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Eat.Drink.Lagos Taste Test: Cupcakes!

FOLLY: Presenting our latest foray into something we know absolutely nothing about...

NOSA: Videos!

FOLLY: Video might look a bit amateur to a technical person but we shot/edited this ourselves at my amazing cousin's studio (THANK YOU!). I was one of the cameramen alongside a real cameraman (shouts to Dami). Nosa was the director and I'm not sure what the producer does but that's me. 

NOSA: We got 4 followers in a studio and made them rate popular Lagos cupcakes.

1. Honey's Cupcakes
2. The Sweet Spot
3. Cakes & Cream
4. SALT Lagos

FOLLY: It was a blind test because they didn't know which cupcake was from which vendor during the tasting.

NOSA: A bit like we've tried to do with Taste Test and the final verdicts might shock you.

FOLLY: We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it: it was really fun. We had over 30 cupcakes in the studio that day - no we didn't eat them all. 

If you have any suggestions on food/topics for our future editions, please let us know in the comments.

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Living The Sweet Life With Vanilla Bakehouse


0817 044 1767

NOSA: Last Independence Day, VanillaBakeHouse had this special holiday offer on their Instagram.  

NOSA: Folly had been plotting on their donuts for a while now so I ordered them. 

FOLLY: Their pink boxes and Instagram pictures fully had me washed. 

NOSA: Since we didn't order off their regular menu, I did some sleuthing and got the full price list.

You're welcome.

FOLLY: It's not sleuthing because if you ask for it, they'll send it. 

NOSA: Smh, this guy

NOSA: The donuts don’t really travel well, i.e. it doesn’t look as good as it does on their Instagram. 

That said, it was passable.


FOLLY: I was very ehhh on the donuts. Too dense and a tad soggy (the cinnamon one). 

NOSA: A bit like a Mr. Biggs donut with fancy icing. Definitely not like that other place that sells you a loaf of bread with icing on it. 

FOLLY: The cupcakes and the cinnamon rolls, on the other hand, were awesome. Red Velvet, Vanilla, and Chocolate in that order. The chocolate cupcakes are in last place cause it wasn't a very rich type of chocolate cake. 


NOSA:The real star for me were the cinnamon rolls. They needed some heating up, but my God, they were so delicious when warm. I’ve had a couple cinnamon rolls in Lagos and these are easily the best I’ve had here. For like 2 minutes, I swore I was in front of a Cinnabon. 


FOLLY: The pictures definitely do not do the cinnamon rolls justice. 


NOSA: The cupcakes too were a fave. I’ll put this up there with The Sweetspot. Honey’s Cupcakes appears to have packed up so VanillaBakeHouse is a worthy replacement for me. 

FOLLY: I told you Honey's Cupcakes is on break, she'll come back soon. 


NOSA: I'm a fan. Not so much of the donuts, but definitely of cinnamon rolls and the cupcakes. So yeah, VanillaBakeHouse is my new jam.

FOLLY: Their cupcakes are really good and at a slight discount to most Lagos bakers, so it's a yes from me. 



Independence Day Offer - N6500



Yes,  they deliver. N1000

Honey Has Got A New Menu!

Honey's Cupcakes

0812 160 1289

Last week, Honey of Honey's Cupcakes sent us an email that she was doing some "research" (let's call it that) on her new cupcake flavours coming out on 01/09/15.  She wanted us to try a few flavours and let her know our thoughts. We honestly thought we'd get a couple of cupcakes, max four to try out. We were wrong - we got a dozen. 

cupcakes in lagos delivery

Fortunately for everyone that had gotten a ticket for last weekend's lunch club, the cupcake delivery arrived just as Nosa was heading out to Vellvett and in a split second he decided to bring them along because there was absolutely no way we were going to eat all 12 cupcakes alone. So we decided to share the cupcakes with everyone at Lunch Club and have a little cupcake focus group, and somehow it spiraled into a blog post.

honeys cupckes

Here's what they* thought:

The Chocolate Cookie Lover

chocolate cookie lover honeys cupcakes

A.I: Yummy, sinful, but a handful. 

A.D: It was really nice, but the frosting was a bit much.

I.O: The cake part was really yummy, but the icing part was too sweet combined with the Oreo.

The Nutter

the nutter honeys cupcakes

I.A: It was very good 😬

T.A: Nice!

FOLLY: I really liked the peanut butter filling. Something about ti tasted natural/homemade. I bet it was. I loved the salted caramel + chocolate chip topping, it was my favorite part. 

The Bountiful

the bountiful honeys cupcakes

K.K: I was not too fond of the coconut flavour but it was moist and delicious regardless. 

D.D: The chocolate cake is great. Moist but not too moist. I’m not a fan of Bounty, but it worked really well with the chocolate. Lovely texture and not too sweet. I would have preferred it only as a topping and not as a center as well. 

NOSA: I really loved this because I love Bounty so maybe I’m a bit biased. How did she get all that Bounty in there anyway?

The Lemony Delight

lemony delight by honeys cupcakes

S.O: I liked the frosting with the coconut flakes, but the custard could have been a little more “lemony”. The cupcake itself was perfect.

B.O: I absolutely love the the lemon cake. Everything about this cake. The frosted buttercream, the custard down the middle. I've never quite gotten what the fuss about cupcakes was. But now, I'm a believer.

*For privacy reasons, we've used our guests' initials for this post.