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Meet the Vendors: What's on the Menu for Jollof and Other Things

We are now just over three weeks away from Jollof Festival: Jollof and Other Things at Muri Okunola Park. We previously shared what to expect from this year's edition of the event, and how it is stepping things up even further from the inaugural event in Jaekel House.


GIF image-A24021853567-1.gif

This year's festival will have the finest culinary talent on site. The theme encourages creativity with all kinds of Nigerian food, and the vendors are taking it on with gusto. The first batch of announced vendors includes established favourites like Mo's Jollof, Delicioso Mobile Chefs and Limehouse Cocktails, to new gems like Shaun's Pops, WeHeartBonBon and The Cocktail Factory.

If you were at JOLLOF last year, you know you can  expect some delicious and creative takes on Nigeria's dish. It wouldn't be JOLLOF, if you didn't.  Captain Licious is combining the best of multiple worlds - they have seafood jollof, 'chikwobi' and Ofada fried rice on the menu. Mo's Jollof will be serving scrumptious authentic firewood jollof rice, with various options of smoke-stewed turkey and plantain to go with it. Both Mo's Jollof and Buka2Go have freshly made amala with ewedu and gbegiri on the menu- don't miss it. Buka2Go is also expanding the scope with their Senegalese jollof and Ofada jollof rice at very affordable costs. Ette's Barbecue is flipping the script with jollof abacha, coconut jollof with shredded goat and more.

For Nigerian barbecue and grills, Nasco Grills and Delicioso Mobile Chefs have you covered.  From ribs to gizdodo sticks to the alluring sounding 'Ebute Metta Sliders', all your meaty desires will be met. Delicioso is back with their smoky, tasty asun, BBQ guinea fowl and bush meat, with a wide variety of affordable sides to choose from. Jollof and Other Things will also have some flavours from the rest of the world- Sub Delight will offer brown rice and deli wraps, while The Burgundy Stove will be serving New Orleans fish strips and Korean street chicken.

Need something to cool you down after all that flavour-filled fieriness? There are several vendors who will have alcoholic and non alcoholic chilled drinks available. Shaun's Pops has scrumptious, homemade, preservative-free passionfruit, chocolate hazelnut and mojito popsicles. The Slush Queen will be on deck with cocktails- the 'Jollof Digester' sounds like a treat- and icy treats for kids. Big Fish Cocktails has the Amarula Martini while The Cocktail Factory  will have their gorgeous strawberry daiquiri on offer, as well as their 'Zoborita' and 'Orijinality' original creations. Bubbletii will be serving their unique, juice ball-filled iced tea drinks.

Support smaller, homegrown businesses with our artisan vendors who will provide goodies to take home. Oh So Nutrition has yummy cookies, pressed juice and granola all made with Nigerian materials. The Juice Lady has tasty, healthy bottled juices such as the 'Earth & Spice" and "Beetle Juice" drinks, starting at N500. Namii will be selling their healthy, modern tigernut (Kunun Aya) based snacks and beverages.

Hungry for something sweet? From cotton candy and banana bread to soft serve and milkshakes, there are many confectioners on site to suit your sugary needs. WeHeartBonbon has a variety of gorgeous fruit and cheese cakes and bread, starting at just N250. Victoria Treats will put smiles on everyone's faces with their marshmallows, waffles and candyfloss. Hans and Renee are back with their acclaimed Naija inspired treats, Moo Diary has a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic milkshakes and 308 Patisserie hass a range of envelope pushing desserts- chin-chin apple crumble, zobo waffles and more.

More vendors will be announced in the coming weeks, with almost every type of Nigerian inspired-dish imaginable across their menus. Follow EatDrinkFestival on social media to get instant updates on vendors, ticketing and all other information Jollof related.

Jägerban vs Padimeister: Which is the Better Cocktail Name?

Some friends of the blog are trying to name a Jägermeister-based cocktail and they need some help.


We're thinking the former, but don't let us bias you or anything. There's a little poll up on our Twitter

...and on our latest instagram story. You can drop a line in the comments if you're too lazy to do either.


When we pick a name, we'll spill the beans on what actually goes in the drink.

Folly's Favorite Cocktails

FOLLY: Bottomless drinks are basically a buffet of drinks. And given how much Nigerians love buffets, this should naturally be a thing on it's own. Speaking of cocktails, I can't say that I'm very adventurous. I literally have four drinks I always order, and one that is my fall back when I want something non alcoholic. 


Moscow Mule

MOscow mule.jpeg

The first time I ordered this it was because I wanted the copper mug that it's usually served in. Ginger beer used to be my ish when I was younger, so the light ginger-y flavor you get won me over and it became more than just my interest in the funky cup.




Strawberry, please. Most margs are usually more syrup than tequila or anything else but I'm not complaining. If you served me a proper strong margarita shaken and with a salt rim, I definitely would give it back to you in exchange for the syrup- blended concoction. 


Pina Colada

This is my fall back drink when I don't want something alcoholic. In Lagos, Casa Lydia/Foundry make a really nice once - at least they used to but I haven't been in a while and things change FAST in this city.  




This is probably my favorite drink to be honest. I order it every time I get a chance. I hate the leaves that usually get in the way, but I love the sweetness and the fact that it involves rum - my absolute favorite liquor. 



Very similar to a mojito but I can't pronounce the name - SMH. I think the difference is that this has a more pronounced lime flavor.


Now, YOUR turn. What are some of your favorite cocktails.

Don't forget to stop by La Taverna Lekki this weekend. Food and drink, per head, will set you back about N6,500 this weekend. RSVP here

Thirsty Thursday: Keeping Things Simple

FOLLY: Now without a doubt, this is the easiest 'cocktail' we've ever shared in our Thirsty Thursday series, and chances are that if you've ever come for any of our brunches you've mixed yourself one of these. 

NOSA: Jameson & Sprite is my go-to drink at this point. It's easy as heck to make, for starters. If you love whiskey, this is another way to get your fix.


  1. Ice
  2. 2 oz ( 1 shot/60 ml) Jameson Irish Whiskey
  3. 2 oz Sprite
  4. Lime wedge

How to Mix

  1. Fill a high ball glass with ice
  2. Pour in a shot of Jameson
  3. Top up the glass with Sprite
  4. Stir to mix
  5. Take a large wedge of lime, give it a squeeze and drop it into the glass

FOLLY: Of course, you could adjust the quantity on your Jameson or Sprite depending on whether you prefer your drinks light or strong. And seriously, if you can't make this you shouldn't be making drinks at all, ever

NOSA: Like this guy....

Lagos Happy Hour at Scratch

Lagos has never really been a happy hour city for as long as I can remember. As more restaurants open, the happy hour scene should be getting better and better. We even started our Lagos Happy Hour project at

Unfortunately, it isn’t.

This Friday, we’re trying to get Lagos to embrace happy hour. We’ll be hosting an end-of-month happy hour at Scratch & Social. We’ve curated a special N1000 drink menu and Sydney’s Cuisine will be in the house serving small bites.

EDL Happy Hour.png

This isn't a party like that so there's no need to go home to change. Just head straight to Scratch and drink with us. Lagos is hard.