Hotel Brunches: Westfoster Harbour Is As Pretentious As Lagos Gets

Westfoster Harbour

70 Queen's Drive (Oyinkan Abayomi), Ikoyi, Lagos.

NOSA: The first time we were here, a couple months ago, we didn’t get anything to eat. Walked in, looked at the menu, and walked out. A reader suggested we check the place out again last week so we decided to do some snooping on their Instagram. Turns out they got a bit of a revamp.

FOLLY: I didn't notice any revamp tbh. 

eatdrinklagos westfoster harbour-1.jpg

NOSA: The space might be the most pretentious thing I’ve ever seen in Lagos. You know, this building might be Lagos in a nutshell. Saying so much, but not really saying anything. The company that built this thing has another development coming soon. Here’s a little snippet from the press conference


The interior has this grandiose Victorian thing going. From the bombastic curtains to the choice of furniture, everything was just so pretentious. These guys didn’t even have matching furniture sets and couldn’t decide on how to set the table.

FOLLY: All their tables were the same huge size. For example,  the table they set for four could actually seat six and they had no smaller tables so we asked to sit by the pool cause the pressure of the big table was just too much for me. 

NOSA: Enough about that. 

eatdrinklagos westfoster harbour-4.jpg

I got the American Breakfast - Eggs, Bacon, Sausages, Potatoes, Baked Beans, & Toast.  Don’t ask me what makes that American because I really don’t know. What I do know is that the bacon was rubbery and the sausages were actually just frankfurters. Eating out in a Lagos is really a scam.

FOLLY: Not a scam, more like a heist if we're being honest. I built my own breakfast cause the menu gives you the option to do that, and my side of sausages cost N1300 so I was really expecting REAL sausages, you know, not frankfurters. At Deli's supermarket, they have a pack of 30 mini real sausages for N1500. 

NOSA: For a place so pretentious, the least they could do is get those knockoff Satis sausages from the supermarket and lie that they’re Cumberland. 

eatdrinklagos westfoster harbour-3.jpg

FOLLY: Also, I still don't know what the thing that came with the frankfurters was. I mean, I ordered hash browns but I have no clue what these were. All the terrible things aside, the pancakes were great, save one that was burnt underneath. 

eatdrinklagos westfoster harbour-2.jpg

NOSA: The eggs were pretty delicious, however. Same thing with the potatoes. Folly’s pancakes tasted as nice as they looked also, so it wasn’t all disappointment. 

eatdrinklagos westfoster harbour-5.jpg

FOLLY: Uh huh they even gave me an additional pancake and berries, cause the menu said I was only getting 2. Small wins. 


NOSA: The Instagram pictures will be great, so in that regard, it’s not all bad. 

FOLLY: Westfoster is expensive but very far away from being worth it. On our verdict scale, we have Like, Meh, and Hate. I want to add a special categorization for Lagos restaurant scams for when the food you get isn't worth the price tag. It's not terrible food but it's not good enough to cost so much. 



Pancakes - N1800

Sausages - N1300

American - N4400

Hash Brown - N900





They have parking within their premises.