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World Cup 2018: Nigeria vs Argentina Viewing Party with Eat.Drink.Lagos

Our first match might have been a massive disappointment, but our Super Eagles more than made up for it in the second game vs Iceland. We don't think we've enjoyed a Nigerian football game like that in a very long time.

Croatia have already qualified and would need a remarkable collapse to finish anywhere but top. The race for second is complicated. Nigeria will definitely qualify if they beat Argentina; if they draw, they will still go through provided Iceland do not beat Croatia, or win by more than a two-goal margin. If Iceland and Argentina both win, it would come down to goal difference, with Argentina needing to win by at least one more goal than Iceland to overhaul them. A draw is no good to either of them.
— The Telegraph

The win means Nigeria has a very good chance of making it out of the group.

Just one point and we're good. 

Nigeria can qualify with a draw or win against Argentina if Iceland lose or draw against Croatia
— Sky Sports

We play Argentina who have one of the greatest players in the history of football in Lionel Messi. No pressure.

No pressure at all. 

There's hope, however. Apparently, the Argentine camp is in utter disarray. The players don't seem to like the coach and word on the street is that the players will be picking the team/tactics by themselves. If the Super Eagles are going to get that much needed point, we'll have to keep hoping the Argentine shambles goes on for another game. 


Oh well. 

Come join us tomorrow evening as we cheer on the Eagles after work. 

Super Eagles 3.PNG

Sadly, the barbeque was regretable the last time so we have much better food and drink specials. 

All pizzas are on special offer at N2500 each, sangria carafes will be N2000 (serves 4 glasses), and a dozen wings at 2k even. 

Win, draw, or lose (God forbid!) we're ending the night with shots in honor of Ahmed Musa, so come through!

World Cup Ready: Watch the Super Eagles with us this Weekend

So the World Cup starts tomorrow. The build up to this World Cup has been a bit weird if everyone is being honest. It might have to do with the fact that they Put(it)in Russia. The theme song is also terrible. We haven’t listened to it, but it has Will Smith rapping on it so we’re sure it’s terrible. It’s not all over the internet either so we’re sure other people think the same. Who on earth wants to listen to Will Smith rap in 2018?

It might have taken us a bit to catch World Cup fever, but it’s finally here and we can thank Nike for giving us the flyest jerseys ever. After years of utter neglect, they finally paid attention to Nigeria. 

As for the football, the Super Eagles have a decent chance. On paper, we should finish bottom of the group but don’t listen to paper or the haters. Listen to Mourinho.

Argentina barely qualified and are heavily reliant on Messi. Croatia has a couple of players that might go to jail for perjury so their thoughts are probably elsewhere. Iceland has a team full of accountants and farmers. 

Ed Note: All these hot takes are obviously courtesy of Nosa.

Unlike the other losers, Nigeria has none of these problems. The players have been paid their bonuses early so we won’t have them fighting like usual.  In addition, to being the youngest team at the tournament, we’re also kinda good too. The team made it to the tournament without losing a single game in the qualifiers (despite what FIFA says). The Guardian has a pretty sweet guide to the team that you should read if you want to get familiar with players. 

So…yeah, we’re pretty excited for the World Cup and we’re hosting a watch party for Nigeria’s first game. There’s be lots to eat and drink as we cheer our Super Eagles. We’re serious about the “lots to eat” part. In addition to the regular pizza/pasta menu, La Taverna will have a special BBQ Buffet for N6000 on the day. That 6k will get you as much meat you can eat without dying and some beer to wash it down. 

EDL Then.jpg

Bring your jersey, real or fake, and come cheer the Nigerian team against the Croatians this Saturday. The game starts at 8pm, but the rocks will kick off a bit earlier at 6pm. If you haven't paid your DStv bill, this your chance. 

If you’d like to reserve a table ahead of the day, call 0908 631 2927.

See you on Saturday. Go Super Eagles!

RECAP: Bottomless Margaritas at La Taverna

FOLLY: This past Friday we facilitated Chef Imoteda getting white girl wasted with bottomless margaritas at La Taverna.

NOSA: I know it said "Bottomless" margaritas but I honestly thought we'd run out.

bottomless margaritas taverna-5.jpg

FOLLY: Yeah same because the margs were to be bottomless until we ran out of tequila which surprisingly never happened. We ran out of strawberry margaritas at some point but there were other flavors. 

NOSA: We ran out of chicken too.

bottomless margaritas taverna-4.jpg

FOLLY: To eat were the usual tex-mex suspects: quesadillas, chill con carne, fajitas.

bottomless margaritas taverna-7.jpg
bottomless margaritas taverna-2.jpg

FOLLY: This was way too much fun and I'd like to explore how we can make this happen with some regularity.  

NOSA: We ended the night with a drunk Chef Cristian and Chef Imoteda arguing about who really really went to Le Cordon Bleu.

bottomless margaritas taverna-12.jpg
bottomless margaritas taverna-10.jpg
bottomless margaritas taverna-6.jpg
#DayDrinkLagos: Bottomless Margaritas at La Taverna (Lekki) this Weekend

Remember when EDL used to have events and stuff? Feels like such a long time ago, doesn't it? Well, we're back-ish and we're trying to do some day drinking this weekend.

We had a little chat with Chef Cristian from La Taverna and he has convinced Olmeca to give us a couple (more than a couple) bottles for some tequila-induced fun.

Because margaritas are involved, it's only right that we do this at La Taverna (Lekki) with its Tex-Mex menu. Like, that's the decent thing to do.

Our biggest challenge with the Lunch Club and all our events has been keeping ticket costs down. We aren't really trying to host any events we can't afford to attend and if we can't attend, why would anyone else do the same. We're young and broke millennials like you guys so anything that involves money leaving the account is no bueno. That said, nothing in life is free, unfortunately. Food and drink, per head, will set you back about N6,500 this weekend.

We can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

EDL Weekender: Sunday BBQ With Eat.Drink.Lagos

EAT: Sunday BBQ At La Taverna With Eat.Drink.Lagos

FOLLY: La Taverna has an every other Sunday BBQ thing going and it's happening this Sunday, July 3rd and you should definitely come have lunch with us

NOSA: Just come in and say you're with "Eat.Drink.Lagos" and you get the EDL discount

FOLLY: If you're with us you get the special EDL price and Jameson cocktails to boot. Reservations aren't required but it'll be nice to let us know you're coming, leave a comment (or send an email) so we'll count you. 

DRINK: N1000 Margaritas at BarBar

FOLLY: I don't want to be pedantic, but this is a very Mexican 4th of July celebration. However, I like margaritas so I don't want to complain too much, that they ban me from coming or worse, not give me my complimentary cocktail.  

NOSA: They have the best wings in Lekki btw. Folly will say Urban Fuxion, but she doesn't know anything.

LAGOS: MovieNic (Get Outside) with Picnickersanonymous and SecretCinemaLagos

EMEKA (NTDIL): This Sunday enjoy a movie with @picnickersanonymous@secretcinemalagos. Bring a bottle & blanket. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 1.44.49 AM.png

RSVP here: or on the NTDIL app .  Entrance is N1,000 without RSVP