A Concept Bar In Lagos?

This event has stopped occurring.

TBA Lagos (Wednesdays @ Social Place)

33 Sinari Danijo St. Victoria Island, Lagos.

NOSA: So this whole deal got off to a pretty rocky start. It starts at 6 so we got in at 7:30 and boy, was it a mess. The waiters were so confused. I asked for a pitcher and I got a glass with the waiter adding that she had no clue if they served pitchers. Welp.

FOLLY: very rocky start if you ask me. I came there with the intention of chilling in a sofa bed outdoors after a long day, but when we arrived we were directed to a section where there was an outdoor dining area which led me to believe the sofa beds were an Instagram hoax.


I, however, spotted the lounge area on our way out though so now I know it's real. This section had been completely overlooked and there was absolutely no one there. We Nigerians never pick what's good for us you know; we always pick the "suffer suffer" option and then cry after e.g GEJ. Or even more recently as Lagosians we could have had Shashore in 2015 but now we are stuck with that clown from out-of-state.

NOSA: With time, it got better. The music was super chill. Think Gazuza Lounge in DC. Complete skelewu-free zone. I don’t mind skelewu music, unlike Folly, but those Wizkid-style ad libs get tedious outside the clubhouse. 

FOLLY: I agree, loved the DJ. 

NOSA: An “outdoor lounge” is the best way to describe TBA. It’s pretty much concept stuff. It’s definitely not your typical Lagos rocks. As for the drinks, we got the “Dangerous One Night Stand”. I wasn’t really the biggest fan tbh. It was more likely to give me jedi-jedi than get me drunk. Next time, I’m getting a cold Star. Can never go wrong with that. 

That's a real kerosene lantern #tbt

That's a real kerosene lantern #tbt

FOLLY: Ugg. I've really tried to refine Nosa by letting him come with me to all these cool places in Lagos but he still just wants to drink Star all the time. I don't know what to do anymore guys. I actually really liked the drink especially the hints of spiciness because of the cilantro. 


FOLLY: The food (pasta salad, mini burgers and sandwiches, and suya) was complimentary. I haven't been to a "free food" event since college so that was a bit nostalgic. Overall, it's a great place to chill, have a couple drinks and unwind for a bit after work. 

NOSA: It was far from perfect, but I really liked it. I'm definitely going back.