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Independence Day Eats at Jameson Connects

Over the weekend, we got invited to this year’s Lagos edition of Jameson Connects. This year, Jameson took the party to the New Afrika Shrine in Ikeja, which is about as on-brand as it gets for Jameson. Jameson has this whole campaign of not being pretentious so yeah this event is never coming to the island as the island-mainland divide in Nigeria is the dichotomy of pretentiousness.

Anyway, we got invited to check out the vendors this year: The AJs, Firewood Rice, Sizzling Fingaz and Lala’s Grill.

The AJs menu

The AJs menu

Deep Fried Oreos

Deep Fried Oreos

Not going to lie, The AJs were the only vendor we were really looking out for. They catered a friend’s birthday last year and we’ve been love ever since. The deep fried oreos catch your eye, but the real star of the show for us were the ribs from The AJs. Ridiculously tender and solid 10/10 on the Fall-Off-The-Bone scale.

AJs Ribs

AJs Ribs

Firewood Gizdod

Firewood Gizdod

We also tried gizdodo from Firewood Rice and asun from Lala’s Grill. The asun at Lala’s Grill had this interesting sweet kick to it. Almost like they use sweet n sour sauce or something. Firewood Rice’s fare wasn’t the most interesting, but it’s better to be boring than be bad. Speaking of boring, there was another vendor, Sizzling Fingaz, with Jameson infused puff puff on the menu which we naturally tried because why not? Not going to lie, we couldn’t distinguish the Jameson puff puff from regular puff puff but it’s the alté thought that counts.

Small chops tbh

Small chops tbh

Sweet asun

Sweet asun

On the drinks, Jameson introduced a new cocktail this year - Jameson Ginger Melon to accompany the classic Jameson Sprite Lime and the Jameson Palm Wine Twist. Think watermelon + coconut + Jameson. It was very refreshing and almost tasted healthy so that why Folly had at least two (but who’s counting anyway) :)

If you’re anything like Folly sometime in uni you may have tried making a horrible Vodka Watermelon bowl, so this cocktail was what I hoped that my vodka watermelon punch bowl will taste like. In reality, it tasted like fruit and rubbing alcohol.


Ps. if you haven’t vodka watermelon, it is a terrible idea and all the blog posts I (Folly) read should have come with a “this tastes horrible so don’t try it at home” warning.

A Jameson Connects Postmortem

This was our first Jameson event so we didn’t know what to really expect from Jameson Connects.  We were familiar with the Nigerian Railway Compound because of our Jollof event, but not The Old Running Shed. A couple friends mentioned it was pretty dusty and dingy at another event so we weren’t expecting much. Jameson proved us wrong on so many levels. The brand embed was absolutely unreal.

The best bit was definitely the food train, for obvious reasons. They had a couple of vendors nestled in old train. About as alté as it gets. One of the vendors, Rainbow Puff-Puff, had Jameson infused puff-puff and Hans & René had a palm wine sorbet also.

The music was definitely the best bit. We’ve talked about Show Dem Camp a couple times on the blog, but you really haven’t heard their Palm Wine Music EP until you’ve heard it live. It’s absolutely amazing. They brought out a couple friends too: BOJ, Funbi, Tomi Thomas and Odunsi.

Anyway, if you missed out, we have a couple pictures from the day.


Palm Wine Cocktails at Jameson Connects this Weekend

NOSA: Forgive us for being slow, but we just realized that Jameson Connects is on Independence Day this year. Green bottles + the Nigerian flag = very very on brand.  


This year’s edition will be at The Old Running Shed, Ebute-Metta on Sunday, 1st October 2017. If you attended Jollof, it’s smack in the middle of the railway compound and super close to Jaekel House.

FOLLY: It's also the same venue where SheLeadsAfrica had the SLAYFestival

Jameson embodies the down -to -earth character of Dubliners, a trait that it shares with Nigerians. Jameson Connects Nigeria has taken its place as the country’s most beloved alternative event for its ability to provide guests with the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the premium Whiskey in an unpretentious environment. This year, the space is The Old Running Shed which currently houses some train relics, a kitchen module used for Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa’s train and a carriage that was part of the Royal train in 1956. Located in The Nigerian Railway Compound in Ebute- Metta, a seat of power of the British Colony for many years, there is no doubt that this will be an experience to remember.

NOSA: We weren’t able to make it last year because our real lives got in the way so we’re definitely making up for it this year. The Man is always trying to stop you from living your best life. You can't let him win.

FOLLY: Especially when there's complimentary cocktails on the table, each attendee gets three drink tickets #ResponsibleDrinking

Get ready to vibe to sounds from alternative Afro-Soul singer- songwriter, pianist, Kaliné whose unique voice and style has seen her open for musical legends such as Chaka Khan, Angélique Kidjo to name a few!

NOSA: I’ve mentioned it in one of our Weekenders, the Show Dem Camp EP is absolutely amazing. So if, like me, you’re a fan, then Jameson Connects should be a lot of fun.

FOLLY: Maybe I'll finally listen to their music

Mix palm wine vibes and palm wine music and you are immediately transported to a chilled zone which eases the stress of Lagos, making you ‘feel alright’… This year’s headliners Show Dem Camp are credited for starting this laid back style of party music which has now taken on a life of its own.

NOSA: Oh, and Jameson will have a special Palm Wine cocktail on the day.

What’s an outdoor experience without the food? Food Shack will be bringing the gourmet junk food experience.  Enjoy local fusions from Firewood rice, Jabi Meals, Usman Delicacies, Rainbow Puff-puff and Melting Moments.


 FOLLY: Will there be food ? 

“What’s an outdoor experience without the food? Food Shack will be bringing the gourmet junk food experience.  Enjoy local fusions from Firewood rice, Jabi Meals, Usman Delicacies, Rainbow Puff-puff and Melting Moments.”

What: Jameson Connects Nigeria

When: Sunday, 1st October. 3pm - 10pm

Where: The Old Running Shed, Ebute-Metta, Yaba