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Restaurant Horror Stories II

Missed Part I and the back story? Catch up

Protea Hotel Awolowo

Not only was the food average but there were flies everywhere on the table,on the food,on the cutlery. I started to wander if they catered to flies as well.The flies were more than the customers.please find a solution as it ruined my experience.


Went to BLD a couple of months ago,not only was the food not nice,the waiters were so clumsy and the bouncer horrible.Worst restaurant ever.

Crust & Cream AND Viceroy

Food never got delivered. 5 hours later I’m still calling to find out what happened to my waffles/tikka masala

SPAR Food Court Lekki

Hi guys, so I went to the SPAR in lekki yesterday morning to pick up some stuff and happen to pass by the food court. It all looked so good so decided to get some takeaway. I got the fries and beef sausages (which by the way aren’t cheap) for myself and pounded yam and okro soup as a treat for my Dad. The beef sausages had gone off so bad it tasted sour. Had I tasted the food before leaving Spar I would have returned it. I really wanted to endure and eat it anyway so my money wouldn’t waste but that was too risky so I just had to throw it away. My dad ate the pounded yam and draw soup half way and stopped complaining that it was stale. For goodness sake! If spar wants to charge so much for their food at least don’t give me salmonella in the process! Thanks #rantover

La Mango

Hello Folly and Nosa,

I love what you guys are doing. Keep it up!

My worst experience was at La Mango restaurant, we used the place for my friend’s bridal shower and it was like they booked all the bridal showers in Lagos that day. There were five bridal showers going on simultaneously. I had pre booked a space for the shower only for me to get there to meet the space already decorated for another person’s shower after apologies by the manager, we moved to another space but that was not good enough and we ended up using the poolside for the shower.

The service was amazingly bad. Our server was a nice polite young guy but he must have been overwhelmed with the work. For every course I had to go in to remind the waiters that were sitting doing nothing to serve but they kept saying they could not serve us that we had to wait for our server. The food came late and was not all that great. I would NEVER visit the place again for any reason. I hated it.

To their credit, the pictures were great because the pool side was beautiful, it still does not make up for the EXTREMELY CRAPPY service.

Sorry I rambled a bit but trust me this was just a summary lol.

Have a great day guys.

Any Lagos restaurant really TRIED it? Let us know.

Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XI
Subject: Girls hang out

Message: Totally totally love your site. My friends and I would like to hangout on a Sunday. Where would you recommend. Ambience is key...#Selfie moments. Food has to be amazing since most of the jokes will be critiquing the food
— RB

NOSA: RSVP sounds like exactly what you're looking for. The ambience is fantastic and if Instagram has told me no lies, the pictures there always bang. 

FOLLY: Nosa is right about RSVP and pictures - it always clicks. Ginger Tapas is also an option, sharing plates would be cute for a girls hang out. La Verandah also has lots of natural light and great food, you pictures will definitely go platinum on Insta. 

Subject: Pastries and Ice Cream

Message: Hey guys, wonderful work here.

My boss wants to take the team out for the evening tomorrow? We are looking at getting pastries and ice-cream somewhere in VI. Kindly suggest somewhere with great ones and ambience. In the alternative, maybe somewhere we can get good pizza.
— S.O.

NOSA: You guys should definitely check out Hans & Rene Gelateria. It’s at the Radisson Blu on Ozumba.

If you go with Pizza, I’d recommend La Taverna, if thin crust is your thing, or La Verandah, if regular crust is your thing.

FOLLY: I'd say go with Hans & Rene. Everyone would love it. 


Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi guys, I am planning for my birthday dinner for about 15 friends and I am a bit confused as to where to go to.I want a chic and affordable place. thanks.
— T.A.

NOSA: If this birthday is on Wednesday/Sunday, you have to jump at pizza & wine at La Taverna. If it isn't, I'd say Petit Paris but I doubt they fit take 15 people in that place. You should give Basilico a shot. It won't blow a hole in your wallet, but the food can be hit or miss if you stray outside the pastas. 

FOLLY: People seem to love Crust & Cream for things like this aka birthday dinners. It's not my favourite place, but others love it way more than we do, and so you may too. 

Crust and Redemption?

Crust and Cream

11 Musa Yardua, Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 295 8105

FOLLY: Last time we were here, it was an absolute disaster. Nosa didn't get his quesadilla and my burger was absolutely wretched. We decided to give Crust & Cream another chance, however. Perhaps it was opening day jitters. Happens to the best of us. 

NOSA: First thing we noticed was the streamlined menu. They'd taken out the quesadilla and a couple of other things. THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP, GUYS! The waiters were super attentive unlike the turdbucket from last time. So attentive that every time they came over, it felt like they were coming to deliver some bad news. "We ran out of everything in the kitchen. We're sorry". Blame the PTSD.

FOLLY: I got the Pasta Carbonara while Nosa got the Philly Cheesesteak. He definitely doesn't learn.


NOSA: The Philly Cheesesteak was pretty good, like, way better than I expected. When the guy brought it over, I wasn't expecting much. They went with american cheese over provolone. That's a big red flag if you've ever had a cheesesteak. Also, there was this residual trauma from Folly's burger last time here. The fries weren't as struggle. They still tasted like the frozen fries you put in the oven, but this time they tasted like the instructions were followed.

Anyway, back to the cheesesteak. Their cheese choice was vindicated because the sandwich was so delicious and the sauce was just perfect. I've had lots of shit cheesesteaks before so I know my onions when it comes to shit cheesesteaks. This wasn't one.


FOLLYPOPS: Guys, so I think I stole Nosa’s order as this is how the conversation went when we were about to order:

Me: I’m really hungry so I think I want to get pasta.
Nosa: Says something about pasta carbonara.
Me: Yes, I’m getting the pasta carbonara.

He didn’t pick up on this so I don’t even know why I’m admitting it publicly. He even remarked that he was slightly jealous that he didn’t get the carbonara when our food arrived because we were both impressed by the plating, but he still didn’t realize that I stole his order. Nosa, I'm sorry. 

NOSA: Good to know.

FOLLY: Anyways, back to what’s important, I LOVE pasta. While I was in College, I ate pasta almost every day. I also love creamy pastas. As a result, I consider myself well versed on the subject of pasta and I believe that three things make a good pasta dish:

  1. The ratio of pasta sauce to pasta;
  2. The seasoning of the sauce obviously; and finally
  3. The tenderness of the pasta.

Inadequate pasta sauce stresses me out; I actually just cannot deal with it. Period. Thankfully, this was perfect and the pasta sauce completely coated the linguini. In fact, I didn’t expect carbonara to be this creamy, but as I mentioned earlier I love creamy pastas so this worked for me. Next, the linguini was perfectly boiled; it was neither chewy and nor was it comparable to baby food. That brings us to 2/3 using my earlier outlined grading system. However, if there was any area for improvement in my meal it was the flavouring, as I could taste notes of burnt garlic. I know what burnt garlic tastes like cause I’ve scorched garlic far too many times while making a similar white sauce.  

NOSA: That's a lot of words for pasta.

FOLLY: Whatever.

Anyway  , the menu description did not say my pasta was served with garlic bread so I wasn’t expecting it nonetheless it was a welcome surprise. It was warm and buttery – not even the slightest bit hard. Also noteworthy is the fact that you have an option to select chicken or shrimp to be tossed in there along with everything else. I forgot to choose so the chef helped me decide on shrimp and the kind waiter actually came to let me know the chef’s choice and that he hoped that I didn’t have any shellfish allergies.

NOSA: Where the bacon bits at doe?

FOLLY: I guess in making this executive decision for which I hold absolutely no grudges, the chef forgot to add the bacon. With that in mind, thank God Nosa didn’t order the carbonara after all as he would have seriously minded this omission! I didn’t, so all was still well.


NOSA: Crust & Cream definitely made up for their opening day debacle. 

FOLLY:  It was definitely “crust and redemption” this time around as I really enjoyed my meal.

Crust and Struggle


We decided to give Crust & Cream another chance because opening day jitters and whatnot. Check it out.

Crust and Cream

11 Musa Yardua, Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 295 8105



Folly ordered a barbecue beef burger, Nosa ordered chicken quesadillas. Folly’s burger arrived tasteless and cold, while Nosa’s order never arrived. They both left hungry. The End.


 The Long Story

FOLLY: I got invited to the opening of Crust and Cream, “a new bakery, pastry and bistro”.  Yeah a lot. Maybe that could explain the disorderliness. I forwarded the message to Nosa and naturally he was in. Manchester United’s game delayed our brunch to lunch but in this situation that was my personal problem, oh well.

The Space

FOLLY: We arrived, greeted some familiar faces and then went wandering into a wide-open space because really that is what it is. The restaurant has a very nice space – bright with lots of natural lighting, floor to ceiling windows, everything. I was still wandering around when I overheard Nosa talking to some waiters, they were showing him what I overheard was called the “Smoker's Lodge”. I didn’t peek into the smokers lodge but it seemed like quite a huge chunk of the restaurant was being devoted to this smoker’s paradise, as there appeared to be considerably less seating available in the non-smoking area. Whelp.

NOSA: The place was pretty much laid out like a toddler planned it. The only two areas that made any sense or looked like they were created with any sort of foresight are the the "Smoker's Lodge" and the pastry area. Everything else felt like "well, we have all this space, we have to do something". The tiny bar, which no one can sit at, is right beside the kitchen. The salad bar is smack dab in the middle of some expansive real estate with a TV right behind it. The "hallway" to the smoking area is lined with a couple of tables and chairs to form the most awkward dining area in the history of anything.

A smarter man than I am would have the salad bar and the bar switch places. The salad bar gets smaller real estate and doesn't look so lonely, while the bar gets potential seating area. Oh, and that awkward hallway-meets-dining area gets scrapped completely. 

The Food

FOLLY: NOSA’S QUESADILLAS NEVER ARRIVED. As in, they just never showed up. Like they didn’t even RSVP no with regrets. It was almost like they were never ordered. Apparently what had happened was that they didn’t have quesadillas and the waiter had tragically not been trained to inform the customer that their selection was unavailable, with that you know unapologetic, there’s nothing I can do about it one liner, the “madam/oga what you order is not available”.

I bet that's like a crepe, but better because it has more letters in it

I bet that's like a crepe, but better because it has more letters in it

NOSA: The patty in Folly's burger was bland and cold. The mushrooms and bun were perfect though, but she didn't order a barbecue mushroom sandwich so that doesn't mean anything here. The fries were terrible. No sugar coating it. You know those frozen fries from Tesco that taste better when you put them in the oven but your mother always deep fries them? Your mother made Folly's fries. On the bright side, the patty tasted like it was made from actual meat. Not 30% meat like Taco Bell or that struggle Mr. Biggs serves you. It was proper ground beef worked into a patty with no seasoning whatsoever. Delicious. 

The Redeeming Qualities

FOLLY: I’m not sure what to call them but some sort of seasoned bread bites/knots we were given along with the dessert as compensation for Nosa’s food never making an appearance were a hit. 

NOSA: None for me, because I didn't, like, get any food.