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The Rebirth of La Provence

La Provence

19 Glover Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

0817 200 11430817 200 1152

FOLLY: We've reviewed Casa Lydia and The Foundry, but not their sister restaurant - La Provence

NOSA: That has a lot to do with the fact that La Provence wasn't really different from Casa Lydia. Not anymore, though Casa Lydia and La Provence are now very distinct in their offerings. The former is still more of the same while the latter has got a completely new menu.

la provence ikoyi-7.jpg

NOSA: Long day at work so I got a Strawberry Mango Daiquiri, which sounded like it would taste delicious but didn’t. 

la provence ikoyi-6.jpg

FOLLY: My Lychee Caipirinha was a solid 8/10 but it might have had a little too much lime in it. To start we got the Ikoyi River Prawns. I wonder if these prawns actually came from the Ikoyi side of the lagoon, or the name is just interesting. 

la provence ikoyi-2.jpg

NOSA: It’s pretty much two large-ish prawns on a potato “biscuit” and in a pool of some sauce I didn’t care much for. 

FOLLY: Mr.Waiter told us it was two portions though so I was expecting two potato biscuits each topped with a prawn, and not one biscuit topped with two prawns. Nosa didn't care much for the sauce that they ladled generously into the plate, but I loved it. When the prawns and potato biscuit were done, I was scooping it up with my fork like soup.

NOSA: The “biscuit” had a very meaty texture, which I found particularly interesting.

la provence ikoyi-3.jpg

FOLLY: The prawns were also large and still moist - not cooked till they were chewy and dry. The potato biscuit was more cake then biscuit, because it was soft and not crunchy. 

la provence ikoyi-13.jpg

NOSA: For my main, I got the Pepper Pesto Seafood Penne. Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful. The only thing pesto about it was the colour because the pepper completely overwhelmed it.

FOLLY: It wasn't spicy in the Nigerian hot pepper way though.

la provence ikoyi-14.jpg

NOSA: For some reason. this didn’t bother me however. In fact, I thought this was completely fantastic. It worked in a really weird way.  Folly got the Chimichurri Ribeye as her main

la provence ikoyi-9.jpg

FOLLY: Nosa didn't care much for my steak, comparing it to Lagos cow, but I liked it. It was marbled with fat as one would expect of a rib-eye.

NOSA: To be honest, this is the type of steak you get well done. I remember having a conversation with a friend in college who studied Meat Science (yes, a real thing). According to her, the better the quality of meat, the rarer you want it.

FOLLY: For example, Kobe and Wagyu steaks shouldn't be cooked more than medium rare so that you can achieve that "melt in your mouth" feeling. At least, according to Google and food blogs as I've never been privileged to try either

la provence ikoyi-16.jpg

NOSA: Folly’s steak wasn’t great quality meat. It was made as well as they could so it’s not really a slight on La Provence. In this economy, I’m not judging anyone who chooses not to import their meat. I mean, I hope this wasn’t imported because it would be a waste.  

FOLLY: Irrespective of all of that, I did enjoy the steak. On the plating, I expected the steak to come sliced with the chimichurri sauced spooned in between the slices and not on the side- blame Instagram. I think that would have made for a more interesting plating than this.

NOSA: At N1000 less, this might be the best value for money steak in Lagos.


FOLLY: The creme brûlée made me sad. The sugar topping arrived cracked and the inside was more syrup than custard


NOSA: On the whole, La Provence isn’t bad. I’d go back again. I wasn’t blown away, but it’s good enough. Compared to what Lagos has to offer, “good enough” already puts you on the restaurant honor roll.

FOLLY: The only thing that really disappointed me was the creme brûlée. 



Ikoyi River Prawns - N4500

Pepper Pesto Seafood Penne - N6000

Chimichurri Ribeye - N7500

Amarula Creme Brûlée - N2500



Sufficient on most days


We Went To 1415 AGAIN


1415 Eko Signature 

1415 Adetokunbo Ademola St. Victoria Island, Lagos. (Eko Hotel)

01 277 2700-25

NOSA: We were here for my birthday last year. They've revised their menu in the time since and as a result, it warranted another visit. 

FOLLY: The service at 1415 is a dream. You know how big companies send their new hires to off site training schools, I'm pretty sure 1415 does something similar because the waiters are well trained and it shows. 

NOSA: I think it's cute how they "announce" your order when they bring your food.  

"The Beef Fillet Surprise for you, sir!"


FOLLY: Last time we were here, we were being cheap so we got some weird starter called "double puff". This time we decided to embrace a you have one life to live ethos and got the Golden Fried Calamari and Prawns. It cost N6200 but YOLO. 


FOLLY: The prawn was excellent. It was very white on the inside and also really soft. When prawn is over cooked it tends to become dense and chewy, thankfully this prawn bore no similarity to Robot

NOSA: I've had better calamari but the shrimp was absolutely fantastic. 

FOLLY: I thought the prawn > calamari but the calamari was good nonetheless. I find it difficult to chew calamari sometimes when it's really thick so I appreciated that these were thin rings. 

NOSA: Meanwhile, what on earth is the difference between prawn and shrimp? I always thought prawns were larger, but these are smaller so why does 1415 call them "prawn"


FOLLY: Continuing with our let's spend this money ethos, I got the Lamb Encrusted with Fresh Herbs as my main, while Nosa got the Beef Fillet Surprise

NOSA:  The Beef Fillet Surprise is a beef fillet stuffed with cheese, wrapped in parma ham, and drizzled in mushroom sauce. Yeah, all of that, mate.


As far as the actual quality of beef goes, this is the best steak I've had in Lagos.  That said, I thought the mushroom sauce tasted a little burnt

Back to the fillet though, I got it medium rare like usual. Unlike usual, I wasn't disappointed. Just look at all this pink...

Meanwhile, that white thing in the middle is cheese. That's the "surprise" in the Beef Fillet Surprise. 


FOLLY: When the waiter asked me how I wanted my lamb rack cooked, I won't lie I was surprised because I thought ribs were always cooked well done. Pardon my ignorance.

NOSA:  Before you continue, peep how they write "1415" on the plate with their funky sauce thing.

NOSA: Plating game on a 💯

FOLLY: Definitely cute, but back to the lamb I asked for it to be medium and Nosa's steak was to be medium rare. 


The lamb on my plate was bleating and about to wake up, that's how pink the meat was. 

NOSA: A shame I forgot to save that snapchat picture, because that one lamb rack was literally still alive.

FOLLY: The herb crust was incredibly tasty, but the red wine reduction was really just red wine. 


FOLLY: I really wanted to save room for dessert but we asked for extra bread like rookies so we were stuffed. I also can't remember what my cocktail tasted like but it was called the Planters Punch and Nosa's was a low sugar mojito. 


NOSA: Pro-Tip - A low sugar mojito is an absolutely stupid idea.


FOLLY: I love 1415, it's the best restaurant in Lagos. It's very expensive so most people will never visit  so that's why no one knows it's the best restaurant in Lagos.

NOSA: It's not as expensive as RSVP and people (read: us) want to die there so I really don't know what gives. 

FOLLY: We would have had a lunch club here eons ago, if only they'd open for lunch. 

NOSA: Special late night Lunch Club?



Golden Fried Calamari and Prawns - N6200

Lamb Encrusted with Fresh Herbs - N7500

Beef Fillet Surprise - N6800

Mojito - N2900

Planters Punch - N2900

A Bar in a Barbershop


Cinnamon Gardens, Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki 1, Lagos

NOSA: This thing is such a genius idea. Can't believe no one did this before.

A bar in a barbershop. Each haircut comes with a free cocktail. So simple. So genius.

FOLLY: The process of getting your done as a girl is so unattractive. For example, getting a perm, weave, or braids. Look even something as simple as a blow out can be unattractive because by the time they clip away the parts they aren't working on you look like a cow with horns.

NOSA: Abeg, don't babes have those "champagne & nails" spots?

FOLLY: I mean like random people coming in. I don't need anyone seeing me in my struggle. 

A photo posted by @barbarlagos on

 It's funny cause it's not really the same case for guys. I've been into Kayz Place in Lekki a couple of times and it's all manner of fine boys getting their hair done. 

NOSA: That's why it's my new barbershop

FOLLY: Sadly, when I met Nosa at Bar Bar there were no fine boys getting their hair cut. It was only Nosa in the shop, so I just went to the lounge area to wait for him. 

NOSA: Again, why barbar is my new barbershop.

FOLLY: Their menu has just a few things on it - suya, sliders, gizzard, chicken and prawns. They didn't have the ribs so they don't count as being on the menu.

After Nosa's suya incident I knew that these people were not trying to fill me up with one portion of anything so I ordered three things because = makes sense. 

I ordered the Grilled Chicken, Spicy Gizzards and Prawns (again because no ribs). 


NOSA: As you can see, that's a maaaaaaad tiny portion. Like, is this a sampling menu? Do I get a toy with my Happy Meal?

FOLLY: We drank water as opposed to cocktails cause #Whole30. For guys, you get a free cocktail with your hair cut. 

FOLLY: The chicken was a solid 7/10. It tasted exactly like that grilled blackened chicken that's in small chops packs. 

NOSA: I really liked the chicken. Easily the best of the lot too. I don't think you can mess up chicken suya tbh. Random, I wonder all the places that serve terrible chicken in Lagos don't simply serve chicken suya. Like,, just allow the "blackened alabaster whateverthefuck" chicken you have and serve chicken suya.

FOLLY: The prawns. 

NOSA: You know how they tell you not to judge a prawn by it's cover? Well, they don't tell you that and they probably shouldn't because this prawn tasted as terrible as it looked. 

FOLLY: Well, they tasted like prawns because I don't think these got any seasoning apart from salt. 

NOSA: This has to be the Lake Bell of prawns

NOSA: The gizzards looked like livers tbh

FOLLY: The gizzards were the worst I've ever had in my life.

NOSA: Dude, samesies!

FOLLY: I always pass on the gizzard in small chops packs because it's always pretty tough and spicy. These gizzards had a weird liver texture but weren't as tender as livers when they've been boiled properly.

NOSA: What if they were burnt livers?

FOLLY: It was also at least 10 x tougher than any gizzard I'm used to, and it was also now unbelievable dry with no stew and no ororo. 

NOSA: Lol the thing was like stone, let's be honest


FOLLY: Ultimately, the bar/lounge in a barbershop is a cool idea, however,  I think that they should not offer any food that requires cooking.

NOSA:  I think they should keep the suya, but they need explicitly state you're paying for a stick on the menu.

FOLLY: In addition to cocktails, they can have bar nuts, crisps, or plantain chips just anything but food. Actually, they should do a profit split with a proper aboki and get some real suya. 

NOSA: The cocktails are actually great, you know? Well, apart from that one that'll defs give you jedi-jedi. That aside, this is still my new barbershop. The barber finessed my fade so I'm coming back here. 




Chicken - N1500

Prawns - N1500

Gizzard - N1200

Hair Cut - N2000