We Visited Vellvett Again

Vellvett Lounge & Bar

19B Idejo St. Victoria Island, Lagos

0706 633 333301 792 7922

NOSA: It’s been a while since we originally reviewed Vellvett and had our Lunch Club here. In that time, a whole lot has changed. The Indian portion of the menu is out and the Lebanese offerings have trimmed a little. In, comes a selection of pastas (note this, for later), sandwiches, and burgers. For lack of a better term, the menu has been “Westernized” a bit. 


NOSA: To start, we got the Arayes. I was bit disappointed with this. The one at Arabesque has set the bar so high and anything that beneath that isn’t good enough. 

FOLLY: Smelt funny, tasted funny. I did NOT like. 


FOLLY: For my main, I had the Philadelphia Steak Wrap

The description said it'll be beef steak, mushroom, peppers and a special sauce. It didn't have cheese so I went for it. 


NOSA:  ... and I got the Lobster and Shrimp Lasagne. Is it "Lasagne" or "Lasagna"? This thing confuses me so much.


FOLLY: My main arrived and it had cheese in it. I contemplated sending it back but at this point I was very hungry (Nosa's fault cause his main had a 45 minute wait time). I decided to eat it cause cheese won't kill me but hunger could. 

NOSA: Abeg, don't blame me for your error.


FOLLY: The wrap was very delicious. I don't have many words to describe it because it was pretty much perfect and there's nothing I would change about it - even the cheese. I love mushrooms and anything with them in it is perfect to me. 


FOLLY: Same goes for the coleslaw which was a welcome surprise because I didn't know I would be getting any. The vegetables were crunchy and it didn't have too much "salad cream". 

NOSA: Now that I think about it, I really like their fries. 

FOLLY: The fries at the top of the basket were soggy and lacked salt, but the ones at the bottom were crispy and well salted. It was funny cause the fries improved in quality towards the end of the meal. 


NOSA: Remember what I said about noting the pasta? 

I’m going to go on record here and say this is probably the best thing you’ll eat in Lagos this year. You guys will obviously go out of your way to prove me wrong. Like you did with the Chicken Logs at RSVP and the Truffle Mac n’ Cheese at Insignia. But trust me this one time, guys. I actually went with my coworkers to Vellvett the next day just so they could try it too. And yes, they do. 

FOLLY: I can't believe my inefficient digestive system is going to stand in the way of me enjoying this one


NOSA: They weren’t stingy with the shrimp at all. Like, it was A LOT. Let me get my Food Network on, the lasagne is decadent. Shout out to Marcus Samuelsson and the gang. 


FOLLY: Truth be told I didn't want to go to Vellvett. Nosa said they had updated their menu but I really thought to myself  "who cares", it'll probably be meh and expensive. It was expensive but not meh at all, absolutely loved it.

NOSA: Vellvett has improved by miles since our last visit. Mainly because of the variety. Look, the entire Blowfish business is solid. From Izanagi to Vellvett to Verandah. 




Arayes - N2700

Philadelphia Steak Wrap - N4700

Lobster & Shrimp Lasagne - N7000



They only have like 4 spots and there are 2 restaurants in there. So yeah, parking isn't the best