The Long Bar: Revisited After a Long Time Away


NOSA: On the drive to The Long Bar this weekend, I realized I haven't been to the place in over three years. For a place I quite enjoyed, if my memory serves me right, it feels a bit odd.

FOLLY: You actually got your classmates to meet up there for a reunion of sorts. LOL.

NOSA: I just forgot all about it for some reason. It only came to mind when we tried to kill time by driving around VI until 100 Hours opened up.

FOLLY: I really needed that Amala.

NOSA: The menu at Long Bar doesn't look like much has changed since I was last here.

FOLLY: They printed new menus with far fewer typos.

NOSA: The sections remain the same. For reasons best left unsaid, The Long Bar is quite popular with expats in Lagos. It appears Nigerians have gotten hip to it because there's a whole "African" section of the menu. You can't hide near pump price beer for too long.

FOLLY: I can imagine Nigerian men post work sweeping their ties behind their neck while going in for pounded yam and egusi with a mortuary standard beer in tow.

NOSA: Visually, there have also been some changes at The Long Bar too. The outdoor area has been completely redone and another bar added. The space is nowhere near as dingy as it once used to be.

FOLLY: The inside, where we sat, is still moderately lit, has booth like seating, and is mildly choking from all the cigarette smoke. The English Breakfast is more expensive than at Churchill’s Pub so I ordered it so I could compare the two.


In summary, Churchill’s is better. I didn’t appreciate the eggs being put a mold - that just didn’t work for me visually.

I don’t take kindly to canned mushrooms and don’t know why I got chicken sausages but Nosa got beef/pork. I guess I should be glad I didn’t get franks right? The best thing on this plate were those hand-cut fries and it doesn’t even technically belong on an English Breakfast plate! They probably know this but just want to give you something that you’ll like, last last.

NOSA: I ordered the Mixed Grill as my main because at N6000 it looked too good to pass up.


It was a combination of the most random assortment of meats is a skillet. Pork chops, chicken wings, sausages, some fried pork, and some baked beans in the middle. Oh, you get a side of hand cut fries as well. It sounds all over the place but it looks excellent when it's served and it comes together on the plate. Definitely one for the carnivore in you.


NOSA: The meats weren't as tender as I expected. Not "tough" per se, but they stayed on the grill for a bit too long if you ask me.

FOLLY: The barbecue sauce on the chops had dried out that’s how long it stayed on.

NOSA: Part of me feels I got profiled and it was made this way because this might be how the Nigerian patrons like it, but I'll try not to overthink it. For the money, it definitely worth it


NOSA: I definitely want to go back again this weekend. I hear the chicken tikka and the naan is wonderful. Plus, word on the street that you can get apple pie off menu.

FOLLY: Eh, sounds like that will be a solo adventure. It was okay but not that good.




 English Breakfast - N4000

Mixed Grill - N6000



Eh. It’s street parking.