The 5 Best Spots For Valentine's Day In Lagos

NOSA: Valentine's Day is almost here again. Here you are sitting on your ass and out of ideas, again. The Food Court at the Palms is not a date so you better take that rubbish idea out of your head. Being single is no excuse either. #TreatYOSelf2015 is in full effect. As usual, we're here to help you make better decisions. 

FOLLY: This is a PSA from me to all Nigerians (male and female): February 14th is still Valentine's Day, you can "make a date with Nigeria", Fe-Buhari, and all of that but you can still "vote and val".

NOSA: These five spots are sure winners for Valentine's Day. Bae or Baeless. 


NOSA: Folly and I did this for New Year's Eve. They had these little heart-shaped confetti type whatever sprinkled all over the table. It was the cutest thing. 

FOLLY: The food at Izanagi is quality. It's not one of those places that's hit or miss. However, don't expect to go here and get a bargain, it's not "affordable" like that. 

NOSA: If you're really looking for a "cheap" date, check out our little guide to "Dating On An NYSC Budget".


FOLLY: Vellvett is going all out for Valentine's Day this year. They'll have three different Valentine's Day menus over three days.

NOSA: Folly & I have come here a couple of times and we've really liked it for the most part. Like Izanagi, it'll definitely tension your wallet. But it's Valentine's Day so stop being a cheap bastard. #TreatYOSelf2015, this is the move. 

PS: You can win a dinner for 2 at Vellvett on Valentine's Day. Enter our competition HERE

Uptown @ Avenue Suites

FOLLY: If you start the evening a bit earlier, you're likely to get a great view of the sun setting. Then later if Nepa doesn't fall hand and the street lights are lit on Adetokunbo Ademola and Ahmadu Bello, you'll also have another great view as the evening progresses. 

NOSA: I agree, the view is gorgeous. The food isn't bad, but you should go here off the strength of that view. When you're done, you should take a little stroll on the beach too. Hopefully, you don't get robbed

FOLLY: Don't take a stroll please, you'll certainly get robbed. 


NOSA: You already know how much I love RSVP, I don't need to reiterate. I'm calling it early, RSVP will be THE Valentine's Day spot this year so you better make your reservations now. Don't be a walk-in on the 14th and prove to your girl that you have NO hands. 

FOLLY: Yeah, if I were you, I'd go in a bit early for my reservation and grab a drink or two at the bar with my date. The drinks are FAB (I'd recommend the Copa del Lebanon) and I think it'll be the perfect way to start the evening. 

Grillroom @ Wheatbaker

FOLLY: Great food and ambience. And with all that dim lightning, it'll be the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner.

NOSA: I've never been so you're just going to have to trust Folly on how romantic this place is. 

FOLLY: I know a couple that got engaged here. 

NOSA: Fair enough.