With Thai Thai, Come Memories of Bangkok

Thai Thai

Flat 3, 16 Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island, Lagos

0909 117 2906

FOLLY: There are two, maybe three, cuisines that really get me excited. Italian, because pasta is bae. The other two are Japanese and Thai. That's why I was really excited when we found Orchid House. I like the flavor profile of most Thai dishes and even more so cause it's not all MSG like our beloved Nigerian-Chinese.

NOSA: Unlike Folly, I'm not really big on Thai. I mean, Pad Thai is great, but that's where it ends for me. What caught my eye on the Thai Thai menu, though, was the Bánh Mì. This is the first menu, in Lagos, that I've seen it listed so I definitely had to order. "Definitely" because one summer in London, I lived down the road from a Vietnamese spot called La Du Du. They've closed shop now, but they had the most amazing Bánh Mì ever (I sound like one of Kiki's IJGBs, but she'll be fine)


NOSA: The terrible pictures don't do it justice, but the Bánh Mì at Thai Thai is as good as you'll find anywhere in Lagos. Well, it's the only one, but you get my drift. It's as authentic as it gets. Some negative points on the weak baguette, but that's Buhari's fault.


FOLLY: I prefer thai noodle dishes to curries by a long shot so I almost always go for the Pad Thai option and ThaiThai was no exception.

NOSA: Because curries are basically rice and stew.


FOLLY: Drunken noodles (Pad Kee Mao) is another favorite but I don't like that Lagos restaurants use spaghetti or linguine to make this as I much prefer the flat broad noodles. 


FOLLY: I have zero faults for the pad Thai. Zero. I chose the shrimp option and the number of shrimp in the portion was generous. The spiciness was perfect and I didn't find any strange ingredients in here (looking at you Peppercorn). This is the pad Thai I've been looking for in Lagos. 

NOSA: I concur. After trying this post-Peppercorn, the difference is night and day.


FOLLY: The vegetable spring roll was aii but a little salty. It felt weird cause I've never actually imagined a spring roll coming out salty. It also didn't really travel well but that's kinda expect from spring rolls. I liked it all the same.


NOSA: The spicy chicken wings are lowkey a guilty pleasure right now. I've ordered it a couple more times since we "reviewed" ThaiThai. There's nothing particularly Thai about it, it's just great fried chicken.



FOLLY: I absolutely enjoyed ThaiThai so I guess I could stop being so hung up on broad noodles and give ThaiThai's Pad Kee Mao that's made with spaghetti a shot. The delivery took over an hour so prepare yourself. 

NOSA: Best Thai in Lagos or BEST THAI IN LAGOS.




Pad Thai (Shrimp) - N3000

Spring Roll (Vegetable) - N200 pp

Spicy Chicken Wings - N1500

Chicken Banh Mi - N2500



Ikoyi - N1000

Lekki - N1000

Victoria Island - N500