Nosa Ordered Frog Legs in Lagos

NOSA: I don't know why I did it. 

FOLLY: And I don't know why I didn't stop you, I guess part of me thought you were joking.

NOSA: Definitely not one of my better ideas. Just know Nosa did this so you don't have to. 

I tastes chicken-y though. With more muscle.

FOLLY: Tastes a lot like chicken, like if it was in cubes and not so froggy I would probably just have thought it was agric chicken. 

NOSA: Just look at it. Soooooo froggy. 

Yeah, frog legs aren't for me, fam. I kept thinking about froggy things.

FOLLY: Yeah, Nosa what are froggy things ? I just kept imagining that I was eating the frogs in the dirty gutter outside.

Anyways, I got the calamari that looked like chin chin (tell me you agree with me ?). It also didn't taste like any calamari I have ever known.

tempura calamari

NOSA: After the frog leg debacle, I had to get another starter because...yeah...I just had to. I went with the firecracker prawn, which was pretty decent. Had this tang or something to it. Can't quite put my finger to it. 

NOSA: Because Medici take style expensive, Folly and I split a main. I let Folly pick and she went with the Sea Bass, which came with the most godawful sauce. 

FOLLY: I, in turn, let the waiter pick from two Sea Bass options and this is the shit he came up with.  The sauce was butter, cream and coconut. 

FOLLY: I liked the side of veggies

NOSA: The fish itself wasn't bad, but I just couldn't do the sauce at all.

FOLLY: I couldn't do much of either cause cream is a mortal enemy of mine. I selected the two options on the menu without cream sauces - or so I thought, for the waiter to choose and yet I still got this. 

Not one to be defeated, I wanted to get dessert to give Medici a chance to win me over but Nosa said no as we'd already spent so much money already which was fair. 


NOSA: Waste of money. Now, I have to soak garri until December. Look, I'm tired of fine dining restaurants scamming me. 

FOLLY: Budget has been exhausted, I'm adding a donate button to the site at this point. 



Saffron Seabass - N6200

Firecracker Prawn - N3150

Tempura Calamari - N3100

Frog Legs - N4300