLLY: The flavours we chose were: Sweet Habanero, Sweet Ginger, Chipotle BBQ & Honey BBQ. Lowkey, in this last week of the Whole30 we've fallen off in the strictness, I tasted a biscuit the other day and ate Honey BBQ wings yesterday. 

NOSA: Same here, I drank alcohol yesterday. 

FOLLY: I won't lie I was completely skeptical about Wings N' Sides. For one, I was expecting pedestrian wings or that they'd call us after we ordered to say the flavours we selected weren't available. I really was expecting the worst. 

NOSA: The wings were a little tiny, but these guys didn't use crossfit chickens so I could live with the size.

FOLLY: First of all

NOSA's Ranking

  1. Chipotle BBQ
  2. Sweet Ginger
  3. Sweet Habanero
  4. Honey BBQ

FOLLY's Ranking

  1. Sweet Ginger
  2. Chipotle BBQ
  3. Honey BBQ
  4. Sweet Habanero

FOLLY: We're kinda in the same ball park. 



FOLLY: The Chipotle BBQ was a solid 7/10, it wasn't bad but it wasn't authentic. It's like Ace Roots vs. Orijin. 

NOSA: I thought this was the best of the lot. It had a little kick at the end. Coupled with the significant messiness of it and you can see why it's my favorite.

FOLLY: The Sweet Ginger was by far my favourite. By how much? Allow me to illustrate, I ate 4 and Nosa had two. 



NOSA: The Sweet Ginger was a bit like "Chinese wings". This one was good too, but definitely not better than the Chipotle BBQ.



FOLLY: I hated the Sweet Habanero so I had one and Nosa had 4. If you're currently questioning my math skills, a third party had the last Sweet Habanero. It left me with a weird after taste and an itch in my throat. 

NOSA: The Sweet Habanero was really "sweet" and had no kick. Didn't particularly dislike it, but I'll probably never order it again in my life.

FOLLY: The Honey BBQ would have been second on my list before the Chipotle BBQ if it wasn't so dry and sauceless. Being a red blooded Nigerian, I really just wanted a little bit more "stew" for dipping.

NOSA: The "dryness" took me by surprise as well. Definitely the worst of the lot, for me. Just scroll up and look at the image grid thing. Which one looked like it would suck?



FOLLY: Speaking of dip, they sent us some blue cheese dip. I didn't try it because of Whole30 restrictions, but Nosa likes food so he did.  


FOLLY:Overall, I liked the wings. They aren't the best wings I've had in Lagos but they aren't bad. The only real complaint I have is they were quite skinny.

NOSA: On the whole, I liked them too.

FOLLY: If I were having a party, I'd definitely order them. 



6 pcs wings - N1500 each