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"Suya Wey Get Masters Degree"

NOSA: I feel like everyone has made a suya sandwich at some point. It's probably one of the first struggle meals you make as a Lagos bachelor because it's just so "obvious". Personally, I've done: suya panini, suya quesadilla, suya melt, and suya breakfast tacos.

FOLLY: It’s not even restricted to just bachelors. I’ve done suya burger and suya Indomie. The latter is particularly lit because you don’t have to add the Indomie seasoning and the suya just flavors the entire dish. Asun Indomie is also elite.


NOSA: Sooyah Bistro is like all your kitchen experiments with suya, but "packaged". It's not absurdly expensive so I'm not knocking it one bit. In fact, I'm a big fan of the idea.

FOLLY: Sooyah Bistro self describes as modern and elite suya, in their words “suya wey get masters degree”. Price-wise, it’s comparable to most suya places on the Island that offer a stick of suya for N500. I like that Sooyah Bistro offers chicken suya by the stick, unlike many other places that offer chicken suya as a whole bird and not by the stick.

Their menu is simple - different varieties of suya and four sandwiches - suya shawarma, suya melt, suya burger, and the suya crepe.

NOSA: We ordered the Suya Melt and the Suya Crepe.

FOLLY: The suya melt is basically suya and cheese in a flatbread with a spicy suya mayonnaise. The suya crepe is similar but it’s wrapped in a sweet pancake instead.

NOSA: The Suya Melt could and should have been a lot cheesier. You'd be forgiven if you thought there was no cheese in there.

FOLLY: I agree, there should have been a legendary cheese pull when you separate the pieces. It should also have been stuffed with more than one stick of suya. You can tell from the images above and below that it was pretty skinny. At N2000 for a mixed (chicken and beef) melt, I would have appreciated a bit more meat.


NOSA: But that's not the major story here, however. If you've ever made any form of a sandwich with suya, the first thing you learn is how powerful suya spice is. It literally drowns out every other flavor in whatever you make. This was very evident in melt and in the crepe as well. It sorely needed something else to balance out the suya. Or better yet, the suya didn't need to be spicy like regular suya. It could've been a bit tamer.

FOLLY: You would think that the pancake will tame the yaji spice but the yaji was very very loud.

NOSA: It's particularly unfortunate because the suya crepe could've been so so great. It could've been the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, but the yaji is just so dominant.

FOLLY: It overpowered the entire wrap. It didn’t help that the chipotle sauce was basically suya mayonnaise so it introduced even more yaji. At times you were fortunate to get a bite that was just the pancake and you'd catch a lucky break from the fieriness of the pepper.


NOSA: The crepe, itself, could've done with some work on the crepe side of things. It wasn't a particularly good crepe, but it worked as a wrap. Maybe it was intentional.

FOLLY: The crepe itself needs significant work because it wasn’t a crepe. I’ve called it a pancake throughout this review because that’s what it was - a very thick chewy pancake. I watched home girl make the batter and I could sense she was struggling, she kept adding water and judging the batter because she knew that her consistency was off. At the end of the day, it worked but it could be a lot better. I also am trying not to fault them for it cause it’s casual street food, quality control may not be on deck like that and homegirl has probably not been making pancakes for longer than she’s had this job.


NOSA: Yeah, I'd come back. It could be better, but I liked it regardless.

FOLLY: I’d definitely try the suya shawarma but I’ll remember to tell them to take it easy on the pepper.




Mixed Suya Melt - N2000

Suya Crepe - N1500




It’s primarily a takeout thing. 

The Case for Lamb Suya


So, I was at a fancy party on Friday and I had lamb suya for the first time - I didn’t know that lamb suya was a thing. Turns out it is and it’s pretty much-grilled lamb meat spiced with yaji.  I’d never had lamb before, and I’m still trying to decide if I like it or not. It’s definitely not as popular (for suya) as beef or goat meat though and I’ve always thought it’s for people with elite taste buds. Lol. 

Texture-wise, Lamb is very tender. It’s also a little gamey, but not as much as goat or ram. When I first bit into it, my mind went “Oh, no, oh no, there’s goat meat in my mouth!” 

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I HATE goat meat. Goat meat tastes the way goats smell, gross, and I cannot stand their smell. 

Gross, again. 

As I started chewing, I realized that it was something else: first, its texture was more tender with a taste that’s not quite as gamey as goat meat. It was also a lot more fatty (eww) but I discovered that I enjoyed it. It was really good - maybe it was the seasoning or the fact that it was grilled to very well done perfection and I wouldn’t mind having lamb suya again sometime soon. 

While I don’t think it’s even physically possible for me to get tired of beef, the taste of lamb made me curious to find out if it could become a staple over beef and I came across a few interesting facts about lamb. 


Here are a few things to consider if you’re interested in trying lamb as a replacement for goat or beef - even for other dishes apart from suya. 


Lamb is a bit more expensive than beef and goat, with beef being the cheapest. It’s most likely because of the fact that both goat and beef are more popular than lamb as a staple. Or cattle is just easier to raise. So your pocket is one thing to consider if you want to try lamb for a change. It’s definitely worth the extra bucks though because, like I said: it’s elite. 

Health benefits


Lamb is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It is also very high in protein - it contains all the nine amino acids you need -  which means it’d do very well for a keto diet. Due to this, it is an important agent in sustaining muscle mass.  That said, lamb usually contains more saturated fat than either goat or beef so it is advisable to use leaner cuts of lamb for meals. 

Taste and texture

For those of us who enjoy consuming meat in all its forms, it can get boring sticking with one particular type of meat and lamb can be a replacement for goat- its flavour is less gamey and its texture is more tender. It is another option of people like me who do not mind gamey flavours but cannot stand the taste of goat. 

Method of preparation

While lamb has been found to taste better when grilled, braised or roasted, it could also be prepared in so many diverse ways (based on different cuts) - from pot roasts to filets to tagines and even curry. Experimenting with food is always a good idea, you never know what delicious delights you could come up with.  

Basically, the point is that lamb can be considered as a replacement for beef or goat especially if (like me) you do not enjoy goat meat. I can tell you that it is great for suya due to its texture and unique flavour. It’s also very high in protein, so it’s a great option if you’re considering or already on the keto diet. Tired of beef suya? You might want to try lamb. 

So Cheap, Yet So Expensive

Five Cowries @ Oriental Hotel

3 Lekki-Epe Express Way, Lagos

01 280 6600

NOSA: The original plan was to go to Radisson Blu, but for some reason we found ourselves at Oriental Hotel. Chalk this one up to old age and/or my inability to read. 

FOLLY: I'm always complaining that Nosa doesn't  pick out places and always leaves me choose. This might be the first time I completely left him to plan and execute. It all makes sense now, homeboy is getting old. 

NOSA: That aside, has anyone noticed how cheap the cocktails are at the poolside bar?


FOLLY: Ignore the N2600 cocktails. We mean the ones priced under N1200. On the next page, the margarita was  even N1800

NOSA: I don't think I've run into cheaper cocktails in Lagos. If you've found any cheaper, drop a line in comments because I'm genuinely curious. It's also really weird because the food is silly expensive.

A grilled cheese for $17? And I'm being super conservative with that conversion. 

Like, more or less this thing...

...for $17?

Absolute madness. 

FOLLY: It's with chips and coleslaw noww. Jk it's still daylight robbery.

NOSA: Anyway, we respected our wallets and got their Suya Trio (Chicken, Beef, & Shrimp Suya) and the Buffalo Wings. Were you ever proper broke in college that when you went out with friends you only ordered an appetizer? They ask if that's all you're getting and you go, "Yeah, I'm not too hungry". Meanwhile, you're shedding mad tears on the inside. 

FOLLY: Bruv, I sometimes used to leave my wallet at home when I was going to class so I won't do mistake and branch at somewhere I can't afford while I was out. 

NOSA: Good times. 

NOSA: The Buffalo Wings weren't too Buffalo-y. Like, it was just fried chicken with a side of bleu cheese, which is cool but that's not we ordered. 

FOLLY: In the chicken's defense it was neither tough nor fried in weeks old oil, so it tasted you know, fresh.

NOSA: The suya was pure garbage though. That's all I'll be saying on this matter. 

FOLLY: I'll elaborate. It came cold so we asked them to microwave it. It also tasted like no suya an aboki ever made, a Chinese chef made that suya. 


NOSA: If we went to Glover Court, we could have gotten proper suya and pump price Star Radler for way less than we spent here. SMH

FOLLY: I was unimpressed because we wasted our money. We even paid N1000 for Star Radler, it's N200 for crying out loud. 



Suya Trio - N2500

Buffalo Wings  - N2500