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Buka Week: Iya Eba

FOLLY: We came here straight from White House and I didn't actually think anywhere could be worse than that but I was promptly proved wrong. 

NOSA: We should have gone to Fowler instead, but you didn't want to listen.



NOSA: The most watery okro soup I've ever seen in my life. Like, ever.


FOLLY: Cold pounded yam and draw-less watery okro to boot. 

NOSA: Shouts to them for having a streamlined menu though - Eba, Poundo, or Amala.



FOLLY: Worst food I've eaten at a Lagos establishment.

NOSA: I already had food poisoning so I didn't eat.

FOLLY: One of my friends stans for this place, so I'd use this forum to apologize to her cause it's not all that. 

NOSA: People come from far and wide to frequent this place so it can't be all bad.



N100 for a wrap



Why do you even want to go there?

Ok, there are like 5 parking spots

Buka Week: Olaiya Food Canteen

Olaiya Food Canteen

109 Akerele Street, Surulere, Lagos

FOLLY: I love how all the bukas we visited are on Google maps are were extremely easy to navigate to. Some might say that says a lot about the types of bukas we visited on our mini tour but tbh I don't care about the opinions of some. 

NOSA: Actually, when Google opened up shop in Nigeria, their main business was getting local businesses online. So whenever you open Google Maps, you'll always find bukas listed.

I think the one thing that shocked me the most was how "spacey" Olaiya is. Maybe it empties out on weekends, but I expected something a lot grimier.

Olaiya buka-5.jpg

FOLLY: Buka women are so stingy with ewedu my God. I already don't like buka ewedu because it's of how "cheaply" it's made and by cheaply I mean they mise the ewedu leaves, and make it so thin and add fillers e.g. okro and egusi to make a little go further.

Even if you offer to pay, they still won't give you more. It's so annoying. 

Olaiya buka-2.jpg

FOLLY: I don't like Gbegiri even though I've never tasted it, the colour has always put me off so it was a very hard pass. The stew was a bit peppery for me, but nonetheless, it was my second best amala I've had from a buka.  It didn't taste chalky aka when there's too much elubo than water and the entire thing is dense af and sticky like eba.

Olaiya buka-1-2 copy.jpg

NOSA: As you've probably guessed, I got rice. I went with rice & stew for the blog, so you can never say Nosa has not done anything for you

I hate rice and stew on most days, but I actually liked this one. It wasn't clumpy like the one I got at Mama Ebo. This was also my first experience with "local rice" and I was pretty impressed. Why do people complain about local rice anyway?

Olaiya buka-3.jpg

NOSA: The moin-moin tasted like party moin-moin. The one where old women sit on stools and make it? Yeah, that one.

FOLLY: I was also pleasantly surprised that I could still chew the fried meat here, normally it's either I allow the meat or sacrifice my teeth for the cause. 

NOSA: Oh yeah, the meat was really tender. Can't forget that. Tiny, but tender.



FOLLY: The stew was basic compared to that at Bank Olemoh but more on that in the Bank Olemoh post. 

NOSA: I disagree. The rice was significantly superior, but more on that later.



Moi Moi - N100

Meat (per piece) - N100

Rice (per portion) - N100

Amala (per portion) - N100




Street parking. N100

Buka Week on Eat.Drink.Lagos

It’s finally happening: Eat.Drink.Lagos’ first-ever themed week starts this week. All week we’ll be reviewing the more popular Lagos bukas and debating important stuff, like, is it “buka” or “bukka”?

The whole idea came from a Twitter conversation about bukas and we thought “why not do a themed week?”

Have your own thoughts or pictures that capture the essence of buka culture? Email and we'll share them during the week.