The 5 Coolest Restaurant Spaces in Lagos

FOLLY: Eat.Drink.Lagos is one in a couple of weeks. I’m just going to come right out and say it because I’m pretty stoked about it. So why is this important? We don’t have a Lunch Club planned for October because we’re having a “birthday party” that you’re obviously all invited to. I’m obsessed with planning, so I’ve planned and re-planned this in my head. I’ve already designed the flyer. I've also drafted the emails and tweets – in my head because as I try to carry Nosa along I bore him with the details and excitement sometimes. I’ve not ordered the cake yet though, next week for sure.

NOSA: I'm not even sure if you're doing the most or I'm being lazy about it. 

FOLLY: That said, Monday is back again with the less than pretty post-weekend traffic. It’s so easy to get into the I hate Monday state of mind, that’s why I think everyone should have a Monday ritual that served to counteract all the things about Mondays that we’ve come to despise. Basically, if you’re going to choose any day of the week to treat yourself do it on a Monday.

NOSA: Small problem. Like 80% of Lagos restaurants refuse to open on Mondays.

FOLLY: So in a way that’s the point of this list the coolest spaces in Lagos that would help remind you why it’s all worth it on a Monday in the chilliest way possible.

Rue 80 @ Maison Fahrenheit


Best rooftop in Lagos.

Hands down.

You get to see a aerial view of Adetokunbo Ademola, Eko Atlantic and the sunset. The view is particularly perfect during rush hour because you can watch everyone struggle in traffic as you enjoy your expensive cocktail. Your wallet might be crying, but you're not like those people sweating in Eko Hotel traffic 

Terrace Bar @ Radisson Blu


They've just reopened and are pulling out all the stops and are bringing their A Game to everything. Brunch. Champions League nights. Everything.

Image:  Trip Advisor

It's one of better views of the Lagoon in Lagos. Think Churrasco but cleaner and more expensive 

5 Cowries @ Oriental Hotel


5 Cowries has impressive real estate and it's not scattershot like the Intercontinental rooftop. There's also a random pool but not like you're planning on getting into it.

The breeze from the Lagoon is particularly nice, also it’s elevated so there’s no smell. Sure it's a little tricky getting into The Oriental, but if you're heading towards Lekki/Ajah it's the perfect spot to wait out the traffic. 



God knows we hate praising Churrasco for anything, but there was a reason it was the IT spot for the longest. Sure, the food is scraps and the waiters overcharge every once in a while. But you can never deny that space. We went to Bay Lounge on a hot Sunday afternoon and it definitely made us appreciate Churrasco a lot more

The water is low-key filthy at the corner closest to the churrascaria so avoid that spot like a plague. 



"Swanky" feels like one of those overused, and now empty, words that journalists/bloggers always use. It's right up there with "dapper". A shame because "swanky" is the perfect word to describe Crossroads. It oozes such an effortless cool. Like, James Bond could walk in here and order a martini or whatever it is that he drinks. 


You can chat with the bartenders and watch them make your drinks by the paperclip oval bar if that's your style. Fantastic for people watching and it doesn't hurt that the food is actually really good.