Toasties by BiscuitBoneBlog

Toasties by BiscuitBoneBlog

 131 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

0908 016 1647



NOSA: We have an interesting history with BiscuitBoneBlog. We found her Instagram page, then we stalked her blog, and when she moved back, we got her at Festival. A bit like what we did with Kitchen Butterfly, now that I think about it.

A tad creepy.

A couple months ago, Eka of BiscuitBoneBlog decided to take her toasties to the streets...

FOLLY: ...and this past weekend, we popped by BiscuitBoneBlog's "concession stand" at this new development in Ikoyi.

NOSA: Sidenote, what is Nakenoh's Blvd? Serious question. Is it a mall or something?

FOLLY: I don't really understand the building and the purpose it serves, and the last time we tried to talk about real estate developments in a review we were chastised, so I won't delve into it but if I know you in real life, call me so we can talk about it. 


NOSA: We tried her main toasties at Festival, so we decided to be a bit breakfast-y and adventurous. 

FOLLY: I got the French Toastie which as the name implies is a sandwich made with french toast as opposed to plain bread. The filling on this was Nutella with orange zest. 

NOSA: While I got the Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Toastie. The eggs are usually runny, but I can't deal so I got mine scrambled. 


FOLLY: The orange must have been really fresh or something because I saw them grate some orange zest into the toastie and the taste of the orange really came through. It was just like the orange flavored Quality Street chocolate bar. 

NOSA: Before Folly goes on, we got bonus pancakes with our order. It's a thing she does on Saturdays. You order a meal and you get pancakes too.


Ok, you can continue, Folly.

FOLLY: I ate most of my toastie but the orange wore me out towards the end cause it was "getting much".

NOSA: My toastie was EGGCELLENT.. See what I did there?  Imagine a really good breakfast sandwich. That sandwich in your head, yeah? This is probably better than that. 

Both of our toasties are on her weekend menu only so you aren't getting this on the weekday menu. Hopefully, she adds it soon.

FOLLY: I got my french toastie with sweet potato fries which unfortunately didn't make the cut for pictures because I ate them while Nosa was driving around looking for a Lagos establishment that had paid their DStv bill. More on that from him...

NOSA: Blame Buhari, not me. 


FOLLY: It would have tasted better warm and I blame Jose Mourinho for interrupting my lunch. 

NOSA: It's a "yes" from me. I'm getting it for lunch this week.



N1800 (Toastie + Fries + Drinks)



You might scratch the underneath of your car getting into the compound, but yes there's parking