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EDL Weekender: HSE Tapas, Chef Jeff's Dinner and South Socials

We’re back from our short trip to Abuja and I’m not going to lie, coming back to Lagos was so hard. Abuja is so peaceful. If you missed Denise’s recap of the festival, read it HERE



Got too busy to update the playlist last week, but here’s your update


Tapas at HSE

For the next two months, HSE will be offering their Mexican-inspired menu on Thursdays and Fridays. If it’s up your alley, you should definitely check it out because HSE is great.

Chef Jeff at The Metaphor


South Socials

South Socials is back again this Friday, featuring sets by DJ Honeeay and DJ IMJ. Here’s the Drink Lagos review of the cocktails at South.


That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

EDL Weekender: Dinner With Chef Obehi and Chef SIA This Weekend

Two big pop ups this weekend from a couple of my favourite people. Oh, and a new playlist too.




Roundtable with Chef SIA

Chef SiA is a budding chef and entrepreneur based in London, England and Lagos, Nigeria. Her mantra, “To Cook Is To Be Happy,” captures her passion for creativity and fusion of great food. Chef SiA will be showcasing her culinary expertise in modern fine dining by hosting The 4th Edition of the Roundtable Series in Lagos, Nigeria.

SIA is back in Lagos and she’s popping up at a super secret location in Ikoyi this Saturday. She’ll be serving up a 7-course wine pairing menu at N25,000 per head.

To reserve,


Chef Obehi’s Seasonal Fine Dining Experience

Chef Obehi also hosting a dinner this weekend (Saturday, June 1st ). The menu is summer themed and she’ll also have bottomless wine pairing. Dinner is N25,000 per head at La Taverna (48 Balarabe Musa Crescent VI). You can reserve at la Taverna or by calling ahead



Happy Hour Series at The Metaphor

Happy hour from 7:30-10pm. House party vibe from 10pm- 🤷🏽‍♀. Happy end of the month 🤗
— Lala

Big Fish Cocktails at Brooklyn Bistro

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

EDL Weekender: Korean BBQ, Ogogoro and Victor Ehikhamenor

This week went by super fast or felt like it did. And that’s a good thing because it means the Game of Thrones finale is almost here. Whoop!



A new playlist this weekend. Very dance-y for the imaginary cookout in your head.


Korean BBQ at Hua Han

Our big review of the week. We absolutely loved our lunch at Hua Han and we really recommend it. If you’re in the Ikeja area and You haven’t been, you’re slacking big time. Fix it. If you’re on the island, the weekend is the best time to make the trip.



Ogogoro & Canapés at Temple Muse, VI


We’re hosting a tasting of Pedro’s Ogogoro this Saturday, May 18 at Temple Muse. There will be canapés, from Bite., paired with cocktails, from Bar Nomadic. We will discuss how versatile Pedro's is and what flavors and aromas work with the refined liquor. If you’ve never tried ogogoro in your life, Eat.Drink.Lagos and Pedro’s are here to fix that.

South Socials

South Socials is back again this Friday, featuring a set by DJ Mo Mode. Here’s the Drink Lagos review of the cocktails at South.


Daydream Esoterica

Victor Ehikhamenor is launching his first public solo exhibition in eight years in Lagos at Rele Gallery this weekend


That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

EDL Weekender: Iftar Specials Edition

Honestly, there not a lot is going on this weekend in Lagos. I think a lot of that has to do with Ramadan and as such social events are a lot fewer.



But there is a new playlist for the weekend…


Iftar at Salma’s

Iftar @ Nok by Alara

Memories of Ethiopia

If you’ve ever been curious about East African food, Kaldi is having another Ethiopian pop up at La Taverna this weekend.



Hennessy Shanghai at Talindo

Talindo more known for its steaks than its drinks. Of the few that we tried, the Hennessy Shanghai is a winner. Take it from Folly, a former Hennessy Champion


Treasure Hunt Lagos

Our friends from Nothing To Do in Lagos are behind this so we’re confident it’s going to lots of fun. I would love to do it but honestly the heat these days is scorching.

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

EDL Weekender: Cinco de Mayo Edition

It’s Cinco de Mayo weekend! Well, there should be no exclamation there because it’s not really a popping weekend in Lagos, bu hey, we’ll try our best to celebrate. And we’re celebrating in the most un-cinco way ever with Bao & Beer and some trivia at La Taverna



New playlist for the weekend…


Bao & Beer with Kewa’s Kitchen

Kewa’s Kitchen is popping up this weekend with Igbadun Brewing Co. in tow. To reserve click HERE


Cinco de Mayo with El Padrino

Cinco De Mayo with Toasties



South Social Fridays

50% off drinks at South tonight.


Brunch Out: Cinco De Mayo Edition



Maid In Nigeria

Due to Nigeria’s slack and poorly enforced labour laws, with the people often undocumented, brought in from villages and passed around distant family members, keeping track of them is near impossible. Many fall through the cracks, failed by the system and the very people tasked with looking after them.

From 4th May- 4th June, 2018 at Whitespace, Ikoyi, multidisciplinary artists, Layo Bright and Ajibola will jointly present an expository exhibition, Maid In Nigeria, devoted to starting conversations around the labour, dignity of the human person, cultural norms and practices as well as the controversy around hiring helps in Nigeria.
maid in nigeria.jpg

Trivia Night at La Taverna

Trivia Night is back. Categories this weekend are:

  1. Reality TV

  2. British Royal Family

  3. English Premier League

  4. Superheroes

  5. Brands

Saturday, October 13.png

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!