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So Fresh Salads Are Well... So Fresh!

So Fresh

Order Online

0802 181 5000

NOSA: Before Lagos fully caught the fitness bug, there was So Fresh. When I moved back a couple years again, So Fresh on Awolowo was the only place I knew you could get a smoothie.

A lot has changed since then. Lots of food vendors have entered the fitness lane and crowded So Fresh's, once niche, space. When things like that happen, you can only evolve as business and evolve is what it appears So Fresh has done.

FOLLY: For Nigeria, So Fresh has a sophisticated online ordering system. 

NOSA: Very seamless process and they deserve props for that.

FOLLY: The healthy food vendors want us all to get our healthy fix and not blame them for lack of payment problems.

NOSA: It's 2017, Paystack didn't die for this payment on delivery stress.

FOLLY: Both Smoothie Express and So Fresh are well ahead of their peers in, first of all, offering website order and, more importantly, incorporating online payment into said order. Most of the companies are still in the "Text/Call/Whatsapp to order".

It's also a plus that both Smoothie Express and So Fresh deliver all over Lagos, so it shows they are committed to getting Lagosians healthy - love it. 

NOSA: Impressive delivery range.

FOLLY: Initially, when I started the order process for So Fresh, I wasn't in a review mindset. I just wanted something healthy and non-carby to have for lunch as the office caterers are literally trying to kill me with rice.

so freh ikoyi opebi.jpg

When I was trying to choose my salad and I noticed So Fresh's new robust online ordering platform. Immediately, I hit Nosa up on a "hey you should also order this so that we could do a review on it" thing.

NOSA: I wasn't really feeling like a salad so I went with the Chicken Wrap and the Day Starter smoothie.

FOLLY: Out of about six salad options and >10 smoothies/juices, I settled on the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Salad and Morning Zing. 

My salad was a mix of lettuce, cabbage, sweet corn, carrots grapes, and chicken. While my smoothie the Morning Zing was a blend of kale, lettuce, banana and pineapple. 

so frsh sald ikoyi.jpg

The Morning Zing tasted exactly like a smoothie I used to make for myself  sometime ago with ugwu. It didn't taste the slightest bit grassy because the leaves were well blended. I would have liked to see a bit more pineapple for sweetness. Two thumbs up to So Fresh on the transportation of the smoothie because it arrived cold, still frozen with little to no condensation on the cup container.

NOSA: My wrap arrived cold and my smoothie arrived warm. A bit of a weird role reversal going on. Such a shame because the smoothie was quality and at the right temperature, this would've been straight thumbs up from me.

so fresh chicken wrap

The wrap, on the other hand, wasn't for me. For a chicken wrap, there was way more potato than chicken in it.

Yes, potato. It's apparently their take on it.

I am a bit scared to call it outright rubbish because perhaps it is an acquired taste. And in that line of thought, it truly isn't for me.

FOLLY: The salad also left me impressed. I was especially delighted when I saw the size and quantity of the grapes. The default is that most food service companies skimp on the imported/more expensive ingredients and just fill up the salad with lettuce and cabbage, but So Fresh defied my expectations.



Furthermore, the name of the salad couldn't have been more perfect: the chicken was spicy but not peppery hot, and the grapes and the dressing provided the sweetness. I can't review this salad without mentioning the packaging because I loved the fact that I could drizzle my dressing, seal the container and then shake it to toss my salad - it stresses me out when I have to empty a to-go salad from its container to perform this important step. 

NOSA:  Last thing, N500 for VI delivery is ridiculously steep. I am ordering from the Ikoyi store. VI is a walk away.



FOLLY: So Fresh delivers in the quality and freshness of its food, ingredients and customer service. 

NOSA: Unlike Folly, I'll never order from So Fresh again. You might have to hold me at gun point before I consider and even at that, dying might feel better than my chicken wrap tasted.

FOLLY: My order took longer than the advised 90 minutes to be delivered but the customer service rep on the other side of the phone was polite and knowledgeable. Even though she couldn't reach the rider at that moment, she could tell me the exact time my order left their store and assured me that it'll be with me soonest. And sure enough, no sooner than 5 minutes after that call, my order arrived. 



Sweet & Spicy Chicken Salad - N2000

Morning Zing (Cup) - N1200

Chicken Wrap - N1500

Day Starter (Cup) - N1200



Varies by location.

Work Lunches: Smoothie Express

Our "Work Lunches" series focuses on your non-traditional food establishments, the ones without brick and mortar locations. For nomenclature purposes, we'll call them Online Restaurants

Smoothie Express

Order online

0909 931 9266. 0909 931 9267

FOLLY: Our Smoothie Express review has been elusive for a while now. We've ordered it before but I can't even remember what happened but we never posted it. Outside of that experience, I have also ordered their smoothies a couple of times.

NOSA: I actually order Smoothie Express with some frequency.

FOLLY: I ordered the Kiwi Banana Smoothie and the "Spicy Shrimps" Salad. The word "shrimps" in the menu item irks me because shrimp is the plural of shrimp.

NOSA: I think I've never ordered the shrimp one for this very reason.

FOLLY: Please, owners of Smoothie Express if you're reading this please change it, please. 

smoothie express salad

FOLLY: First impression of Smoothie Express is that they, unlike most of their competitors, have a decent website for online ordering that actually ALLOWS you to pay online.

NOSA: This is a MAJOR selling point for me. I can order, pay online, and at no point does anybody call me to "confirm" my order (looking at you, Chicken Republic). The website is a bit buggy, but the tech aspect of Smoothie Express' operations certainly doesn't get enough credit.

Anyway, I got the Berries Fete smoothie (not pictured because I forgot smh), which is a cup full of blueberries, strawberries, grapes, bananas, and honey. At 300 cal, per the Smoothie Express website, this is pretty healthy for a non-healthy option (Smoothie Express has "light" versions of their smoothies).

kiwi banana smoothie express

FOLLY: My smoothie arrived very cold and still frozen (i.e. the water had not begun to separate) which was great considering we're in the tropics. 

The ingredient list of the kiwi banana smoothie contains kiwi, banana, pineapple, yoghurt and honey. My initial reservation on this smoothie was that the kiwi would be overwhelming cause I find kiwi quite tart and after I eat it my lips begin to tingle (that eventually happened) but I ordered it anyway. 

NOSA: To be honest, I never really look out for flavor when I order smoothies. I just want it really cold and still "frozen". I hate fruit enough already, I'm not trying to taste it. But the Berries Fete my favorite of the lot.

smoothie express kiwi banana

FOLLY: I thought it was a great smoothie and the taste of the pineapple (my second favourite fruit after orange, yes, I'm basic deal with it) came through in the entire thing. It also wasn't bitter or overwhelmingly sweet.

NOSA: My salad, on the other hand, was pretty solid. Like a solid 6/7. Not great, but far from bad. Could have done with a little variety in the content. Maybe some spinach here and there. A little less cabbage and carrots. Wished it was more "leafy". Salad, not coleslaw. I got avocado as an extra to give it some oomph.

shrimp salad smoothie express

FOLLY: Now, this "spicy shrimps salad" was not the one for me. I'm very big on smells and I can condemn an entire plate of food if there's a smell I don't like. Upon opening the salad, there was a particular smell I couldn't place. I think it was one of the spicies used in the shrimp and so I could only stomach a few bites before I condemned this to the "it's a no from me" pile. Yeah, I tried and I really couldn't. 




FOLLY: Their smoothies are great, the salad wasn't my cup of tea.

NOSA: Well, they're SMOOTHIE Express, not SALAD Express.



Spicy Shrimp Salad - N1500

Kiwi Banana Smoothie - N1500

Chicken Salad - N1400

Berries Fête Smoothie - N1500





Delivery only

We Checked Out Majik Juice in Lekki

Majik Juice

12E, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

0818 647 4855

FOLLY: This is going to sound really corny but the name of this place reminds me of B.o.B's song, Magic. Random: I was quite fond of B.o.B, saw him perform once too, shame he fell off. Anyway, that's not why we're here. 

We found out about this place through a reader email.

NOSA: The location isn't the best. In fact, it's pretty terrible. It's in that dodgy shopping complex just before the Admiralty roundabout. Right across from RoadChef/Ascon. You probably drive past it every day if you live in Lekki. 


FOLLY: Majik Juice has this really neat option which allows you to have your salad as a wrap. This was totally dope because, on this particular day, I had zero interest in chowing grass.

Nosa had the Mediterranean Caesar Salad as a wrap, while I had the Pepper-Soy Chicken Salad, also as a wrap.  

NOSA: My wrap had walnuts in it and if I'm being completely honest, I thought it would suck. I ordered it for science. To my surprise, it actually worked. The walnut gave my wrap an interesting crunch. Absolutely loved it.  

FOLLY: Ingredient list on my Pepper-Soy Chicken Salad was Lettuce/Grilled Chicken/Bell Peppers/Spring Onion/Cucumber/Grapes and Sliced Almonds. I'm happy to report that all but the bell peppers and spring onions showed up.


FOLLY: I was expecting the dressing to be like an Asian style sesame oil/soy based because of the name of the salad, instead I got a very watery off-white juice flowing throughout my wrap - I didn't really like that. 

majik juice wrap.jpg

FOLLY: What I did like were the almonds and the grapes. The almonds gave the entire thing a nice crunch and the grapes were a pleasant surprise whenever I bit into one.

NOSA: Our trip to Majik Juice would've been a waste if we didn't try their smoothies. I mean, that's their thing, no? I got the Berry Fest while Folly got the Forever Young

FOLLY: I found my smoothie to be quite bitter, to be honest. Nosa kept asking me why I wasn't drinking it. I think it was bitter for two reasons, the pineapple wasn't sweet enough and it needed a sweetener like honey. 

NOSA: Weird you mention it because I got offered a choice of honey or stevia on mine.

FOLLY: Yeah, maybe they forgot to ask me which sweetener if any, I wanted. 


NOSA: My smoothie wasn't as thick as I like it. I probably should've told the girl at the counter to add extra ice, but for some reason I always assume it's a no brainer and smoothies should be thick by default. But nope, not in Lagos. It's always super "watery". The thing can double as fruit juice in fact. Majik Juice was no different in that regard and that was a bit disappointing.

As far as taste goes, it tasted like something I'd make. I'm great at a lot of things, but making smoothies is not my strongest forte.  


FOLLY: I didn't mind Majik juice but it's the kind of place I only want to order from and never actually step into their physical location. It doesn't look dirty but it has a faint smell to it and that distracted me all throughout my meal.

NOSA: On the whole, I actually like Majik Juice. I thought the wrap was excellent, but the smoothie was a bit of a letdown and the location isn't the best. Majik Juice will definitely work as a #WorkLunch thing. 




Pepper-Soy Chicken Salad - N1200

Mediterranean Caesar Salad - N1200

Berry Fest Smoothie - N1500

Forever Young Smoothie - N1500




Work Lunches: Healthy Options by Ted

This service has closed down

Our "Work Lunches" series focuses on your non-traditional food establishments, the ones without brick and mortar locations. For nomenclature purposes, we'll call them Online Restaurants

Healthy Options by Ted

0704 633 4529

NOSA: We meet again, Ted. It's been a while, no?

Anyway, I was going to do one of Ted's salads until I stumbled on this on Instagram


like swimwear

NOSA: I got the Very Bertox Smoothie with my chicken wrap.

FOLLY: Same here


NOSA: I'll be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of the smoothie. I thought it desperately needed ice. Fruits aren't my favorite thing in the world so the ice is really crucial to me. Makes it seem like a healthy margarita in my head. This one was more juice than smoothie. It wasn't thick enough...


...and it was pretty warm.

FOLLY: Me neither. While my smoothie wasn't like juice - thankfully, it was pretty bitter. I couldn't drink up to half of it.  Perhaps the fruit wasn't ripe or something, it just wasn't the one. 

NOSA: On the other hand, I loved the chicken wrap. The chicken in it was absolutely delicious - spicy and ting.  Wish it wasn't so light in the middle though. The wrap was real skinny, like Bops shawarma circa 2013. Healthy portion, perhaps.

FOLLY: I agree with Nosa on the wrap it was really yummy but skinny. I had it for breakfast at about 11 and I was ready for lunch an hour later. So then maybe it's good as a breakfast portion but as a lunch item it'll definitely need a side, maybe Ted's sweet potato fries. 



NOSA: Ted's will always be my fave, but that smoothie no too tap. Also, the delivery guy made me pay for delivery for some reason. I wasn't thinking straight so I paid. Smh. 


Spicy Chicken + Smoothie Combo - N1900

Delivery Charge - N150 (free within Victoria Island)