The Saddest Wings Ever

The Step Inn

162B Sinari Daranijo Street. Victoria Island, Lagos.


NOSA: Step Inn is pretty much much the same thing as Pat's Bar and Long Bar. It's frequented heavily by expats and the food/drink is pretty cheap. Ok, maybe it's not the same thing because the similarities end there. 

I  love the fact that they have proper bar booths. Love the actual bar too. The whole space has a proper authentic feel.

FOLLY: I actually prefer Long Bar booths though. Nothing spesh about the bar too lowks. 

NOSA: The space isn't the best lit, but that shouldn't matter to you. We were trying to get pictures for Instagram. LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING!

FOLLY: It's not even mood lightning, the place is proper dark. There are two bulbs in the entire establishment, no bueno. However, we didn't go there for the light so let's move on.

NOSA: The Step Inn has no drink menu. The rude waitresses will let you know this without mincing words. Ain't nobody checking for your  "where's the drink menu" ass anyway.

We couldn't decide what to order so we went with Chicken Wings until we figured it out. 

step inn wings

Error, as you can see. 

The wings so dry and sad, dawg. Not marinated or anything. Just tossed the thing in the deep fryer and that's it. Maybe they're catering to the audience. Appaz white people don't season their chicken. My roommates in college did, but that's the stereotype so it must be true. Twitter doesn't lie. 

FOLLY: There was barely any flesh on the chicken, whole thing was tragic. 

NOSA: After this tragedy of a starter, Folly and I decided to get some mains to rescue the day. I went with the Cottage Pie

step inn cottage pie

NOSA: Looks like fruit cake with icing from this angle, yanno?

FOLLY: Everything I asked for on their Specials board was not available, which was odd because why would you make it the special of the day if the ingredients aren't available. 

When I got tired of picking, I just asked the waitress to recommend something to me and she said the Shish Taouk. 


NOSA: I've only ever had Cottage Pie in Lagos so I can't tell you how the real thing is supposed to go but no way it looks like this. The pie looked like I offended someone. The mash dumped on ground beef. Slightly burnt ground beef at that. 

cottage pie_stepp inn

I'll give them this, though, the mash was absolutely fantastic. Found love in a hopeless place. 

FOLLY: The cook's rendition of Shish Taouk also fell flat. The vegetables and chicken were slimy and that made me disinterested very fast, so I barely touched it. It was also overwhelmingly onion-y.


NOSA: Don't look like any Shish Taouk I ever saw.


NOSA: The food is scraps, the waitresses are rude, and it's cash only. Fashola told me not to support businesses that don't encourage "Cashless Lagos". Well, I think he said that. If he didn't, he should have said it.

If you just want a cheap beer, this might actually be the wave. Just eat before you come here. 


Cottage Pie - N1500

Shish Taouk & Chips - N2000