Eat.Drink.Travel: The Rock (Zanzibar)

NOSA: You know how people never snapchat the struggle of getting to Ilashe? That never ending trek? Well, Zanzibar is the same thing. Every single travel writer conveniently leaves out the fact that Zanzibar is just Benin City with a beach.

FOLLY: I've never been to Benin City but I guess. 

NOSA: Now, the beach is probably the most beautiful thing you’ll see in your life...

FOLLY: If I may interject, that's a slight exaggeration on "the most beautiful thing you'll see in your life". 

NOSA: ...but everything else is a massive struggle. I may or may not have had a meltdown when I got to the hotel. I’d rather not remember.


NOSA: Once you get past the struggle, you definitely have to check out The Rock Restaurant. It’s literally a restaurant on a rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It will definitely leave a dent in your wallet, but if you've come out to Zanzibar already, experiencing it is the least you can do. Forget the snorkeling and playing with dolphins. Your iPhone is not waterproof enough to capture that and it's not as fun as everyone makes it out to be. The Rock, on the other hand, is.

FOLLY: A restaurant on a large rock in the middle of the Indian ocean. Ok, maybe not middle, but at high tide like when we went, you need a boat to get to the restaurant. I'm told that at low tide you can wade through the waters to get there.

NOSA: The food doesn’t really match how much it costs, but if you look at it as paying for an experience, then it is definitely worth it.

FOLLY: Yeah, I won't lie. I expected to be blown away but I wasn't.

NOSA: The view is absolutely gorgeous, however i.e. perfect for instagram.

If you love your seafood, you must get the platter. It has about everything edible in Zanzibar waters. I’m talking cigal lobster, crab, prawn, calamari. All that good stuff.

Also, make sure you make a reservation.

FOLLY: Weeks in advance. 

NOSA: In high season, it can get really busy. You don’t to make the long trip and find out it’s fully booked. Don’t be that Nigerian.

Recommended Dish: The Rock Special ($55)