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Delis Cafe Transitions to Delis Coffee Shop

NOSA: We explained the whole Delis situation on the blog last week. But if you missed it...

They didn't even change the name!

They didn't even change the name!

FOLLY: Word on the street is that the supermarket downstairs and the restaurant upstairs did NOT have the same ownership as was thought. The supermarket gave the restaurant the boot, took over their space and started their own restaurant with the SAME name and some very similar menu items. 

NOSA: Well, there is a big difference. New Delis is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than Old Delis.

FOLLY: We tried to visit last weekend but it was completely full and these new owners made the rookie mistake of taking out the bar stools that were used as a waiting area. 

NOSA: I don't think the new owners took it out, I think the management of old Delis took their chairs with them. All the furniture is brand new. The only thing left is the wine fridge.

FOLLY: I meant design wise. They still have a bar but opted for no stools. 

N1900 for THIS cookie

N1900 for THIS cookie

I was really torn between having the Delis Club Sandwich or the breakfast. I eventually chose the club sandwich because I felt readers would be more interested in knowing how this tasted because we're a club sandwich-loving nation. 

NOSA: Someone on Twitter said my sandwich from Coffee Plus was weak and I'm still hurt.

FOLLY: But first, Nosa and I were a hungry so he ordered a cookie from the jar on the bar. There is no way innocent Nosa and myself would have ever imagined that this humble cookie was ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED NAIRA (N1900) for one single cookie. 

NOSA: I could've sworn the menu said N900.

FOLLY: One thing you'd immediately notice when you order a sandwich at the new Delis is that the sandwiches here come with sides.

NOSA: Old Delis gave you just a side salad, but also a considerably cheaper sandwich.

FOLLY: Yeah, the wedges do not justify the ridiculous price tag.

Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich

NOSA: Another thing is that they didn't keep the artisanal vibe that Old Delis gave their sandwiches.

FOLLY: For some people, this is good because fewer calories and what not, but the sandwich needed more bread. Yes, more bread or at least thicker slices. The slices were much thinner than regular sliced bread and so, got mushy really fast and my sandwich began to disintegrate before I was done eating it.

Another thing you'd notice that's different than most other club sandwiches that you'd order in Nigeria is that this uses fried eggs as opposed to boiled ones. I prefer this because the yolk can still be a bit soft.

No boiled eggs in this

No boiled eggs in this

FOLLY: The moisture in the sandwich was too much especially since it came from three sources - the mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and cheese spread. I could probably have done without the cheese spread. 

NOSA: For my main, I got the Prawn & Calamari Seafood Salad. I really wanted to get the salmon one like I did when we reviewed Old Delis, but I got greedy when I saw all manner of seafood listed in the seafood salad menu description.

FOLLY: I also discouraged him because the salmon one was also all manner of too expensive.

Prawn & Calamari Seafood Salad

Prawn & Calamari Seafood Salad

NOSA: In retrospect, I let my greed get the better of me. I really didn't need all that seafood. i should've just gone with the salmon one like a normal well-adjusted person. This doesn't mean the seafood salad was bad, but it was just so overwhelming at some point. By the time I tasted grapes on my third bite, I knew I had made a massive mistake. That said, it's actually a good salad if you're in the mood to be greedy.

A little too much seafood

A little too much seafood

FOLLY: The dessert "window" is the first thing you see when you walk in (just like Crust & Cream).

NOSA: I believe they call that thing a "showcase".

FOLLY: Shrug. When Nosa went to fetch that cookie, he saw that they had sticky toffee pudding and I'm not one to have regrets so I had to try it. 

I asked for the ice cream to be served into another glass so Nosa could eat it but I still ended up topping the dessert with the ice cream for a photograph. This was perfect because it was as moist as sticky toffee pudding should be. I don't like seeing chunky dates so I was very happy that this didn't have any.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

NOSA: Sticky toffee pudding is not really my cup of tea, but this one was actually good. I wonder who handles their baking because I know, for sure, they don't do it.



FOLLY: Way too expensive for me to form a Delis habit. I can't afford it and I'm looking forward to D-Cafe opening soon. 

NOSA: I'd visit again, but not anytime soon




Capuccino - 1600

Delis Club - N4900

Delis Cookies - N1900

Prawn & Calamari Seafood Salad - N7100




Not a lot and if the supermarket downstairs is really busy, it will frustrate you. 

Sugarcane Falls Short of Expectations


6 Ologun Abaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0905 556 6377

FOLLY: I've learned that it's important to give restaurants ample time after they've opened to sort out their kinks. Ample time, for me, is a month, Nosa doesn't always feel the same way. 

NOSA: Ample time is a week after opening night. You've had a proper feel of your operations structure and you can make changes. Crust & Cream sorted out their opening night issues after a week.

FOLLY: That said, I'm not blaming "not being ready" for Sugarcane's inadequacies, nah this is on them as a restaurant for not serving what the menu stated. 

NOSA: Exactly. 

FOLLY: First of all, it took a while for a waitress to attend to us. I hate it when waiters want to take your order immediately after giving you the menu as if you have some superpower that allows you to peruse the entire menu in 30 seconds, so I told her to come back in 2 minutes and that was my biggest regret. It took forever and a day to get her to come back. 

NOSA:  Wait times, I can forgive. Within the first few weeks of a restaurant opening, unless it's pure garbage, there'll always be a crowd. And it makes no sense staffing like that crowd is going to be consistent because it isn't. This is Lagos. We're fickle and Buhari is trying to kill us.

FOLLY: Eventually we got attended to, and we ordered the Grilled Calamari and Blooming Onion to start.

sugarcane ng-1.jpg

NOSA: I was really excited about the Blooming Onion because I always got it at Outback Steakhouse in college. 

FOLLY: The blooming onion was okay, I like the consistency of the batter and the onion was the sweet kind and thankfully not gross red onion.

sugarcan ng 6.JPG

The grilled calamari was also just okay and if I'm being completely honest, a little disappointing. I was disappointed because it just had a lot of pepper and no distinct flavour. 

NOSA: This lack of flavor will become a running theme as this post progresses. I didn't mind the calamari, unlike Folly, because I wasn't expecting too much from grilled calamari in the first place.

FOLLY: Everything went downhil when my main arrived. What I really should have done was send the entire thing back because it was NOT what I ordered but what I did was barely eat it but still pay for it because I'm a mug. 

I ordered the chicken burrito bowl and got a tasteless chicken burrito. 

sugarcane ng-3.jpg

FOLLY: I was even more irritated when we complained to the waitress and she, unfazed, dropped the plate on the table and let out an audible "nawa oh" as she walked away. She later brought the menu and showed me where it said chicken burrito and then I pointed out the word "bowl" that followed burrito and then she said "this is how we serve it".

NOSA: Clearly, this is not a burrito bowl. A burrito bowl should look like this:


Not this: 

sugarcane ng-4.jpg

FOLLY: The guacamole was consumed with lime and the chicken had absolutely no seasoning, bar salt. Can you see how white it is? Imagine if Anne Hathaway was a burrito, this would be it.

NOSA: Let's ignore the fact it's not an actual burrito bowl for a second. The burrito itself was pretty underwhelming. There's a distinct lack of flavor and that is probably Sugarcane's biggest crime. Add the fact that the fries, in the side, needed a helping of salt, you get the impression that the chef is in a never ending battle with seasoning.

sugarcan ng 5.JPG

NOSA: For my main, I got another college favorite - The Monte Cristo.

A Monte Cristo is a ham sandwich with a twist, i.e. you sub regular toast for French Toast. In other words,  it's a bit "sweet". This one wasn't, and while that disappointed me, I let it slide on the grounds that different chefs might have their different styles.  

What really pissed me off was the fact they used processed yellow cheddar cheese. Like, the ones you buy in supermarkets. For a sandwich at this price point, making it with processed cheese is unforgiveable. Spare me the Buharinomics too, I can walk into Delis and buy everything I need to make this and not spend as much I did on the day.  

sugarcane ng-2.jpg

FOLLY: I had planned to stay for dessert cause that menu looked interesting but after the burrito bowl debacle, there wasn't a chance in hell. 


NOSA: I really wanted Sugarcane to be good. I made excuses at every point until the burrito bowl debacle.

FOLLY: Sugar-Nope. 

NOSA: I hope it gets better because right now, Sugarcane flatters to deceive. And it wasn't just us.


FOLLY: FWIW, the strawberry lemon mojito was pretty good. 

NOSA: The Philly Cheesesteak Egg Roll is mad delicious though.



Monte Cristo - N4410

Blooming Onion - N2625

Chicken Burrito Bowl - N4515

Spicy Grilled Calamari - N3675

Frozen Spiked Chapman - N2625

Strawberry Lemon Mojito - N2835



 The security guards are sensible and parking is readily available.

Someone Brought Subway to Lagos

Sub Delight

Arabella's place. Emma Abimbola Cole street, Lekki One, Lagos

0817 197 1297

NOSA: ...okay, not really. 

FOLLY: One of our own finally ripped off Subway and we couldn't be happier. 

NOSA: It's the most blatant of ripoffs. From the sandwich artists to the "Would your sub toasted?" to the bread options. Everything. 

Before you fight me in the comments, this is not actually a bad thing. Just keep reading. 

FOLLY: Actually not sure if Pret A Manger was the owner's vision because they have similar taglines "Here today, gone tomorrow". Anyway, Sub Delight opened over the weekend and Nosa and I were very excited to check it out, so I borrowed a big jeep for the day as Lekki was underwater. 

NOSA: I've actually had one of their subs for lunch before they opened this. They deliver so this counts as a "Work Lunch" also. I got the women in my office to order it everyday for a week too! These guys should pay me for referrals. 

Anyway, bad parts first...they didn't have any water. Like, no drinks at all. Well, they had their smoothie but it was warm because there was no ice either. Apparently, they haven't received supplies yet. But should you really open for business if you don't have water at all? That's essential and whatnot. 

FOLLY: I'll forgive them since it was their second day of existence but fam, I was parched and really needed water. I'm nice so I'll forgive them. 

NOSA: I'll give them a pass, however.

eatdrinklagos sub delight-1.jpg

FOLLY: The Subway comparisons start from as soon as you place your order and you're given a number of bread choices. I went with a 6-inch peri-peri chicken sub on herb and cheese bread and Nosa has the roast beef.

NOSA: The sandwich artists fold the ham EXACTLY like the subway ones do. They even have those little things to store the chicken portions like Subway does with their sweet onion chicken. 


FOLLY: Although the server deprived me the opportunity to get this toasted, I absolutely enjoyed it. Every component of the sandwich gets a thumbs up from me: the bread was legit, the chicken was tasty, and the veggies were fresh and crunchy and weren't wilting or anything funky. 

NOSA: Shouts to them for having roast beef on the menu. The veggies were fresh and they had ranch too. Beyond all that, the sub was actually pretty good. I know it's really easy to make a sub, but this was actually good. Better than the one I got when I ordered to my office. Clearly they've stepped it up a little. 

eatdrinklagos sub delight-2.jpg


FOLLY: It's a surprise no one else thought to do this first. I hope they do really well, if anything they are off to a good start. 

NOSA: It's a very well done Subway ripoff so they get ALLLLL the props. 

FOLLY: I do wish they had a better location with better visibility like something in the middle of Adeola Odeku close to offices and things but Lagos real estate is expensive so I can't knock it. 



6-inch Peri Peri - N1500

6-inch Roast Beef - N1800





It's within one of those Lekki malls so there's parking.

The Most Expensive Sandwich in Lagos

FOLLY: We're not going to make you scroll down all the way to the end to find out how much this sandwich costs we'll just spit it out right now. It's N6800. We first discovered it in January this year at our very first lunch club at RSVP. Since then we've been around the block and black and now we're ready to crown it the most expensive.

NOSA: That's roughly $34 (a generous conversion) for a a sandwich. Silly money territory.
rsvp steak sandwich.jpg

 NOSA: Is it worth it? Probably not. Sure, you get a proper steak in it and it's arguably the best sandwich you'll find in Lagos. But man, it's N6,800. 

FOLLY: I just can't get it every time I come to RSVP, have to alternate with something cheaper.

NOSA: Maybe it's me and not RSVP. I need to get a better job.

FOLLY: It's actually the best sandwich I've ever had and it's miles better than their (RSVP's) chicken avo sandwich.  I also love that you can choose how you want the steak in the sandwich done.

NOSA: Go try the Steak Sandwich at Casa Lydia, then try the one at RSVP. There's such a gulf of class.


rsvp steak sandwich expensive.jpg

Best value sandwich in Lagos? 

FOLLY: Now for the best bang for buck sandwich in Lagos (aside from akara and agege bread natch) is the Chickwizz. 

chickwizz chicken republic

NOSA: N650, maybe N850 if you're about it. The Chickwizz is the one for you if you get paid like I do.


FOLLY: Don't waste your time arguing, you're already wrong.

Guilty Pleasures Need Love Too

Casa Lydia/La Provence

19 Glover Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

0817 200 11430817 200 1152

NOSA: First off, I'll go a little off brand, thoughts with the families who lost loved ones in that Charleston shooting. It's also a shame to watch respectable media outlets are stumbling over themselves as they try to humanize that racist murderer. The world is such a mad place, man. Maybe it's best to build a bubble and never leave. I guess mine is this blog.


So Casa Lydia and La Provence are in the same "compound". You can order from either menu in either restaurant. Just think of it as a restaurant with two different dining areas because that's what it really is. Folly and I prefer staying on the La Provence side of things because La Provence has a lot more natural light, which is perfect for pictures. 

FOLLY: Casa Lydia also smells damp.

NOSA: #FunFact: Casa Lydia, La Provence, and The Foundry are all owned by the same guy.

FOLLY: There's also a guest house in the compound if you ever want to...

NOSA: Casa Lydia is like walking distance from my house. Well, walking distance if I wasn't so lazy. Anyway, yeah, Casa Lydia is walking distance from mine and it's usually my go-to when to cook goes on his "off" and leaves me to die in the house. 

I was running late and Folly ordered for me. She got me the Club Sandwich without the boiled eggs. Random, Nigeria might be the only place that does this "boiled egg in club" thing. I have no idea why you people love foul things. 

As far as I'm concerned, the Club is the worst sandwich at Casa Lydia. If you come here, get the Cajun Chicken or Steak sandwich instead. 

FOLLY: My favourite pasta at Casa Lydia used to be the Penne in Cream Sauce with Chicken which I absolutely love and you should get when you visit. I love the way the garlic ties the sauce together. 

Anyways, I can't have that anymore and so I ordered the Seafood Spaghetti but asked for the Spaghetti to be replaced with penne.


NOSA: This thing was really penne and stew, but I liked it low-key.

FOLLY:  The seafood pasta is pasta tossed in a slightly garlic-y oily stew with calamari, fish, and shrimp. The idea of it is very basic and slightly pedestrian (i.e. you would never see this on the menu at an Italian restaurant) but it works and the end result is very tasty.


NOSA: As for me, my club was a little cold. I think they wanted to bring both orders at the same time and mine was ready a lot earlier. The toast had pretty much lost all it's zing and the chicken was rubbery. 

FOLLY: I hate it when they do that to be honest. They should start preparing the one that takes more time first. Heck, they could even bring both separately and let the decision be up to me if I want to be polite and wait for my partner to get his/her lunch before I eat.

NOSA: The fries were straight struggle. They tasted like the chef made them in "old" oil. I have no idea why people don't dispose of oil as soon as they're done frying shit. It's such bad behavior.



NOSA: Casa Lydia isn't really anything special, to be honest. The food won't blow you away and prices aren't that wallet friendly. Casa Lydia is restaurant version of Aldo. If it wasn't so close to mine, I probably wouldn't go as much if I did at all. It has grown on me, however. If you lived right next to an Aldo, you'd probably wear Aldo too.

FOLLY: Casa Lydia used to be amazing when it first opened years ago. Like special birthday dinner good or engagement dinner good. I was very excited when they remodeled La Provence as well. A couple years down the line and now it's hit or miss. Somedays the chef can be bothered, and on the other days he couldn't care less. If you're lucky to go on the days when he's not in a foul mood so is cooking nonsense you're lucky, if otherwise pele. 

Oh, I like their Strawberry mojitos a lot.


Seafood Spaghetti - N3500

Club Sandwich - N2200