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Ogogoro and Canapés with Pedro's Premium Ogogoro

If you’ve never tried ogogoro before, you’re in luck. This Thursday, we’re hosting an ogogoro food pairing experience with Pedro’s Premium Ogogoro. There will be canapés provided by Bite. and complementary ogogoro cocktails crafted by Bar Nomadic


A little bit about Pedro’s Premium Ogogoro:

For the increasingly discerning imbiber, Pedro’s premium ogogoro is a 100% organic palm spirit, micro-distilled in small batches and handcrafted in Nigeria.

Similarly to the Cognac region for brandy, Pedro’s began in Sapele, the spirit’s appellation, in the Delta region of Nigeria. Refined and purified in Lagos, by a globally-renowned master distiller, Pedro’s is a natural elixir with zero additives.

Being a first of its kind and catalysing a new product category, Pedro's fuses our forefathers’ natural distillation techniques with a new Nigerian narrative, to reinvent the original spirit of the nation.

Where: Temple Muse - 21 Amodu Tijani Cl, Victoria Island, Lagos

When: 4 - 6 pm on Saturday, May 18.

Spots are very limited so RSVP by clicking the button below.

The menu will feature two “bites” per cocktail. Each bite will be starkly different from the other it’s matched up against. The goal is to compare the flavours and see what pairs better.

RECAP: Kitchen Butterfly's Jollof Supper Club @ Sao Cafe

Jollof weekend has officially started and to kick things off, we had Kitchen Butterfly opened it up with a nice little intimate dinner at Sao Cafe. A big shoutout to our sponsors: Guinness Africa Special, Maggi, and Food Trolley. Most importantly, we're super grateful to Sao Cafe for being such wonderful hosts and letting us use their kitchen.


She treated our 25 dinner guests to a 3-course dinner chronicling her adventures with Jollof


Jollof weekend isn't over. This afternoon we're at 16/16 for a screening of Kitchen Butterfly's documentary on Jollof.

JOLLOF_ Rice That binds(2).png

The screening starts at 2pm and we'll a little intellectual discussion on Jollof afterwards lol. Entry is completely free for this event. Maggi and Guinness will also be back serving free Jollof and Guinness.

The Lunch Club XVIII: NOK by Alara

The Lunch Club has been a bit slow this year and it's completely our fault. The goal for The Lunch Club this year was to make all events free or, at very least, under N5000.

Unfortunately, no such luck...yet.

This month, we got a chance to take The Lunch Club to its very essence. NOK is launching a new menu on the 24th (yes, Nosa said it was launching last weekend but he lied) and we got the chance to sample the menu.

One of our favorite things about NOK is how ambitious they are with their menu. They could be lazy with it and no one would ever complain, this is Lagos after all.

Salt & Yaji Shrimp

Salt & Yaji Shrimp

Give us a seafood okra with seemingly endless shrimp and we are satisfied. The average Lagosian isn't expecting too much from Lagos restaurants.

Of the starters, the group's favorite was the salt and yaji shrimp, NOK's take on Chinese salt and pepper squid.

Another favorite was the duck pastel - a Senegalese dish of mini pastries filled with duck. Unlike the traditional pastel, NOK's is baked not fried.

Duck Pastel

Duck Pastel

Ofada Rice Ball

Ofada Rice Ball

Our Lunch Club guests weren't the biggest fans of the Ofada rice balls, however. We liked the ones filled with egusi, but the rest of the table wasn't as enthused. That might have been the only let down of the night because the mains were absolutely excellent.

NOK Hot Chicken

NOK Hot Chicken

NOK’s take on a Southern classic - fried chicken marinated in a hot sauce made of different spices such as cayenne pepper and paprika. Served with macaroni and cheese.
— NOK Hot Chicken
Honey-Spiced Rack of Lamb

Honey-Spiced Rack of Lamb

Grilled rack of lamb in a sweet and spicy sauce, served with sweet potato mash.
— Honey-Spiced Rack of Lamb
Blessing's Banga

Blessing's Banga

Traditional Nigerian dish of palm fruit soup, with goat meat, dried shrimps and periwinkle. With small cocoyam dumplings dispersed in the soup.
— Blessing's Banga

For dessert, we tried the Malva pudding with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Traditional South African dessert of pudding made with apricots and served with creme anglaise and vanilla ice cream.
— Malva Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream

The plan was to get just the Malva pudding, which the table thought was excellent, for dessert, but the chef was feeling super generous and tossed in a couple extra desserts.


Black Bean Pudding with Corn Ice Cream

Black Bean Pudding with Corn Ice Cream

Taking our cue from the Japanese use of beans in dessert, this is a pudding made from black beans and served with corn ice cream.
— Black Bean Pudding with Corn Ice Cream
Chocolate Chilli Mousse

Chocolate Chilli Mousse

Rich chocolate mousse with chilli and chocolate crumb and cream
— Chocolate Chili Mousse

To make up for lost Lunch Club time, we're making it up this month. This week, actually. Kitchen Butterfly will be our host and we'll share the details on the blog later today. If you're interested, you know what to do...

The Lunch Club XVI: Talindo Steakhouse

We had our 16th Lunch Club over the weekend, and it was also marked TWO years since we started the Lunch Club. We were treated to a delicious 4 course lunch menu at Talindo. Most times we try not to talk about politics because things get too heated, but not this time because politics, both home and abroad, is pretty comical these days so we lifted that embargo. 

Talindo Lunch Club Menu.png

Here's what you missed...

eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-1-2.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-1.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-4.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-7.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-6.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-12.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-10.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-13.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-8.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-11.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-14.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-16.jpg
eatdrink lagos talindo lunch club-15.jpg

Thank you to Talindo for hosting us.  If you'd love to join us for one of our lunches or want to know how it works, click HERE for more info.

The Lunch Club XIV: Kitchen Butterfly x BiscuitBoneBlog

The Lunch Club in which we ate cow tongue and cheek….

In the 14 editions of The Lunch Club and the 3 Brunch Parties, this has been the most “out there” menu, we’ve ever had. It was a unique spin on the less celebrated parts of the cow.

Lunch Club XIV menu.png

We were surprised when the tickets sold out quickly in the normal fashion, because we weren't sure how many people wanted to eat isi-ewu, shaki and tongue in one meal. Many thanks to Ozoz of Kitchen Butterfly and Eka of BiscuitBoneBlog for getting us to try cow tongue, because I know no one else could have made us do it. 

eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-2.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-1.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-3.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-4.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-5.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-6.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-16.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-8.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-9.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-11.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-10.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-12.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-15.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-14.jpg
eatdrinklagos lunch club kitchen butterfly-13.jpg

The Lunch Club aims to create a delicious, interesting, and exclusive experience for around 10 people; no two gatherings will ever be the same. To join us at a future edition, sign up here to get notified.