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RECAP: Bottomless Margaritas at La Taverna

FOLLY: This past Friday we facilitated Chef Imoteda getting white girl wasted with bottomless margaritas at La Taverna.

NOSA: I know it said "Bottomless" margaritas but I honestly thought we'd run out.

bottomless margaritas taverna-5.jpg

FOLLY: Yeah same because the margs were to be bottomless until we ran out of tequila which surprisingly never happened. We ran out of strawberry margaritas at some point but there were other flavors. 

NOSA: We ran out of chicken too.

bottomless margaritas taverna-4.jpg

FOLLY: To eat were the usual tex-mex suspects: quesadillas, chill con carne, fajitas.

bottomless margaritas taverna-7.jpg
bottomless margaritas taverna-2.jpg

FOLLY: This was way too much fun and I'd like to explore how we can make this happen with some regularity.  

NOSA: We ended the night with a drunk Chef Cristian and Chef Imoteda arguing about who really really went to Le Cordon Bleu.

bottomless margaritas taverna-12.jpg
bottomless margaritas taverna-10.jpg
bottomless margaritas taverna-6.jpg
EDL Weekender: Sunday BBQ With Eat.Drink.Lagos

EAT: Sunday BBQ At La Taverna With Eat.Drink.Lagos

FOLLY: La Taverna has an every other Sunday BBQ thing going and it's happening this Sunday, July 3rd and you should definitely come have lunch with us

NOSA: Just come in and say you're with "Eat.Drink.Lagos" and you get the EDL discount

FOLLY: If you're with us you get the special EDL price and Jameson cocktails to boot. Reservations aren't required but it'll be nice to let us know you're coming, leave a comment (or send an email) so we'll count you. 

DRINK: N1000 Margaritas at BarBar

FOLLY: I don't want to be pedantic, but this is a very Mexican 4th of July celebration. However, I like margaritas so I don't want to complain too much, that they ban me from coming or worse, not give me my complimentary cocktail.  

NOSA: They have the best wings in Lekki btw. Folly will say Urban Fuxion, but she doesn't know anything.

LAGOS: MovieNic (Get Outside) with Picnickersanonymous and SecretCinemaLagos

EMEKA (NTDIL): This Sunday enjoy a movie with @picnickersanonymous@secretcinemalagos. Bring a bottle & blanket. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 1.44.49 AM.png

RSVP here: or on the NTDIL app .  Entrance is N1,000 without RSVP

Post Work Rocks: Humpday Wednesday

The only thing better than a cold one after work especially on a humpday like today  or on a sunny Saturday afternoon, is a cold one with friends. 

 Or, what if drinking was a group sport? Like there was a big bowl, and each team had to drink theirs the fastest. Okay, yeah maybe that's childish.

Pitchers are usually are good deal, if there's a bunch of you and no one sneaks off before the bill arrives. We've rounded up our favourite places for "pitchers" in Lagos. 


NOSA: The strawberry margarita pitcher at Bottles are very very potent. You'll get carried away by the sweetness of it and you'll find yourself on the floor. I did it solo one time because I thought I was the champion of this drinking thing. 


bottles pitcher

FOLLY: They are really so sweet

DAMAGE - N6,500

Cafe Royale

FOLLY: While their food is absolutely scraps, their cocktails are 100 flame emojis. You can also get any of the margarita flavours pitcher size, I'd recommend the pineapple.


NOSA: I like this one, but it isn't as strong as the one at Bottles. You'll need a couple if you're trying to get to that good place.   

DAMAGE - N6,000


FOLLY: Definitely the Wahalarita. What I don't understand is why this pitcher is more expensive than the other flavours. Differentiated pricing I guess.. :( 


NOSA: I really hate that the wahalarita is so expensive. 

DAMAGE - N8000

Lotus at Pattaya

FOLLY: If margs aren't your thing, a fishbowl at Lotus @ Pattaya is definitely for you.

fishbowl pattaya lotus lagos

NOSA: I was a bit disappointed that the one fishbowl I wanted didn't have the candy it should come with. A bit of a scam on that front. As for the drink itself, it really sneaks up on you. I didn't think much of this until I stood up and oh, boy. 

DAMAGE - N5000 (Wednesdays & Fridays)