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The Grill Steakhouse: The Ghost of Date Nights Past

NOSA; There are four "hotels" in the Eko Hotel property. A bit like Federal Palace Hotel in that regard. Unlike Federal Palace, however, all the "hotels" are functional. In one of these "hotels", the Grill Room is nestled.

FOLLY: Eko Suites to be precise.

NOSA: It's a bit funny that it's taken us three years before we got round to reviewing the Grill Steakhouse. I think we have to get through all the restaurants in Eko Hotel before the year runs out.



FOLLY: We still have Casa Chianti and Ocean Breeze left to review. 

NOSA: Real Lagos residents are probably familiar with the Grill Steakhouse. If I remember correctly, it was proper date location when Oceanview was still a thing. That old.

To start, we got the Salmon Roll and the Buffalo Chicken Wings. I decided to try their Restaurant Week (RW) menu, while Folly ordered off the regular menu.

The Salmon Roll took me by surprise because it was far from what expected. When I saw the "cream cheese" and "salmon" in the menu description, a fancy spring roll wasn't what I expected. Although the fact it was on the "Hot Appetizer" section of the menu

It's just like that time we ordered the Goat Roll at NOK and it was a spring roll with goat meat in it. We were fully expecting something sandwich-y like a lobster roll or something.

Salmon Roll

Salmon Roll

NOSA: From the RW menu, I got the Buffalo Wings. This, too, was another surprise. With the Salmon Roll, the L was on us. This surprise, however, wasn't our fault. Buffalo Wings are, like, a universal thing. You can't place battered chicken lollipops in front of me and call them Buffalo Wings. I'm no mug!

FOLLY: Like Buffalo wings are characterized by the sauce they are slathered in but these were dry and crispy fried. They didn't even put pepper sauce like the rest of the Lagos restaurants.

NOSA: The real sad thing about this incident is that the chicken lollipops were actually pretty good.


FOLLY: They really should just have called them by the appropriate name. 

NOSA: I opted for the Grilled Beef Tenderloin for my main. Perhaps I shouldn't have expected too much, but the quality of the beef was shamefully poor. No way this was the SA Beef. It was cooked medium rare, albeit unevenly, as requested. For a steak on a 12k 3-course menu, perhaps I shouldn't have expected too much, but I expected anyway and the Grill Steakhouse let me down. The peppercorn (i think) sauce it came with helped significantly.

SA Beef Tenderloin

SA Beef Tenderloin

FOLLY: Funny story, we both think someone sprinkled some pepper soup spice into the black peppercorn sauce. We were both thinking it without the other person mentioning it. 

Half Rack of Beef Ribs with Coconut Prawns

Half Rack of Beef Ribs with Coconut Prawns

NOSA: I really liked the prawn in Folly's surf & turf. The coconut really came out to play.

FOLLY: Compared to Nosa's steak, my main was pretty good. The ribs were the benchmark in tenderness - like it wasn't hard but still a bit far from slide of the bone tender. At times it was a struggle to cut but that was more so as a result of the regular dinner knife I was given. Flavor wise, it wasn't memorable but it was BBQ


NOSA: Maybe it's a thing with the RW menu, but the Oreo Cheesecake was no such thing. It was just a mish-mash of some jam, some cream, and some chocolate.

FOLLY: The middle section was not even cheesecake. It was a mousse.



NOSA: Considering its the cheapest hotel on the property, I guess it's only fair that the restaurant delivers as its expected to.

FOLLY: I actually suspect Casa Chianti is cheaper and that the Grillroom is priced comparably to Ocean Breeze.

NOSA: Actually, looking at the receipt again, this place is kinda expensive





Salmon Roll - N4200

Buffalo Wings -??

SA Beef Tenderloin - N12000

Half Rack of Beef Ribs with Coconut Prawns - N10500

Spicy Potato Wedges - N1500

Oreo Cheesecake - N4200



It's Eko Hotel. The parking is a bountiful

Eko Hotel Has A Pretty Sweet Rooftop Bar

Sky Lounge @ Eko Hotel

1415 Adetokunbo Ademola St. Victoria Island, Lagos

01 277 2700

NOSA: A while ago, some guy emailed us about a location to propose. That very rooftop I recommended has been turned into a pretty sweet rooftop bar. 

FOLLY: I love the space now but liked it when it was a secret. 

NOSA: It's a bit less romantic. For the vibe, think RSVP Poolside without a pool and on a roof. The menu is also completely different from the main Sky Restaurant menu, which is good because Sky is scraps. The menu is pretty much finger food and cocktails.


FOLLY: Cocktails which cost a lot of money and so we constructed our own. We asked for the shots, ice, the mixer and the lemon/lime. 

NOSA: We got the sharing platter, which is probably the best looking platter I've seen in Lagos. 

FOLLY: We actually spent some time trying to do math to see if we were getting a good deal by getting a platter instead of individual pieces. We were, so we went for it. 


NOSA: It comes in a slightly larger version of the dim sum boxes.

FOLLY: Which I thought would be perfect as a storage unit for my for make-up or any other nik-naks. 


NOSA: The shrimp tempura was favorite of the lot. I thought it was so delicious.

FOLLY: The batter on this was dope. It also wasn't too oily and so didn't weigh the shrimp down. 

NOSA: The spring roll wasn't bad either. It wasn't your small chops spring roll so shout out to that.


FOLLY: The spring roll tasted really nice with the mayo dip and the other one that was not the soy sauce - lol. 

NOSA: The beef skewer was a bit cold. Arguably the worst thing in the platter too. Just look at it as a necessary evil.

FOLLY: It was the first thing I tried from the platter so I know for sure it came cold and it wasn't because it had been sitting out while I ate something else. 


NOSA: The chicken lollipops were my next favorite thing. I think I ate pretty much all of it. Left only one for Folly.

FOLLY: This dude ate the last chicken lollipop talmabout he thought it was his. Thank God the chicken bones were there to prove how many he had and how many I had. Even though I sadly only had one, the chicken lollipop was definitely my favorite. 

NOSA: The dumpling was in there with a shout. Got points taken off for the lack of structural integrity.


FOLLY: Zero structural integrity on this. Both my dumplings broke when I was trying to dip them into the soy sauce. Nosa says it's because I was greedy though

NOSA: Compared to the scam at Maison across the street, I didn't feel cheated at all.

FOLLY: It was definitely a good amount of food for two people, it also might satisfy a group of three. 


NOSAWorth it overall. Perfect spot for a chill evening. 

FOLLY: I loved the vibe and the food. I'm already looking for an excuse to come back.

NOSAOne thing though, the drinks are expensive so get a shot of Jameson and Sprite. It'll save you like 2k 



The Large Platter - N15500



It's Eko Hotel, there's a lot of parking

We Went To 1415 AGAIN


1415 Eko Signature 

1415 Adetokunbo Ademola St. Victoria Island, Lagos. (Eko Hotel)

01 277 2700-25

NOSA: We were here for my birthday last year. They've revised their menu in the time since and as a result, it warranted another visit. 

FOLLY: The service at 1415 is a dream. You know how big companies send their new hires to off site training schools, I'm pretty sure 1415 does something similar because the waiters are well trained and it shows. 

NOSA: I think it's cute how they "announce" your order when they bring your food.  

"The Beef Fillet Surprise for you, sir!"


FOLLY: Last time we were here, we were being cheap so we got some weird starter called "double puff". This time we decided to embrace a you have one life to live ethos and got the Golden Fried Calamari and Prawns. It cost N6200 but YOLO. 


FOLLY: The prawn was excellent. It was very white on the inside and also really soft. When prawn is over cooked it tends to become dense and chewy, thankfully this prawn bore no similarity to Robot

NOSA: I've had better calamari but the shrimp was absolutely fantastic. 

FOLLY: I thought the prawn > calamari but the calamari was good nonetheless. I find it difficult to chew calamari sometimes when it's really thick so I appreciated that these were thin rings. 

NOSA: Meanwhile, what on earth is the difference between prawn and shrimp? I always thought prawns were larger, but these are smaller so why does 1415 call them "prawn"


FOLLY: Continuing with our let's spend this money ethos, I got the Lamb Encrusted with Fresh Herbs as my main, while Nosa got the Beef Fillet Surprise

NOSA:  The Beef Fillet Surprise is a beef fillet stuffed with cheese, wrapped in parma ham, and drizzled in mushroom sauce. Yeah, all of that, mate.


As far as the actual quality of beef goes, this is the best steak I've had in Lagos.  That said, I thought the mushroom sauce tasted a little burnt

Back to the fillet though, I got it medium rare like usual. Unlike usual, I wasn't disappointed. Just look at all this pink...

Meanwhile, that white thing in the middle is cheese. That's the "surprise" in the Beef Fillet Surprise. 


FOLLY: When the waiter asked me how I wanted my lamb rack cooked, I won't lie I was surprised because I thought ribs were always cooked well done. Pardon my ignorance.

NOSA:  Before you continue, peep how they write "1415" on the plate with their funky sauce thing.

NOSA: Plating game on a 💯

FOLLY: Definitely cute, but back to the lamb I asked for it to be medium and Nosa's steak was to be medium rare. 


The lamb on my plate was bleating and about to wake up, that's how pink the meat was. 

NOSA: A shame I forgot to save that snapchat picture, because that one lamb rack was literally still alive.

FOLLY: The herb crust was incredibly tasty, but the red wine reduction was really just red wine. 


FOLLY: I really wanted to save room for dessert but we asked for extra bread like rookies so we were stuffed. I also can't remember what my cocktail tasted like but it was called the Planters Punch and Nosa's was a low sugar mojito. 


NOSA: Pro-Tip - A low sugar mojito is an absolutely stupid idea.


FOLLY: I love 1415, it's the best restaurant in Lagos. It's very expensive so most people will never visit  so that's why no one knows it's the best restaurant in Lagos.

NOSA: It's not as expensive as RSVP and people (read: us) want to die there so I really don't know what gives. 

FOLLY: We would have had a lunch club here eons ago, if only they'd open for lunch. 

NOSA: Special late night Lunch Club?



Golden Fried Calamari and Prawns - N6200

Lamb Encrusted with Fresh Herbs - N7500

Beef Fillet Surprise - N6800

Mojito - N2900

Planters Punch - N2900

Last Chinese Restaurant on Eat.Drink.Lagos

RED Restaurant

12724 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

01 277 2700

FOLLY: Look yeah, it dun do. After this review, I promise you that you might not find a Chinese restaurant review on EDL for a while. Before I get into this, just some quick housekeeping. The Chinese spots we've hit up are  Lihao, Zenith Water Margin, Zen Garden, Ying Yang , and Zhou Jie.

NOSA: Maybe Marco Polo. I really want to try Marco Polo.


FOLLY: ICYMI, Red Restaurant is one of the two new restaurants in Eko Hotel (Crossroads is the other). Just like Sky Lounge, it has a beautiful view of the Eko Atlantic Project. Three for three, the more beautiful the restaurant views is, the more likely it's a ploy to distract you from the overly meh food. Hey, Uptown Restaurant does it too.

NOSA: Maybe it's a altitude thing. It's hard to un-meh to food at such heights. But seriously, I really think the view makes these people believe they can get away with anything. 

The water we got was N1100. I just looked at the bill again. They should have just charged us for the prawn crackers too, y'know. 

FOLLY: Not ones to jump right into the main course, we ordered vegetable spring rolls as our starter.  We needed something completely safe cause I found my sense of adventure and ordered a main with tofu in it. 

NOSA: The tofu-main was Folly's idea. Just keep that in mind as you continue reading this.

FOLLY: So many fast food places in the U.S are accused of serving mystery meat, which is meat that has an unidentifiable source. If I didn't know any better, I'd have accussed RED of giving us mystery fish because this fish was so soft and didn't taste like any fish I had ever known.

NOSA: I asked her like 3 times if she was sure. She said she wanted the Braised Fish with Tofu in Chili & Black Bean Sauce. Man like me will never order that on a normal day. Because I wanted to eat too, I ordered the noodles and some pork ribs that never came. 

The fish thing was clearly not for me. I hate all these Chinese dishes and their strange broths. The noodles were proper mad though. I really liked them. 

only the tofu survive

only the tofu survive

FOLLY: I've read that tofu tasted like whatever you flavour it to taste like. I didn't like whatever they flavoured this to taste like, in fact Nosa said it tasted like foam and I agree.

NOSA: That yellow foam you see when you cut open a mattress? Yeah, that's tofu. Vegetarians be lying about tofu, dawg. 

FOLLY: I also felt it tasted pretty charred. Seriously guys, I put medium sized pieces in my mouth and thought through exactly what I could taste, it really was that deep. Also, the sauce this came in was pleasant, I didn't love it or hate it but it was okay. 

NOSA: A little fun short story on Nigerian restaurants Nigerian-ing you. I ordered pork ribs because I wanted some non-brothy protein i could fuck with. After our first two plates come out, the manager guy comes out with a plate of sweet & sour pork. 

Immediately, I'm like, "Hol' up! Hol' up! That's not what I ordered". The manager looks at his waiter to explain what's going on. Waiter says they didn't have any pork ribs so he told to kitchen to make sweet & sour pork. After all, pork meat na pork meat, eh? I'll never understand why homeboy thought it was better idea to order something for me instead of asking me. Like, I really don't get it. 

Anyway, I ordered the Shredded Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions as a replacement plate and that turned out to be a massive piece of shit. 

FOLLY: It really wasn't that bad, the consolation prize won me over because it had mushrooms and Folly loves 'shrooms. It probably should have said that it had mushrooms on the menu though, as it could have been a dealbreaker for someone else. 



FOLLY: RED has only been in existence for a couple of months and it's already quite popular. It's definitely somewhere you would take your girlfriend to, if you want to propose to her, but otherwise I'm not sure it's worth it. 

NOSA: Yeah, for the money you're going to pay, it's not worth it. We spent like 12k here and I can bet you we'd have gotten better food for half the price if we just carried ourselves to the neighborhood Ying Yang. The noodles were great, but everything was as meh as possible. Maybe it's what we ordered. Next time, Folly isn't ordering anything. Rights revoked. 



Vegetable Spring Rolls - N1500

Braised Fish with Tofu in Chili & Black Bean Sauce (S) - N3200

Shredded Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions (S) - N3100

Noodles with Sliced Beef (L) - N3400 

The Best Thing I Ate Since...


12724 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

01 277 2700

FOLLY: Last night I had the best meal I have had in Lagos since I went to 1415 for Nosa's birthday back in February. Listen, I had so much gladness in my heart. 

NOSA: She's not even exaggerating. She liked it so much that she bumped the post we were originally supposed to put up today.

FOLLY: We found Crossroads in August when we were "touring" Eko Hotel for a Lunch Club restaurant. Yes, touring because we popped into three of their restaurants that day. Then, one of the managers wanted to show us the new restaurant that was opening soon - Crossroads. He also told us they will be testing their menu with free food and drinks that evening. 

NOSA: The free tapas deal was supposed to last till their official launch next month LOL. Man must have underestimated how much Nigerians love awoof.


Anyway, we got the Chips & Guacamole to start.

Now, these are real chips. Not whatever it is Bottles claims to serve. No shade. The guacamole was fire too.

So far, so good. I really wanted to test their skills so for my main, I ordered the Chicken Burrito

Passed the eyeball test easily. 

Taste test too. I really liked it. Let me put my burrito snob hat on for a second. The burrito is Cali Mexican good, but not Texas Mexican good. That's not a bad thing though because you won't find Mexican food as good as the spots in Texas. Maybe in Mexico, but Texas and Mexico are more or less the same thing at this point. Ask Donald Trump.

What really blew me was the fact they had actual refried beans in thing.

FOLLY: I have no idea what refried beans are

NOSA: When I got a burrito from Bungalows, the rice was on the side and it had no beans so this one impressed me.

FOLLY: I have been craving fish tacos since one Instagram model I went to college with posted mahi-mahi tacos with the caption "pool side in Vegas" on Instagram. Her Instagram is the biggest wash but I will never unfollow her because I'm so sure she's going to become a basketball wife and protect her Instagram. Listen, she already hangs out with some of them, and she recently she got a boob-job and deleted all her pre pictures. Can't fool me though because we sat next to each other for a whole term in Sociology of Law, flourish sha.

Huge segue aside, I had to get the Tacos Baja (Fish Tacos) when I saw it on the menu here. 

Crossroads Fish Taco.jpg

NOSA: These were REALLY good. 

FOLLY: There's not really much I can say about the fish tacos that the word perfect doesn't describe. The fish was gently battered and fried, and was so flaky. I also got a side of spicy coleslaw which was also really good.

It had a spicy kick and also had hints of pineapple in it.

NOSA: I hate every type of fruit, but even I appreciated the pineapple in the slaw. 

FOLLY: When I say spicy, I don't mean asun peppery oh, the fire was very very small. 


Duh! We couldn't review a mexican place without getting a margarita. I got the classic one and not one of the other fancy ones (next time though) as I really wasn't interested in drinking and just wanted to do a taste test. 

I liked the margarita, it wasn't overly strong like the first one I had here when they weren't fully open yet. It really reminded me of the margaritas at Guadalajara - the dingiest Mexican restaurant that I ever knew. 

NOSA: Oh, they have a Coronita, but with Star instead. A Star-rita perhaps. I have to check it out next time I'm here.

Beer Margarita



FOLLY: I love the space at Crossroads. It is a large hollow rectangle and the bartenders are all in the centre. Nosa's panoramas kept getting messed up so you really have to rely on your imagination or go there yourself. 

NOSA: Finally we have a decent Tex-Mex spot in Lagos. FINALLY. Not like I haven't been crying out for it anything. The cocktails are a bit on the pricey side so I can't really OD in that regard, but the food is decently priced. I'll definitely be here again. I'll probably come here solo a lot. 

FOLLY: Solo rocks is highly frowned upon by me. 



Frozen Classic Margarita - N2000

Guacamole - N2000

Grilled Chicken Burrito - N2800

Baja Tacos - N2800