Bao, Beer, and Trivia: Join Us For Trivia Night with Kewa's Kitchen

May is upon us and you know what that means… it’s Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night! Like last month, we’re doing it a little differently. But, not as crazy as last month. Trivia remains the same and I’ll get to the categories in a bit, but this month we’re popping up with Kewa’s Kitchen as well. Not just Kewa’s Kitchen, but Igbadun Brewing Co, a local craft beer outfit, as well.

Kewa will be serving a bar trio with two sides and Igbadun will have their craft beer on deck. To reserve your dinner, click the button below:

BaoBeer Flyer.jpeg

Our five categories for Trivia Night this month:

  1. Reality TV

  2. British Royal Family

  3. English Premier League

  4. Superheroes

  5. Brands

Reserve a spot for your team HERE.

Saturday, October 13.png