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Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 108: Lagos Sushi Power Rankings

Hello friends!

Welcome back to Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos, our Lagos dining (and sometimes, life) advice column. As usual, for the simpler questions, ask the bot. But, for life's tougher questions, you're more than welcome to email us.

Subject: Sushi!

Message: Hi guys,
Hope you’re having a lovely day
I really want to take someone out to try sushi. He’s never had it but I love sushi so I want it to be somewhere good where we can get quality and quantity to match the price but please nowhere overly pricy.
— Sefina

Sushi is expensive everywhere, so what we'll do instead is let you in on our sushi power rankings

Also relevant:

  1. Izanagi
  2. Fusion
  3. Shiro
  4. Shogun
  5. Sakura
  6. Bungalow
  7. Mayumi
  8. Bonsai
Subject: 5th Wedding Anniversary

Message: Hello,

Please I need a location for an anniversary dinner preferably buffet within Lagos. Budget is 7k per person. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated. Thanks
— Rennie Kamaris

Hotel Bon Voyage is the only one that we think fits your budget. If you're looking for more, you can check out our Buffet Guide

Subject: Dinner Date Location

Message: Hi,

Please I’ll appreciate if I can get suggestions for dinner date locations on a Monday. Backyard Place, RSVP & Sugarcane (close by 9) are all unavailable today.

— IO

Monday is tough restaurant-wise in Lagos. But your best bet is one of the hotels. Hotels have to be open on Monday and therefore, their restaurants have to be as well. Of the lot, 1415 (Eko Hotel) is the best one.


Subject: Nice, affordable restaurant on the Island suitable for our 3rd wedding anniversary dinner

Message: Hello,

I love your blog. However, in this case I’ve not been able to find a definite pointer to a suitable restaurant for myself and hubby to have our 3rd year wedding anniversary dinner. The anniversary is on a Wednesday, we will both be at work for the better part of the day; looking for somewhere quiet accompanied with good food to have dinner before heading home.
N.B: I’m currently pregnant and I’ll prefer our spicy Nigerian food in order not to mess up the night:). My hubby on the other hand is very adventurous with food, so a nice restaurant with a fusion of Nigerian and Intercontinental cuisine will be quite welcome. Budget: Middle, working class friendly.
— Jay Abi

Sao Cafe in Lekki should work for what you describe.


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Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 107: Dinner For Forty

Hello friends!

Welcome back to Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos, our Lagos dining (and sometimes, life) advice column. As usual, for the simpler questions, ask the bot. But, for life's tougher questions, you're more than welcome to email us.

Subject: Dinner venue

Message: Hello guys, my classmates and i have been looking for a restaurant to have our YBC dinner in. The deal is, we are final year students graduating soon, so want to have our dinner night but we haven’t found a suitable restaurant. We are about 40 in number. I dunno if you could help us out. Our budget is about 320000 for all 40 of us
— Dayo Ade

Try one of the big Chinese restaurants - Oriental, Pearl Garden or RED. They usually have the space and can fit you for a prix fixe for 8k/head.

If you're willing to up the budget a little bit more, you can take advantage of Restaurant Week and finesse Hard Rock.

Subject: Suggestion

Message: Hi. i am an avid follower of eat drink Lagos. i love what you guys do. it makes my life a lot easier. i would like to suggest you have an App that anyone could easily access. you must have thought about it *obvi*.....its a tad bit challenging when i have to visit the website all the time and scroll my life away to view the restaurant’s review. plus my stupid phone wiped more than half of my “places to visit” list (based on your review) and i have just 17 left. -______- ................. Anywho the App would go a long long way for folks like moi, i like trying new places and i hate it when i eat at basic places with bleh reviews. i am tired of eating Jollof rice and chicken. Lastly i’m surrounded by people who ask me where to eat all the time. “sigh”..,i hope my suggestion is considered.
Thank you

P.s. please ignore the informal tone/words used. This female is frustrated. ;(
— TO

A couple of people have suggested it, but an Eat.Drink.Lagos app, in its current form, will just be a regurgitation of the blog. From our research, apps that operate that way almost always fail. That's why your big blogs don't go building apps because it's an expensive project. We'd like an app, but there needs to be more to it than just an app for you to find our reviews.

For your case, we have a couple of workarounds:

  1. Spots
  2. EDL Rating
  3. Bot

Message: Hi,

So ive been reading your reviews and i think i can trust your i want to take this girl i like to a nice place for budget is 20k....where on the island can i take her.......???? If i could get 5 suggestions

And its Tomorrowwww....i havent taken a lady out in a minute...Help a brother out......

— KO
Craft Gourmet's take on the Full English

Craft Gourmet's take on the Full English

If you're looking for a buffet, you can check out our Buffet Guide

Otherwise, you can try one the following places;

  1. La Brioche
  2. NOK
  3. Crust & Cream
  4. Craft Gourmet
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 9.05.32 AM.png
Subject: Birthday dinner for sis

Message: Hi guys so we want to do a birthday dinner for my sister. Please do you have any where you can recommend . Budget is 100-120k for about 10 people
— Sam Johnstone

The bot is really great at dealing questions like this. The bot's recommendations are:

  1. 1415
  2. Crossroads
  3. Shiro
  4. RSVP
  5. Utopia
Subject: Inquiry

Message: Good day guys...would like to know the best sharwama place in lagos...mainland and island of possible...all iv been doin is 01 sharwama need to try somewhere new...thanx
— DO

Mainland - Best Shawarma

Island - Shawarma & Co or Meat Up Cafe

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Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 106: Visiting Lagos from the US

Hello friends!

Welcome back to Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos, our Lagos dining (and sometimes, life) advice column. As usual, for the simpler questions, ask the bot. But, for life's tougher questions, you're more than welcome to email us.

Subject: Visiting Lagos from US

Message: Hi— I absolutely love your blog. I’m visiting Lagos in November for three nights with my husband—he’s off during the day working so I’m looking for suggestions for lunch and dinner places— dinner with business people, lunch on my own or maybe with friends of friends.

I’m an American (California born, currently in New Jersey) who has been to East Africa doing the usual touristy stuff but this is my first time in West Africa. I’m very excited to see Lagos and would love any thoughts you have on where are the “must dos” food wise (except I don’t eat seafood).

I have NOK on the list because it got written up in the New York Times which is a pretty big deal for any restaurant - let alone one that is thousands of miles away! Thanks for any thoughts you might have— and sorry I’m emailing not using the BOT. I tried to use the BOT and my American computer freaked out and shut me down lol.

Keep up the great work- I read food blogs about places we are visiting all the time and yours is one of my absolute favorites :)
— Rene

NOSA: NOK got a shout in NY Times? NY Times has been reading the blog, I see. Lol jk jk.


  1. Terra Kulture
  2. Jamski
  3. Orchid House (but go to the VI location)
  4. Verandah


  1. Shiro
  2. Tarragon
  3. La Taverna
  4. BL Restaurant
Subject: Birthday lunch

Message: Hello, could you kindly help with a nice and affordable restaurant in lekki / vi where I can have a nice birthday lunch with 20 friends on a budget. It doesn’t have to be an hotel / a buffet. I’ll be looking forward for a feedback . Thanks
— Dayo

NOSA: Would be nice if someone could define "affordable".

Is it 5k/head or 10k/head? I have no idea.

FOLLY: Yeah, affordability if VERY relative so my least favorite question to answer is when people ask for affordable places. 

NOSA: If you're thinking 10k/head, I'm thinking Casper & Gambini

Under 10k/head, you can probably squeeze in Sao Cafe or HSE Cafe in Lekki. You just have to skimp on the cocktails.

FOLLY: HSE is going to be a very tight squeeze.

If the budget is super low, maybe you can work with The Place.

The Bot doesn't know what "affordable" means wither

The Bot doesn't know what "affordable" means wither

Subject: Suprise birthday party

Message: I’m looking to have a surprise birthday get together for my girlfriend she’s turning 20, 10-15 people, somewhere on the island would be preferable. Thanks
— Lanre Aden

NOSA: Craft Gourmet is usually helpful with this type of surprise stuff.

FOLLY: La Brioche is perfect for a "girly" celebration. I know I'd like that over Craft Gourmet.

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Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 105: A UNILAG Challenge

Hello friends!

Welcome back to Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos, our Lagos dining advice column. As usual, for the simpler questions, ask the bot. But, for life's tougher questions, you're more than welcome to email us.

Subject: I Lay Down A Challenge

Message: Hi peoples! Okay so it’s 3am and I’m up reading for exams and for some reason I ended up on your blog because I like fancy food and not everytime jollof rice. Anyway whatever that’s besides the point. So here’s a little introduction: I’m a 300 level student of UNILAG. And I was thinking, you know what would be hilariously awesome? If you guys came to UNILAG and did a review of some of the ‘restaurants’ here. Oh my goodness, I don’t know if it’s because I’m sleep deprived but it’s just such a funny image in my head. Okay okay so on the slim chance you decide to do this, here are some places you should check out:

1. Mavise at Red Bricks (might as well get their jollof rice, it’s basically the only thing they have going for them and even that is... It’s not great)
2. Blessed foods at Red Bricks (I’m sure my taste buds aren’t as refined as yours but their ofada sauce is the gospel truth! I mean, for one thing, it’s red and not brown so there’s that. But lol if you thought you’d gotten bad service before, hahahahahahaha)
3. Yeah these are the only places I can think of right now but if you feel like being adventurous on your trip, feel free to explore.

So the catch of the challenge is you have to eat at, at least, three places. And then if you do, you get bragging rights. Which is a very nice thing to have.
You could also check out some street vendors: Korede’s spaghetti at Sports Center is slightly above basic though it gets a little heavy on the spice. Mr David’s Indomie at Moremi is also a choice.
Oh and while I have your attention (hopefully you didn’t dismiss me as some crazy person and delete this message), could you do a post on foods people can actually eat like on a weekly basis. Like something other than: rice, rice, bread, rice, yam, rice, rice, spaghetti.

Okay that is all, thank you!
— Jemima

NOSA: Challenge... accepted?

But will I get food poisoning after this?

FOLLY: I'm totally and completely down for this. 

Subject: Eat out dilema

Message: Hi Guys,

I am a huge fan of your blog. It helps me with my “research” when my wife tells me “Its your turn to sort out date night”.

So, she placed this task on my head once more but I need to get a place to have a buffet for 6-7 people for a budget of N5000 per head this evening.

I am really in a pickle, Please can you help out with a place around Victoria Island and Lekki.

I would really appreciate it guys.

— AA
Hotel Bon Voyage

Hotel Bon Voyage

NOSA: Hotel Bon Voyage is the closest one to your budget.

There's another place on Karimu Kotun, but I forget what it's called.

FOLLY: It's called Monty Buffet. 

Subject: Sunday Buffet

Message: Hello, I am an avid reader and follower of your blog. What is your recommendation for Sunday buffet on the mainland for 20 people with a budget of 5000 or 6000 per head. Its for the parents surprise wedding anniversary. Thank You.
— CE

NOSA: Per our Buffet Guide, there's nothing we know that fits your budget. Maybe someone can offer some options in the comments.

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Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 104: Eastern European Food in Lagos

Hello friends!

Welcome back to Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos, our Lagos dining advice column. As usual, for the simpler questions, ask the bot. But, for life's tougher questions, you're more than welcome to email us.

We took a little hiatus from this because we got a bit better with responding to emails/DMs. Old habits have kicked in and we're back to the normal routine. Ask your questions all week and on Tuesday, we'll table your matter. That should work for everyone.

Subject: Reunion

Message: Hello, my school alumni wants old their reunion at Tivoli Garden Rstaurant, have you been here? What do you think of the service. Thanks a lot.
— Chu A

We've heard about it, but haven't really got round to checking it out. Chalk it up to procrastination. The space looks really nice so if food is an afterthought, you should give it a shot. 

Subject: Birthday dilemma

Message: Hi I’m going to be turning 17 and I don’t want to do anything out of the top. My birthday is on a Friday but I was thinking of celebrating it on Saturday w my closest friends, What do you think? I’m on a budget and my friend advised me to just have like a birthday lunch or dinner. Max we could be 5 in number or less. Nothing too fancy where do you suggest and at what price could you estimate
— Sonia

Happy birthday, young one!

For 17, I'm assuming you aren't drinking. Well, at least legally. So my recommendation would be Syrian Club. It's pocket friendly

I don't know your budget, but if it's in the 5-7k/head range, maybe you can give Backyard a shot

Subject: East European food

Message: Hi . Are there any restaurants in Lagos that serve
Russian or Ukrainian cuisine?
— Sachin

I don't know about Russian, but My Coffee is owned by Ukrainians and BL Restaurant is Bulgarian.


Crust & Cream or BBQ n Cravings

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