A Food Truck For These Lagos Streets

Urban Fuxion

Around and About

0703 639 6469 or 0809 850 0512

NOSA: I was so pumped when I heard there was going to be a food truck in Lagos and even more when they actually launched. Because you know how these Lagos businesses are, they're always coming soon on Instagram for years.

FOLLY: My absolute favourite thing about the Urban Fuxion truck are the to-go margaritas - they are soooooo good.  In fact, one day when my coworkers are frustrating me, I'm just going to order one to my office and drink on the job and tell them it's a healthy smoothie. 

NOSA: I thought the fries needed a little salt. A bit of a disappointment on that front. The crinkle cut was a nice touch, but the bland was overwhelming.

FOLLY: I won't lie I didn't notice the salt thing. I wasn't paying that much attention to detail as I was just going at my chicken wings, which I ate ten of with zero regrets.


I liked their chicken wings but for variety's sake I think they should consider offering a couple different marinade styles.

NOSA: The ribs were absolutely goddamn excellent. Tender. Fall off the bone. Delicious. Everything. I remember talking to the guy that owns the truck and he mentioned leaving them in a smoker for like 7 hours. That's a man that sabi the work. These have shot past BBQ & Cravings. These are my favorite ribs in Lagos.

FOLLY: Hayyyy why are you spilling his trade secrets. The BBQ & Cravings ones are kinda like rib bites so they're cute and easy to eat.

The truck is in Lekki during the day on weekdays (you'd probably have to call or check their Instagram for their location) and they also deliver. However, for late night eats they are usually parked on Adeola Odeku from 11 pm till 5 am. 


NOSA: The fries are a bit of a dud, but the ribs were consistently excellent. We got to try them before the truck launched and I ordered them again after the launch. No dip in quality at all. 

FOLLY: I've already had a couple of things from the Urban Fuxion menu, the classic fuxion burger, the ribs, and the chicken wings. Hey, I like food don't judge me but that I'm trying to say is that the food is pretty darn good. 



10 Chicken Wings - N2000

Half Rack Ribs - N2900