Wild Wings Xpress Promises Wings Not Dipped in Stew

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NOSA: We Instagram-stalked these guys for quite a bit, didn't we? 

FOLLY: Their tagline is "not dipped in stew" so naturally Nosa and I had to put them to the test. 

NOSA: HAD to. The awareness of the stew-y nature of Nigerian wings suggested these guys knew better.

FOLLY: Their website looks decent but I wasn't able to place our order on there, because after I added the first flavor to the cart, I couldn't add any more.

NOSA: I couldn't place an order either. I hope they didn't pay legal tender for that website because it's an absolute mess. 

FOLLY: I eventually gave up and called in my order. Even if I had been successful, you can't pay online on the site so if you're reading this and you want to order you might as well skip the website and just call in your order. Meanwhile, their site looks incredibly similar to Smoothie Express'.

NOSA: ....with none of the functionality.  

FOLLY: It's also a bit discouraging that they only operate on a pre-order basis cause if I felt like having wings today I'd have to have had the thought as early as yesterday.

NOSA: Another thing I wasn't a fan of. But I guess it helps prevent wastage or some other rational reason. 

FOLLY: Anyways, enough on the "logistics". We got the Chikwobi, Buffalo, and Honey Garlic Wings.

eatdrinklagos wild wings xpress-4 copy.jpg.jpeg

The Chikwobi is Wild Wings Xpress' specialty, it's a unique twist on Nkwobi with chicken wings. 

NOSA: Very alté. 

FOLLY: Generally, I know what Nkwobi should taste like. Shouts to Sao Cafe. The chikwobi wings have a very local flavor and actually taste like Nkwobi but with chicken.

eatdrinklagos wild wings xpress-1.jpg

NOSA: I'll be honest, the Chickwobi is not really for me. I get what they're going for and the execution is pretty remarkable but it's not for me.

FOLLY: Most Nigerian places have no idea what they're doing with buffalo wings so this was ordered to test their hands. They were decent.

NOSA: These went really well with the ranch dip.

FOLLY: It was blue cheese. 

NOSA: Almost perfect, so I don't know what Folly is saying. I liked these a lot.

eatdrinklagos wild wings xpress-3.jpg

FOLLY: The honey garlic wings were by far my favorite. A bit sweeter than I was expecting but it still really worked. 

NOSA: Easily my favorite of the lot. Can't believe Folly didn't order more of this one.

FOLLY: I thought the buffalo would be the star of the show. 

NOSA: Another thing about WWX, surprised I didn't mention this earlier, is how good the actual chicken is. I recognize the economy is rough right now and it's so easy to opt for Crossfit Chickens, but they don't so they deserve credit. 

FOLLY: TRUE! And WWX gives you more drumettes than wingettes and EVERYONE knows drumettes > wingettes. 



FOLLY: Would I order again? Yeah but maybe with a party in mind cause that 24-hour notice doesn't work with my need for instant gratification.

NOSA: The wings are really good, but ordering it is a bit tedious. Can't get everything you want, I guess. If you're craving wings, you'll probably go with a more instantly gratifying option like Wings & Sides. So yeah, maybe it's time to revisit the strategy.



N2000 for ten wings + side + drink