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The Grillroom Is Pretty Expensive

The Grillroom at The Wheatbaker

4 Onitolo (Lawrence) Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

01 277 3560

FOLLY: I’ve had lunch in the lobby area of the Wheatbaker before and I liked it. This was way back in 2013 or even 2012. I had a burger and some frozen strawberry cocktail contraption. I recall it being very expensive but not as expensive as it was a couple days ago.

NOSA: I was at the Wheatbaker meeting a client not too long ago and I remember checking out the menu, it wasn't too expensive.

FOLLY: Point here is that Nosa and I cannot recall a time where the Wheatbaker was this expensive. 

NOSA: I think the menu shocked me a bit.

FOLLY: The Wheatbaker is more expensive than RSVP and Sky Lounge overall. In fact, 1415 is cheap in comparison to the Wheatbaker. And the only thing RSVP has on Wheatbaker is that RSVP still has the single most expensive entrée – the Australian fillet that’s N12,500

NOSA: Anyway, let's do this review. We'll get to this price thing in a minute.


FOLLY: Nosa wasn’t feeling any of the starter options but I felt we should try the Battered Calamari & Muesli Pineapple.

NOSA: The appetizer selection is pretty boring, but this calamari one caught my attention because it came with a fried pineapple. 



FOLLY: It was disappointing that we only got one slab of calamari as opposed to individual bite sized pieces. The fried pineapple was even bigger than the calamari.

NOSA: The calamari could have been a lot more. I get it's fine dining and whatnot, but come on, 4000 Naira is a lot drop on this. I can't get behind it. 


FOLLY: I have always wondered why people grilled fruit. I thought it was because the sugar caramelizes and thus enhances the flavour profile. Whatever it does, it’s not for me. Warm pineapple is uncomfortable to eat and in the future I’ll definitely pass.

NOSA: Yeah, it's a "NO" from me too. I mean, I already hate fruit so frying it isn't going to change anything.


FOLLY: My favourite thing about the starter was the chutney that it was served with. It was slightly fruity but still had a nice kick.

NOSA: Yeah, the chutney was delicious.

spare ribs wheatbaker hotel lagos

NOSA: I got the Pork Spare Ribs with a side of Grilled Plantain. 

As you can see, I did't get my plantain. Apparently, they had no plantain so the waitress made the executive decision to serve me fries. 


NOSA: The ribs were decent, but not particularly tender. For how much you're paying, you should get tender ribs. I mean, it's almost 10k and it tastes no different from what you'd get at Ying YangUrban Fuxion costs less and is a lot better.

FOLLY: I agree with him. 

NOSA: For 5k, I could live with this but not at near 10k. It's wayyy overpriced at that price point. I mean, they're spare ribs aka the cheapest cut of pork ribs. Maybe you're paying for the quantity because I don't think anyone sells ribs at this "volume".

Marinade is good though. I'll give them that

FOLLY: My main was a 300g Sirloin Steak and a side of mashed potatoes. The mash was the worst I’ve had in Lagos. I’ve had some very sorry renditions of mashed potatoes, and most of the times I just eat through the pain and dip it in the sauce like it’s pounded yam.


I couldn’t even manage it in that manner this time. I can’t even place my finger on what was off about it – it just had the strangest lingering taste and it was clumpy.

NOSA: Nah, the mash was an ABSOLUTE disaster. 

FOLLY: I thought it was funny when I placed my order for the steak and the waitress asked “Condition please?” I don’t know why but it made me giggle.

This is a terrible picture but can you just appreciate the cross section?

This is a terrible picture but can you just appreciate the cross section?

I ordered my steak to be medium rare and it was. The meat itself wasn’t the best as it was incredibly fatty so I had to Google if a sirloin wasn’t a lean cut. I found that on a scale of lean to fatty it’s somewhere bang in the middle so the amount of fat on this was indeed unusual.

NOSA: It looked great, but had too much fat.

FOLLY: The fat and the toughness of the meat put me off. I paid top money and I could barely make it through half of the steak before I through in the towel. 


FOLLY: I was incredibly disappointed on how underwhelming this meal was. We forked over A LOT of money for a mediocre meal and there are few things that feel worse than that.

NOSA: Overall, it's good food but it's not worth the money. AT. ALL.

FOLLY: The mojito was alright though. The bartender wasn’t heavy handed with the sugar and I liked that. 




Battered Calamari & Muesli Pineapple - N4700

300g Sirloin - N7900

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs - N9700

Mojito - N2500



The parking is pretty good. Well, it's a hotel. What do you expect?

Hotel Brunches: The Wheatbaker

The Wheatbaker

4 Lawrence Road. Ikoyi, Lagos

01 277 3560

NOSA: Over the weekend, I got hit with the worst food poisoning. At like 3am on Saturday, I was convinced I was going to die in my own vom.

FOLLY: That's actually TMI. 

NOSA: All signs point to the Crust & Cream pizza I had for dinner. Imagine getting food poisoning from a shit pizza. Not only did I not enjoy it, I got sick. 

FOLLY: Poor boy looked so sick that his eyes were slanty. 

NOSA: Meanwhile, how do women handle cramps. I thought I was about to die when my stomach cramps started.


NOSA: We've been here for the blog before. Well, I was. Didn't pay for the meal either so it was definitely due a revisit. 


FOLLY: I wanted us to go to the Grillroom but Nosa needed food quickly so we did the buffet instead.

That bread roll you see above was at least 576 emoji flames. The bible says man cannot live by bread alone but I could probably live on that bread alone...until I start craving cake, which is a type of bread tbh. 

NOSA: Because I was barely hanging on for my life, I played it safe with the buffet. Normally, I’d start with my usual peppersoup, but not on this day. They had oxtail peppersoup and I wasn’t trying to take any risks with dodgy meat.

NOSA: Considering how stale the pita bread was, the croissant was surprisingly fresh. The potato salad wasn’t half bad either. 

FOLLY: Nah, the pita bread was like cabin biscuit and the hummus was average. 


NOSA: The main is always the hardest part when you hit the buffet floor. I always want to try everything so here’s a little tip from me to you: try everything.

NOSA: The pasta was weaksauce, but the teriyaki chicken was a zillion flame emojis. Shoutout to The Wheatbaker for that. I got their other potato salad too. This one wasn’t very good.

FOLLY: I don't know what Nosa is talking about but the frozen teriyaki chicken my dad used to buy from the overseas is better. I preferred the lamb dish which is on the left in the picture below. 


FOLLY: I hadn't eaten rice in a week on Sunday so I decided to break my rice fast. The fried rice was very meh - it lacked salt and the veggies in it were of varying levels of crunchiness.

My mixed vegetables had all those imported vegetables like zucchini, butternut squash and broccoli. While all you #BuyNaijatogrowtheNaira activists will not be impressed, I liked it.


NOSA: Considering how much you pay, The Wheatbaker’s brunch buffet is pretty poor. Just carry yourself to Southern Sun. 

FOLLY: It's way too much. I wanted to give them back the food when I saw the bill. They also charged separately for water and juice, that was not okay.



Brunch Buffet - N9900



Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXV
Subject: Recommendation

Message: Hey guys, great job! Ive been to a few of your recs that have become firm favourites.i know you have a love hate relationship with Indian food but have you been to the restaurant at Hotel Victoria Palace on Saka Jojo in V/I? The food is really good; like plain, home cooked Indian food good. They have a very popular buffet on Sundays but I think you should give that a miss and go during the week and order off the menu instead. Word of warning, it is super dingy and cleanliness doesnt seem top of their agenda but hey. Oh and also order butter naan not plain; the plain naan are like crackers. Cheers!
— N.M

NOSA: Look, filth is a mark of authenticity in my books. Don't let anyone say otherwise 

Subject: Recommendations - Restaurants close to Bourdillon Rd

Message: Hiya.
can you recommend restaurants in & around Bourdillon Rd (Ikoyi) I can have lunch during my break time?
Relocated to Lagos about a month ago and not really sure where i can get good meals during my lunch break.

Pls omit Samantha’s Bistro in your suggestions! (I enjoyed the food yesterday but not the service level)
— K.O

NOSA: lol this is awks because I actually liked Samantha's the couple of times  I went solo. Maybe they're great with smaller numbers.

FOLLY: Nah, let's just quit on Samantha's please. 

NOSA: Well, the only other decent spot in the area is Casa Lydia, which is in the other side of Glover

FOLLY: or Wheatbaker if you have ALL the money. The burgers in the Grill room are really good but expensive, but really good.. 

Hotel Brunches: The Wheatbaker

The Wheatbaker

4 Lawrence Road. Ikoyi, Lagos

01 277 3560

NOSA: The cook abandoned me this weekend. My mom and my aunt too. They all left me for dead in Lagos. My Jesus is bigger than them though; my cousin and his buddies rescued me.

FOLLY: Stop crying, they left you with Jollof Rice but apparently you're better than that...


NOSA: This was more lunch than brunch, if we're being pedantic. No eggs. No bacon. No sausage. Just rice everywhere. 

FOLLY: Dessert is the most important meal of the day. Then brunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch in that order. Basically, I think lunch is boring. 


Anyway anyway... I had to rashly adopt my "anywhere bele face" buffet strategy. My first plate was a mishmash of flavors - salmon, bbq chicken, ribs, and a southwestern salad.


NOSA: The salmon was magnificent. I really liked it. The southwestern salad was quality as well. Nothing too spectacular about the bbq chicken or the ribs. 

FOLLY: I felt the same way about the smoked salmon at Four Points. It was absolutely delicious. Same supplier maybe?

NOSA: Perhaps


NOSA: Rookie error on my second plate. Got to the buffet table and got overwhelmed. Never get overwhelmed at the buffet table. All that decision stress resulted in me getting some braised beef thing, which was just the worst. Rescued it with some more salmon though so not all doom and gloom. 


NOSA: Dessert ? The red velvet tasted like sweat. Thanks for asking. 

FOLLY: Foul.

Meanwhile, I had leftovers from a Spice Route dinner from the day before in case any one was wondering where I was. 


NOSA: No breakfast stuff. No bottomless mimosas. Meh food. Should've gone to Southern Sun. 


NOSA: Awks...I didn't pay so I never saw the bill. I think it's N7000 or N8000, but don't hold me to that. If they tell you to wash plate, it's not my fault.