Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 106: Visiting Lagos from the US

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Subject: Visiting Lagos from US

Message: Hi— I absolutely love your blog. I’m visiting Lagos in November for three nights with my husband—he’s off during the day working so I’m looking for suggestions for lunch and dinner places— dinner with business people, lunch on my own or maybe with friends of friends.

I’m an American (California born, currently in New Jersey) who has been to East Africa doing the usual touristy stuff but this is my first time in West Africa. I’m very excited to see Lagos and would love any thoughts you have on where are the “must dos” food wise (except I don’t eat seafood).

I have NOK on the list because it got written up in the New York Times which is a pretty big deal for any restaurant - let alone one that is thousands of miles away! Thanks for any thoughts you might have— and sorry I’m emailing not using the BOT. I tried to use the BOT and my American computer freaked out and shut me down lol.

Keep up the great work- I read food blogs about places we are visiting all the time and yours is one of my absolute favorites :)
— Rene

NOSA: NOK got a shout in NY Times? NY Times has been reading the blog, I see. Lol jk jk.


  1. Terra Kulture
  2. Jamski
  3. Orchid House (but go to the VI location)
  4. Verandah


  1. Shiro
  2. Tarragon
  3. La Taverna
  4. BL Restaurant
Subject: Birthday lunch

Message: Hello, could you kindly help with a nice and affordable restaurant in lekki / vi where I can have a nice birthday lunch with 20 friends on a budget. It doesn’t have to be an hotel / a buffet. I’ll be looking forward for a feedback . Thanks
— Dayo

NOSA: Would be nice if someone could define "affordable".

Is it 5k/head or 10k/head? I have no idea.

FOLLY: Yeah, affordability if VERY relative so my least favorite question to answer is when people ask for affordable places. 

NOSA: If you're thinking 10k/head, I'm thinking Casper & Gambini

Under 10k/head, you can probably squeeze in Sao Cafe or HSE Cafe in Lekki. You just have to skimp on the cocktails.

FOLLY: HSE is going to be a very tight squeeze.

If the budget is super low, maybe you can work with The Place.

The Bot doesn't know what "affordable" means wither

The Bot doesn't know what "affordable" means wither

Subject: Suprise birthday party

Message: I’m looking to have a surprise birthday get together for my girlfriend she’s turning 20, 10-15 people, somewhere on the island would be preferable. Thanks
— Lanre Aden

NOSA: Craft Gourmet is usually helpful with this type of surprise stuff.

FOLLY: La Brioche is perfect for a "girly" celebration. I know I'd like that over Craft Gourmet.

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