That's Not a Salad, Sir

Truffles Restaurant & Bar

45A Sobo Arobiodu Street, Ikeja, Lagos

0706 155 5333

NOSA: Yay! We're on the mainland again!

One of our Instagram followers suggested we check this place out and here we are. 

The exterior is really nice, a shame I didn't get any good pictures.

FOLLY: They should definitely get a good bartender and set up an outdoor area for hang outs - they already have the hookah pipes so they are already thinking smart. 

NOSA: The interior isn't bad either. Well, from a distance. Their painter didn't do them any favors with the finishing. 

I got the Salmon Salad as my main, persevering through what was definitely the most tedious ordering process I have ever made in my life. The waiter, bless his heart, wasn't the quickest off the blocks. We actually had to get a waitress in to come save the day.

Anyway, as you can see, not a lot of salad-ing going on here. If you think I'm lying, take a look at the receipt. It says "salad".

FOLLY: To be honest, that price may not be inflated because N3500 might be how much  they paid at Goodies for the smoked salmon - must have barely broken even. 

NOSA: That's two lettuce slices, two strips of salmon, a sprinkling of capers, and lime on the side. Oh, let's not forget the big bucket of balsamic vinaigrette that I'm guessing was dipping sauce for the salmon because no way is that dressing for this "salad". 

The salmon was nice tho. They get points for that.

The capers too.  

I made a salmon lettuce wrap with it and when you look at it like that, it's almost not worth it. 

truffles ikeja new restaurant

FOLLY: Luckily for Nosa, the plan was to share both mains. I ordered the French Mushroom Beef Fillet.  I also asked for it to be medium. 

NOSA: One fillet came well done and the other was medium. Or was it medium well? Either way, hilarious. Like, how on earth does that happen?

FOLLY: I gave Nosa one filet and kept one for my self. Sadly, the one I kept was the well done one and it was too late to take the other one back so I dipped my wrapped my steak in salmon and dipped it balsamic vinegar (gross, I know). 

NOSA: The medium one was really good too. 

truffles ikeja

FOLLY: You know what was even more delicious, the side vegetables. They were very crunchy and not soaked in oil and I even got mushrooms and zucchini. Maybe that was why they charged me separately for my side because the menu said a choice of a side will accompany ''international dishes".


NOSA: This place has potential. I really believe they'll come good eventually, but my meal was an absolute disaster. Folly's wasn't bad so there's a chance.

FOLLY: Good effort on the food, their Instagram bangs though. 



Smoked Salmon Salad - N3500

French Mushroom Beef Fillet - N5600

Sautéed Vegetables - N750