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Vote for Lagos' Restaurant of the Year 2016

The year is running out so it's time to take stock and whatnot. 2016 was a pretty good year for restaurants in Lagos. We got a couple of exciting new additions to the scene. 

Here are the nominees:



Consistent excellence. That's 1415 in a nutshell. If there ever was a manual on how to run a restaurant in Lagos, 1415 would author it. From the waiters to the quality of the food, they set the standard every Lagos restaurant aspires to. 


Craft Gourmet

They might have banned us from the premises, but Lou and Craft Gourmet have earned their spot among the nominees for Lagos' Restaurant of the Year.



Vellvett was pretty good last year, but this year, they got the revamp that finally put them up with Lagos' elite restaurants. The shrimp and lobster lasagne at Vellvett is still the most delicious thing we have tasted this year.



The popularity might have waned a little but RSVP is still a very popular choice for dining out in Lagos. They also won our first ever Restaurant of the Year poll in 2015. 


That said, cast your vote on which restaurant should be crowned Lagos' Restaurant of the Year. If you think another restaurant is more deserving, let us know in the comments. 

EDL Taste Test: Craft Gourmet Got Tacos!


NOSA: In the last week or so, Craft Gourmet has done some major work on their menu. A lot of new additions and none more noticeable than the tacos. Putting tacos on your menu is like a bat signal for me because I love the hell out of some tacos.

NOSA: I really wanted the goat tacos, but those weren’t available so we had to settle for the chicken and the fish. 

FOLLY: Same here, especially since it was pulled goat as opposed to slices or cubes. 



NOSA: The Tacos are in the 3500 - 6000 range. The ones we got, in particular, were N4200 for the chicken and N5500 for the fish.

FOLLY: Which to me is a bit expensive - Crossroads level expensive. Before Crossroads lost their marbles and damn near tripled the cost of everything on their menu, it used to be N2800 for their fish tacos. Bottle's "3 Amigos" is also in that N3000- N3200 range currently. 



NOSA: The other day, I saw a food person on Instagram make “tacos” with pita bread. Don’t think I’ve been that scandalized in my entire life. So it was a bit of a relief when Craft Gourmet offered actual tortillas. If you’re going to offer “authentic” tacos, the least you can do is to not stray from the core essence of a taco.

Anyway, that's for another day.

Compared to other tacos in Lagos restaurants, the Craft Gourmet tacos are bigger than anything you’ll find. 

FOLLY: Most people do three, but Craft's is duo of tacos and considering how big each one is, I think that's fair. 

NOSA: Just look at it, it’s a quarter to a burrito. 


TASTE - Fish Tacos

NOSA: There aren’t any rules to it, but I’d have loved it if the fish was battered and fried. Again, there’s not “right way”. This is just personal preference 

NOSA: The fish tacos could have done with some flavor. Everything felt so bland. Maybe it’s my inner Nigerian talking, but some spice would’ve taken this a long way.

FOLLY: First, what I liked: It was remarkable was how fresh all the veggie ingredients in the tacos (and teh pico de gallo) were. Everything was crunchy and the lime in the cream added a much welcome tang to the entire thing.

Now, just like Nosa I also felt the actual fish was missing something. I scooped some of the "mashed avocados" from the chicken tacos on to this and it tasted a lot better. The owner of Craft Gourmet said she feels she may switch these up a bit, and I agree, cause the fish tacos need an extra ooomph. 


TASTE - Chicken Tacos

NOSA: The chicken tacos were as solid as it gets. No frills here. Like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Does a job and keeps it moving. Also like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, it’s boring as shit. Like an empty soul, the chicken is devoid of a personality. 

FOLLY: I fully disagree with Nosa on the chicken tacos and I thought the chicken tasted pretty good and the "mashed avocados" gave it something that the fish was lacking. 

NOSA: And what on earth was going on with the guacamole? It tasted like mashed avocados and not actual guacamole.

FOLLY: That's because it was "mashed avocados" fam and not guacamole, the menu was pretty explicit. 

NOSA: They weren't very good.



NOSA: Both tacos were well made, but they feel like they’re missing something. A little something to tie them in. Maybe some sour cream or some cheese. I have no idea, but it just tasted incomplete.

FOLLY: La Taverna chef said the other day that he toasts the tortillas before making his tacos, I think that could also be something here. 

NOSA: Both tasted like something a chef with no Tex Mex experience made. Instructions followed to the T, but nothing exciting. Think Jamie Oliver and his take on Nigerian jollof. Or Gary Neville as a right back. Despite its flaws, you might not find a better taco in Lagos, which is ultimately a big shame. 

Eat.Drink.Lagos x Jameson Brunch at Craft Gourmet

People often ask What goes on at your Lunch Clubs and Brunches? How does it work?

Honestly, it's a bunch of strangers who like good food and drink that come together to eat. It's strangers bonding over food, in simple terms and this past Saturday was no different. We were hosted by Craft Gourmet and the menu was a selection of ours and Lou's favorites.

Our sponsors, Jameson, came through with bottles and let us play around a bit.


Lou created some really legit Jameson cocktails for the day. 


And Anu Bello made us candy floss infused Jameson to go with shots of Jameson. This doesn't have a name yet. Anu needs to come up with one and maybe we can get it added to the menu.


Speaking of Anu Bello, her chicken & waffles were by far the most popular option, and we can't say we're really surprised.


The other breakfast options got love too. 


If you're experiencing major FOMO on our next event, be sure to join our mailing list to get notified. 

Eat.Drink.Lagos x Jameson Brunch is Back at Craft Gourmet

It's been a couple months since our last brunch and we're back with our Brunch Series with Jameson! This time, we're off to IT restaurant of the moment - Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker.

Brunch 1.png

If you haven't been or even if you've been this is the perfect opportunity to have brunch with us and friends (old and new). 

FOLLY: The lighting there is amazing and I absolutely cannot wait for the pictures from this one. 

NOSA: I took this pretty awesome one yesterday

Brunch will start at 11 am, but unlike the Lunch Club, it'll be a free flowing thing. By that, I mean you can come anytime between 11 am and 3 pm. 

FOLLY: We've curated a special menu for the day comprising of ours and Lou's favorites. 

Brunch Menu 2.png

NOSA: The menu features 4 options from her breakfast menu and a blog favorite, the Pulled Lamb Burger

Also, Folly, Lou and the Jameson team came up with some really interesting drinks to go with the menu too. 


FOLLY: In true Craft Gourmet fashion, drinks will be served in a mini jug (carafe) per person.

NOSA: The carafes are about 3 drinks, but if you really want to drink some more, you can order more drinks outside our menu.

FOLLY: We also have some pretty cool "mixology" stuff planned with the folks from Jameson. I don't want to give it all away but if you can mix the "perfect blend", you're in for a treat.  

If you're game to brunch with us, make a reservation by clicking the little button below,

EDL Weekender: XXL Cocktails and Perfect Pancakes

FOLLY: If our readers are anything like us, weekends are for exploring, and so we created the EDL Weekender. The idea is that every Friday when your group of friends wants to go out for drinks, you'll have a new spot to hit up on account of this post - if you're into that sort of thing. 

NOSA: I hear thinking about the weekend usually helps Friday move faster.

FOLLY: We'll also feature one food spot cause apparently that's important too.

If this goes well, the blog schedule will become new reviews on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos on Tuesdays and then EDL Weekender on Fridays

NOSA: Our favorite Instagram posts should go up on Sundays but real life has made me so lazy. I'll fix that at some point. 


EAT: Perfect Pancakes @ Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker

NOSA: We usually get asked about pancakes in Lagos and I can never give a reliable answer. RSVP has decent ones, but they're only served on Sundays. Olivia's Cafe serves them every day but they're just good enough. Fret no more, though, Craft Gourmet is here and they have really good pancakes. They're currently our favorite spot and maybe we can get them to do Lunch Club one of these days.



FOLLY: Breakfast is only available until 12 pm so you definitely want to get here early.



NOSA: The owner might be nice enough to make you breakfast after 12, but it'll take a bit longer.  Oh, they aren't open on Sundays so Saturday morning is your only shot.

FOLLY: Tell them we sent you. 


DRINK: Larger Than Life Cocktails @ Arabesque

FOLLY: For those humongous cocktails that are about the size of a new born's head, you want to hit up Arabesque. 

NOSA: This is definitely the spot you want to check out for evening drinks. 



FOLLY: If you go in the evening you definitely want to sit outside as they have a little magical garden, seriously it's like Aladdin and Barbie had a love child. 

NOSA: The outdoor area is absolutely beautiful.