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EDL Weekender: Spend Your Long Weekend Being Alté

EAT: The Backyard


Can’t vouch for it, but anything new is always exciting. Definitely doing this one at some point this weekend. If you're interested like we are, it’s on 4B Musa Yaradua, Victoria Island.


LAGOS: The Grand Bon Fire 3.0

EMEKA: Bring your picnic blankets, food, and drinks. It's good vibes all round. Ease back into the work week with a bon fire as the sun sets. #LetsGetOutside

It's on same street & 5 Minutes from Nike Art Gallery. Also use google maps, search for "Kids Beach Garden", and it will direct you to the venue.


BONUS: Forestation

Isabella’s last exhibition went pretty well so we expect this to be pretty fun as well.


The Barman

“Africa are you ready? The cocktail revolution will soon be televised!”

We’ve been given a chance to be part of this and we’re pretty excited. From the trailer, it looks a bit like Chopped meets American Idol for bartenders. Better get your famzing in before we’re popping

EDL Weekender: Let's Talk About Anglo-Irish Relations

FOLLY: That title is more political than the actual contents of this post but we had to catch your attention somehow. Allow me to be Captain Obvious but it's because Jameson is an Irish whiskey and Shepherd's Pie is beloved by the British. 

EAT: Shepherd's Pie at The Orchid Bistro

orchid bistro ikeja

FOLLY: This shepherd's pie is listed under the comfort food section of their menu, and I promise you this thing can mend a bruised heart.

NOSA: A bit of an aside, they have a BLT that's pretty damn good. Just an aside. 

FOLLY: They also seem to have imbibed the good old American tradition  of adding cheese to everything. It's a very thin layer on the top of the Shepherds Pie and you can peel it right off like I did. 

DRINK: Jameson, Ginger, and Lime at La Taverna

NOSA: I was never a Jameson guy for the longest time. Until one day, I stumbled into La Taverna and Chef Cristian made me a Jameson Ginger. 

Nothing was the same.


FOLLY: At N1000 a pop, there's no reason why you shouldn't drink 3 of these, unless you're driving then drink none please. I repeat, drink NONE. 

EDL Weekender: Breakfast At La Brioche, DIY Sake Bombs At Bonzai

NOSA: You guys have no idea how much I've been waiting for Friday. Real life is such scraps. We're due another 4-day weekend. Buhari needs to give us something. I mean, there's no fuel. 

FOLLY: I would pay N145 for fuel if I could get it easily, but having to queue and still pay N145 is just cruel punishment. 

NOSA: Anyway, here are our tips for the weekend

EAT: Breakfast at La Brioche

NOSA: Our review for this spot is up tomorrow, but trust me, La Brioche is fantastic. I hate how tiny the space is, but I'll never knock how delicious their breakfast is. Especially The Monroe, one of their breakfast sandwiches. 

la brioche eat drink lagos.jpg

FOLLY: I really don't know what Nosa has on the space, I think it's darling. I also absolutely love the pink pattern on the plates. 

DRINK: DIY Sake Bombs at Bonzai

FOLLY: Last weekend, Nosa and I were out with a group of friends and the highlight of the crawl from Bottles, Rhapsody's, Arabesque and Sip was definitely making these. We didn't find Sake bombs on the menu so we constructed ours. 


NOSA: This is where all my Sake Bomb experience came in. Shout out to Northgate and College Station, TX for blessing me with this gift. The Bonzai waiters thought we were mad tbh. Bless their hearts

FOLLY: The sake comes in carafes so you have to ask for the shot glasses. 

NOSA: And you'll have to settle for Power Horse because they don't have Red Bull.



EDL Weekender: XXL Cocktails and Perfect Pancakes

FOLLY: If our readers are anything like us, weekends are for exploring, and so we created the EDL Weekender. The idea is that every Friday when your group of friends wants to go out for drinks, you'll have a new spot to hit up on account of this post - if you're into that sort of thing. 

NOSA: I hear thinking about the weekend usually helps Friday move faster.

FOLLY: We'll also feature one food spot cause apparently that's important too.

If this goes well, the blog schedule will become new reviews on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos on Tuesdays and then EDL Weekender on Fridays

NOSA: Our favorite Instagram posts should go up on Sundays but real life has made me so lazy. I'll fix that at some point. 


EAT: Perfect Pancakes @ Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker

NOSA: We usually get asked about pancakes in Lagos and I can never give a reliable answer. RSVP has decent ones, but they're only served on Sundays. Olivia's Cafe serves them every day but they're just good enough. Fret no more, though, Craft Gourmet is here and they have really good pancakes. They're currently our favorite spot and maybe we can get them to do Lunch Club one of these days.



FOLLY: Breakfast is only available until 12 pm so you definitely want to get here early.



NOSA: The owner might be nice enough to make you breakfast after 12, but it'll take a bit longer.  Oh, they aren't open on Sundays so Saturday morning is your only shot.

FOLLY: Tell them we sent you. 


DRINK: Larger Than Life Cocktails @ Arabesque

FOLLY: For those humongous cocktails that are about the size of a new born's head, you want to hit up Arabesque. 

NOSA: This is definitely the spot you want to check out for evening drinks. 



FOLLY: If you go in the evening you definitely want to sit outside as they have a little magical garden, seriously it's like Aladdin and Barbie had a love child. 

NOSA: The outdoor area is absolutely beautiful. 

The Weekender: Sunday Brunch Ideas

If there's anything EDL loves, it's a good Sunday brunch. So much so, we threw a brunch party that one time. That one didn't go too well so we went back to the drawing board to fix some things. This time, we think we have it all figured out. The details will be released in due time.

Until then, here are our top Sunday brunch picks. 


1291 Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island, Lagos
0809 662 2288

delis lagos

FOLLY: Ask any of our Instagram followers what EDL's favourite restaurant is and I'm sure they'll tell you Deli's (or RSVP).

NOSA: From the natural light to the import beer, it's really easy to see why Delis is my favorite spot in Lagos right now. 


6 Musa Yar'Adua Street. Victoria Island, Lagos


FOLLY: Last time we were here, management told us they'll be moving to a new location soon.

NOSA: They're moving to some place off Awolowo Road, I think. And we all know Awolowo Road is the 5th circle of hell so you probably want to get to Mansilla before they move. Brunch is from noon till 3pm.

The Foundry

Plot 288B Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island. Lagos
0809 654 0409. 0809 654 0408


FOLLY: The Foundry is a guilty pleasure of mine. After going to Casa Lydia for so long, The Foundry gave me something new to transition into.

NOSA: Foundry can be real inconsistent with their brunch, but as long as their regular chef is back from church, their brunch offering is excellent. 

FOLLY: In addition to the food, there are two other things I particularly like about this spot. They are the comfortable couch like chairs and the pseudo privacy the booths give, and the familiar faces as many of the waiters have been there for years.

Bistro 7

273 Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island, Lagos
0807 668 7777


FOLLY: I don't go here as often as I'd like because I don't think it's worth the money. I think it's the endless people watching that keeps me coming back.

Southern Sun

47 Alfred Rewane Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos
01 280 5200


FOLLY: Bistro 7 is beans compared to how expensive Southern Sun is. So if I hardly go to Bistro 7, I seldom go to Southern Sun.

NOSA: The food, in itself, isn't that great. The entire package, however, is excellent. I mean, you're getting bottomless mimosas. NOBODY else in Lagos does that.

FOLLY: I don't even go here for the food, I'm only ever here for the drinks.