Does The Place Have The Best Asun in Lagos?

The Place

Plot 3B, Admiralty Way, Lekki Lagos. (Victoria Island x Ikeja)

01 844 9310

FOLLY: I feel like The Place is somewhere we all go but are too proud to be the first to say it in a conversation. This is because everyone seems to agree The Place's asun is quality but won't be the first to bring it up in a convo. 

NOSA: You guys are on your own. The Place is not somewhere I go 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾


FOLLY: I have a standard order at The Place half fried rice + half jollof plus asun.

Last time I was here, I saw this plantain thing but I wasn’t in the mood for experiments that day so I stuck to the usual, but on this visit since I came with Nosa and it was for EDL, I thought why not.  We were also trying to pick a low carb options.

NOSA: The plantain thing is called the Vegetable Plantain.

FOLLY: We also got a double portion of Asun, Barbeque Chicken and Grilled Chicken.

I only started eating asun a couple years ago because I couldn’t and still cannot deal with the pepper, I really just like it because the meat is sooo soft. I honestly think that’s why I like the one at The Place so much, if it was on the Nando’s scale it will be just below the extra peri-peri.


NOSA: I've heard a lot about the Asun at The Place. Someone even told me it's the best one in Lagos so I was a bit curious about it. isn't. 

It's not close to the one Glover Court or that one on Awolowo. See, there's a big difference between asun that's fresh from the pan and asun that's in those storage things at fast food joints. A MASSIVE difference. 

asun the place

FOLLY: Nigerians believe so many fables on making Nigerian staples healthier. For example eating wheat instead of eba.

Apparently, plantain too can be made healthier if you eat it before it’s ripe because clearly we know better than God (or whoever you believe created plants). The caterers in my office even bring boiled unripe plantain for this same reason. That said,  I didn’t like the vegetable plantain because they used unripe plantains and it was hard, no Bueno.

NOSA: The plantain thing is such a great idea in theory. I mean, boiled plantain with bell peppers and ting? Mad. But it's the same problem with the asun, it wasn't fresh.

NOSA: Oh, and the BBQ chicken was dryyyyyyyyy. And hard too. The BBQ didn't really stand out and the chicken itself was a bit bland.

FOLLY: My chicken was less dry than Nosa's but was still an overwhelming let down. TFC's Charcolite chicken is the best in this band for sure. 


FOLLY: The Place is just as expensive as Chicken Republic so I don’t know why y’all look down on it so much. Yes, the club part is a hot mess but the food really isn’t that bad.

NOSA: The Place is like TFC with asun. While the food isn't bad, it's not particularly "fresh". No amount of "should we put it in the microwave" will fix that.



Vegetable Plantiain - N600

Asun - N800

Grilled Chicken - N400

Barbecue Chicken - N400