Vellvett: The Re-invention of Piccolo Mondo

Vellvett Lounge & Bar

19B Idejo St. Victoria Island, Lagos

0706 633 333301 792 7922

NOSA: I don't know why it has taken us so long to officially visit Vellvett for the blog. We've been here a couple of times and we even partnered Valentine's Day Giveaway. Actually, lemme not lie, I know why. My scrappy iPhone 5 always took terrible pictures 😩😩😩

FOLLY: And Vellvett take style expensive

NOSA: Folly and I decided to split our order today. We got one appetizer and one main to share, because Vellvett is lowkey expensive. Perhaps it's time to start asking for donations. I'm going to put a small offering box on the sidebar. You guys can drop contributions for us. Nothing is too small, brothers and sisters. lol.

We got the Vellvett Bar Platter to start and the Sirloin Steak as our main.

NOSA: The platter was pretty meh. Before I continue, I was at La Taverna one time and I overheard a couple of girls talking about how I'm never too descriptive when it comes to explaining how food tastes, i.e. I saw things are "meh" a lot. Ok, when I say something is "meh", this is the face I have on:


FOLLY: Larry David is the best. 

NOSA: Back to where I was. 

The food looked better in the picture than it actually tasted. 

FOLLY: The one thing I really liked about the platter was the sauces. There was good ole ketchup,  a delicious garlic mayo, lemon butter, and a sweet honey sauce. 

NOSA: The calamari and the chicken had way too much batter, which totally drowned their respective tastes. The fries were amazing, but the shrimp was just ok. Nothing mind blowing for me. 

FOLLY: I felt like it was a bit of an ordeal to eat the calamari, yes the batter was that thick. I had one and let Nosa devour the others. Chicken tenders also got a thumbs down from me. 

NOSA: Now, the spring rolls were plenty interesting. They weren't like your regular, they had this curry thing to them.

FOLLY: I liked the spring rolls a lot, they were also the only thing on the platter that was warm.

 I was also a fan of the prawns cause they were char-grilled, and so a bit smoky. I really liked it, although some may call it burnt as the shell was visibly dark. 

Sirloin Steak Lagos

NOSA: The steak was pretty quality. We got it medium rare and I really thought the chef would send it to us well done. Sometimes chefs in Lagos think you're mad and just make decisions for you.

"Medium rare? I'm sure they don't understand what they want"

FOLLY: Except if you're at RSVP, because the last time I was there everything we ordered medium rare came out rarer than imagined. 

NOSA: I thought the plating was really cute.

medium rare steak at velvett

NOSA: As for the steak, it really tender and cut soooo easily. You see all that pink in the middle? YASSSS LAWDT

FOLLY: Soooo tender! It was a really good cut, and didn't taste like early sallah ram. 

NOSA: The black peppercorn sauce went really well with it, and the mash too. The mash was just ok but it had perfect consistency. Tasted infinitely better with the peppercorn sauce.

FOLLY: I think the mash was great, and then with the peppercorn it was fantastic. 


NOSA: All that said, steak-wise, 1415 > Vellvett > Bistro 7


NOSA: I really like Vellvett. The menu is extensive and the quality doesn't drop off with cuisine. A lot of places you go to, once you try something outside the restaurant's main fare, it turns to shit (side eye at Basillico). Not Vellvett though, and that's a good thing.  

FOLLY: I've had continental, Indian, and Mediterranean at Vellvett, and the quality has always been consistent. It might have something to do with the fact that their chef supposedly trained under Gordon Ramsey. Clearly, he sabi the work. 


Vellvett Bar Platter - N6900

Sirloin Steak - N7000