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Searching For The Best Shawarma In Lagos: Ebeano

Ebeano Supermarket

Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lagos 

FOLLY: Nosa dragged me into Ebaeno kicking and screaming. I'm a self professed hater of Ebaeno shawarma. It's the worst shawarma in Lekki, there I said it.

NOSA: Lies.

FOLLY: They don't even bother to remove the chicken skin or bones, they just chuck it all in there as per abasha. This time was no different, I thankfully didn't find bones in my shawarma but I did find chicken skin.

NOSA: Famz. Look at you claiming my struggle and I told you about the skin in confidence. SMH.

FOLLY: I feel like I'm finally vindicated because every time I told Nosa that there was bone & skin in their shawarma he didn't believe me. He told me my smear campaign wouldn't work and that I'm a terrorist. 

NOSA: Because you're a liar. 

Ebeano might have fallen off a little but they're the greatest shawarma to have shawarm-ed

Sidenote: The aunty selling the shawarma was mad aggressive, like someone stole her boyfriend or something.

FOLLY: Let's be honest, Ebaeno doesn't sell shawarma it's a Nigerian chicken wrap. It bangs because the chicken is nice and they probably put maggi inside it. 

NOSA: The "maggi" might explain why the sauce was so "sweet". The shawarma was mad skinny too. My large wasn't really large. 

FOLLY: My regular was kiddie sized, maybe they need a kid's menu. Anyways,  we need to come together as Nigerians to decide on an official name for this Nigerianized version of shawarma, this has gone on too long,  I wouldn't mind if the NASS set up a naming committee for the same. 

If you're looking for the Lebanese shawarma, just go to Shawarma & Co.


NOSA: Ebeano shawarma is like fat Ronaldo after the knee injuries. He still scored goals at Madrid and Milan, but he was never really the same.



Large - N1200

Regular - N1000

Searching For The Best Shawarma in Lagos: Murphis Plaza

Murphis Plaza

27, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island

FOLLY: So far it seems Nosa and I are pretty much in agreement on our reviews on the blog. That ended today when Nosa disagreed with me that Murphis' Shawarma wasn't the best shawarma in Lagos. Feel free to disagree in the comment section, I just won't believe you. I just might try out your recommendation next time I get a shawarma craving which is rare these days because I definitely OD'd last year.

NOSA: You know why Murphis isn't the best? Because Ebeano shawarma exists. EVERYBODY knows Ebeano has the best shawarma in all of Lagos. You can be contrary for the heck of it, I'll indulge you. Just like I indulged Folly today.

FOLLY: Imagine, I drove to VI in the middle of the day on a weekday, in quite a bit of traffic to buy a shawarma. Sigh. 

NOSA: We could have gone to Cafe Neo and avoided all that stress, but my good friend here vetoed that idea.

FOLLY: Anyways, Nosa said something about the chicken being dry and the ketchup-mayo ratio being wrong.

NOSA: The sauce had no kick and had more ketchup than mayo in the mix. 

FOLLY: He prefers Ebeano Shawarma. I've had their shawarma twice and both times I found chicken skin and chicken bone in my shawarma. Do I really need to explain further why Ebeano shawarma is bad?


FOLLY: If you still think Nosa is right, you're wrong because can you really trust a man who doesn't like Mega Plaza shawarma because it's "too authentic"?

NOSA: That's a valid concern. The thing tastes and smells like it came straight from Lebanon or wherever. Imagine going to a Chinese place and they give you real General Tso Chicken. None of the MSG stuff

FOLLY: Dude, that was the first shawarma I ever had, my dad introduced me to that shawarma when I was still in primary school man. When La Pizza was still around. The good ole days. 


Chicken shawarma with hotdog - N1,200

Chicken shawarma - N1,000