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The Lunch Club: Sakura

About a month ago, we hosted our first Lunch Club. Would our guests hate each other? Would the food be enough? Nosa was a nervous wreck, then and now.

Last Saturday, we again invited ten EatDrinkLagos readers to have lunch with us. This time, at Sakura. Our trip to Sakura for the blog was a wonderful experience and so we wanted to share it with our readers. 

We got to see some familiar faces and some new ones as well. Mechanical mishap aside, it was a wonderful time and we're really glad we got to share Sakura with you guys.

Miso Soup

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New Kid On the Block

Sakura Fine Asian Cuisine

2a Sakajojo Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

0909 040 9363

NOSA: Because you guys laughed at my cook's lasagne, he has promised to show all of you. He's making pizza this week and he has promised me he has the hands. He better have the hands because I died in Lagos traffic looking for a rolling pin. 

Anyway, we hit up Sakura with two of our favorite people - AA and IO. Yes, I know how unimaginative that is but they wanted to be called "Shaniqua and Renee". See why that couldn't work?

FOLLY: This our one friend, "IO", it's super hard to convince her to hang out with us and this is how the conversations usually go (every single time!):

FOLLY & NOSA: Hey I, let’s go to Cafe Royale for drinks ?
IO: I don’t think I can make it.

FOLLY & NOSA: Dangote is sharing bricks of hundred dollar bills on 3rd mainland now! Let’s go!
IO: I have plans.

FOLLY: We love you, IO, really we do!

NOSA: I just wish she'd stop being so flaky and let me love her.

FOLLY: Imagine how blown we were when she agreed to come with us and our other friend AA for dinner at Sakura. 

NOSA: I got the Sensation Maki and the Jalapeño Shrimp Maki. I really liked the sushi, especially AAs Shrimp Lover Maki.

Sensation Maki and the Jalape  ñ  o Shrimp Maki.

Sensation Maki and the Jalapeño Shrimp Maki.

I havent really had a bad sushi experience in Lagos. Well, apart from Ocean Basket but that was just me making terrible life choices.

FOLLY: This is besides the point but the first time I went to Ocean Basket it was sooo perf, but the second time was a disaster and now I'm scared to go back. 

Shrimp Lover Maki

Shrimp Lover Maki

NOSA: The real fun part of this was definitely the hibachi grill. The chef didn’t have have all the hibachi tekkers sadly. No onion volcano or fancy egg tricks, but it was fun nonetheless.

FOLLY: I loved the Hibachi room at Sakura. It's like a private dining experience, separate from the main restaurant. So it was so fun that we came here as a group, AA. could get up and demonstrate the gist she was giving us without the judging eyes of other patrons.


On that note, did you guys know that there are multiple shoki's like "shower shoki", "reading bible shoki", "driving shoki" etc. I had no idea.

NOSA: And no, that's not the ajebutter shoki Lynxxx did in that one song

I digress.

The food off the hibachi was really good. It took everything in me not to ditch my plate for Follys.

FOLLY: Wait, so why didn't we swap then because my chicken and mushrooms were great and all but I really liked your sushi; especially the jalapeño one, but without the jalapeñonatch.

NOSA: I believe this is the only place in Lagos with a hibachi grill. And Bungalows, I think.

FOLLY: Bungalows may have iPads for menus but the food is still a bit struggle.

NOSA: All facts.


FOLLY: I had the hibachi chicken and it comes as main course of chicken and mushrooms with a host of other sides including miso soup, fried rice, a side salad, and vegetables. The miso soup tasted like crayfish to me but Nosa seemed to enjoyed it. Nosa will tell you that's the yoruba in me. Shrug. 

NOSA: The miso soup was muy bueno to me. Maybe it's an acquired taste. These Japanese people might not know it, but miso soup is their pepper soup. Get some fresh fish and it's a wrap. Chipotle!


FOLLY: I loved my mushrooms and vegetables (zucchini, sprouts, onions, and spinach). The side salad and chicken (AA. found it a bit dry) were nice too. I also really liked the sauce on the chicken and mushrooms. 

My drink, the Cinderella, was forgettable. (Ed Note: An Instagram follower recommends the "Hennessy Berry" though)


FOLLY: IO got the chicken yaki soba. We judged her for ordering "indomie" before it arrived, but the joke was on us.

NOSA: Breh, IO's chicken yaki soba was delicious.



Chicken Yaki Soba - N2,900

Hibachi Chicken - N5,800

Shrimp Lover Maki - N3,900

Sensation Maki - N2,300

Jalapeno Shrimp Maki - N2000