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Restaurant Horror Stories IV

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BLD by Play

Despite reading horror stories my friends sha carried me to this place. Sigh

I ordered a cocktail. I forget the name but it as supposed to have peach in it. It did not. It was also mixed with water. Not watered down o. Im convinced it was actually mixed with water. It was not a pleasant drinking experience.
Got their southern wings. They were unseasoned fried wings that had been rolled in fish stew with green and red peppers. It was confusing to my soul and hungry stomach.
Also order gizzard that had been boiled and ALSO rolled in the same fish stew.
I was so very very very very very upset.
Needless to say I shall not be returning.

The wait staff was actually okay funny enough till it was time to bring my bill. Then the guy decided to use my time to discuss family matters with the rest of the staff. Like i was watching them congregating around the till and gisting while I’m sitting and fuming over a waste of money. I eventually had to walk up there and practically print out my own receipt. Meanwhile the two owners were sitting at the end of the bar gisting while their waitstaff was wasting time and there was an angry customer. They are either blind to the obvious or pretended they couldn’t see what was going on.

At the end a friend of one of the owners pointed out my disatisfaction. Please why did they need one of their friends to point it out? They should just close to the public and let their friends be their only customers, cause clearly the place is just a hang out spot for their buddies.

Any Lagos restaurant really TRIED it? 

Restaurant Horror Stories III

Part I. Part II.

Zenith Water Margin

Hi Guys,

So i and some members of my family went to Zenith Water Margin to do a little celebration for my younger brother for passing his ACCA exams.

second time going to that Restaurant and the service was also bad the first time, but this time they went overboard. First, their service was slow, waiters kept forgetting, so we had to remind them, then their gen kept going off, almost about six times, the area where we also sat was kind of hot cause it was close to the Kitchen and the two ACs weren’t working properly, to top it all off, two of the waiters were arguing in the kitchen and everybody could hear them almost to the point were they were about to fight, one of my aunts actually stood up to go to the Kitchen to caution them and asked for their Manager, but they beg her not to, the Manager eventually came out, the noise stopped and the service kind of picked up.

But we have already made up our minds, we are never going there again.

Any Lagos restaurant really TRIED it? 

Restaurant Horror Stories II

Missed Part I and the back story? Catch up

Protea Hotel Awolowo

Not only was the food average but there were flies everywhere on the table,on the food,on the cutlery. I started to wander if they catered to flies as well.The flies were more than the customers.please find a solution as it ruined my experience.


Went to BLD a couple of months ago,not only was the food not nice,the waiters were so clumsy and the bouncer horrible.Worst restaurant ever.

Crust & Cream AND Viceroy

Food never got delivered. 5 hours later I’m still calling to find out what happened to my waffles/tikka masala

SPAR Food Court Lekki

Hi guys, so I went to the SPAR in lekki yesterday morning to pick up some stuff and happen to pass by the food court. It all looked so good so decided to get some takeaway. I got the fries and beef sausages (which by the way aren’t cheap) for myself and pounded yam and okro soup as a treat for my Dad. The beef sausages had gone off so bad it tasted sour. Had I tasted the food before leaving Spar I would have returned it. I really wanted to endure and eat it anyway so my money wouldn’t waste but that was too risky so I just had to throw it away. My dad ate the pounded yam and draw soup half way and stopped complaining that it was stale. For goodness sake! If spar wants to charge so much for their food at least don’t give me salmonella in the process! Thanks #rantover

La Mango

Hello Folly and Nosa,

I love what you guys are doing. Keep it up!

My worst experience was at La Mango restaurant, we used the place for my friend’s bridal shower and it was like they booked all the bridal showers in Lagos that day. There were five bridal showers going on simultaneously. I had pre booked a space for the shower only for me to get there to meet the space already decorated for another person’s shower after apologies by the manager, we moved to another space but that was not good enough and we ended up using the poolside for the shower.

The service was amazingly bad. Our server was a nice polite young guy but he must have been overwhelmed with the work. For every course I had to go in to remind the waiters that were sitting doing nothing to serve but they kept saying they could not serve us that we had to wait for our server. The food came late and was not all that great. I would NEVER visit the place again for any reason. I hated it.

To their credit, the pictures were great because the pool side was beautiful, it still does not make up for the EXTREMELY CRAPPY service.

Sorry I rambled a bit but trust me this was just a summary lol.

Have a great day guys.

Any Lagos restaurant really TRIED it? Let us know.

Restaurant Horror Stories I

A couple of days ago, we were gisting with Chef Imoteda of Heels In The Kitchen and she suggested we come up with an anonymous thing for people to share their worst experiences in Lagos restaurants.

We thought it was genius. I mean, we've done a post about our personal experience before so why not hear yours. 

We've received a couple already so here we go: 

Chicken Republic

Dear EatDrinkLagos

Please help me tell Chicken Republic that delivery is not by force. If they cannot do it they should sit in their smoky outlets and wait for customers to saunter in at their leisure. For Christ’s sake! I have tried to order online about 4 times; twice it was successful at least in a manner of speaking. My sandwich came about 30 minutes later, stone cold. The other two times about 30 minutes after placing my order someone else calls me and tells me they cannot deliver to my location! ‘My location’ to be clear, is Ikeja. So what exactly is the problem? (I’m glad you asked.)

Apparently, when you order via their phone service - which is the only way you CAN order as no other method ensures a response- the customer service rep calls an outlet and places your order. The first time you order they take down your details so the next time they just ask if it is the same address you want it delivered to. Now, that said, rthe problem actually arises because someone is not smart enough to identify the location nearest me. They place the order at the Opebi location when they have another store just 10 minutes away in Alausa. Now this is where it gets interesting because instead of telling their customer service that they are too far from me these cretins CALL ME! So what am I supposed to do about it? What manner of fuckery is that?

Please someone needs to let them know to get their act right or just shut the hell up about delivery. And that includes those annoying emails and text messages they keep sending me.


Protea Hotel

My worst restaurant experience right now has got to be Protea hotels buffet / food in general.
It’s always RAW. I had pasta there once and I promise you some of it was boiled some wasn’t. Called the attention of the chef and they said it’ll be re-cook and I can try it again. Like I didn’t come to meet and greet your pasta I came to chow.

Also their drinks are not it, their food management really has to be looked at properly. And it’s the same for all the branches.

Any Lagos restaurant really TRIED it? Let us know.