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Champagne Treatment for The Lunch Club at La Brioche

We’ve slacked a lot with The Lunch Club this year and we were determined to make up for lost time.


For our third Lunch Club event of the month, we took our guests to La Brioche to preview their Champagne Brunch ahead of it’s September 1 launch.

la brioche champagne brunch-1.jpg

Did we mention the Champagne brunch comes with bottomless mimosas? Well, it does.

Yup, a proper bottomless Sunday brunch that doesn't drill a hole in your wallet.

la brioche champagne brunch-2.jpg
la brioche champagne brunch-12.jpg
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Beyond the bottomless mimosas, La Brioche is formally introducing their new brunch menu, which we reviewed not too long ago, this weekend



Southern fried chicken breast with waffle, butter and maple syrup
la brioche champagne brunch-4.jpg
la brioche champagne brunch-15.jpg


Cinnamon brioche bread, fresh berries, maple syrup and powdered sugar
la brioche champagne brunch-5.jpg


Flat top griddle sirloin patties, lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheese, bacon on sesame seed brioche bun
la brioche champagne brunch-16.jpg
la brioche champagne brunch-17.jpg


Smoked salmon, fresh baby spinach &herbs, scallions with dill sour cream, potato cake & mixed greens
la brioche champagne brunch-7.jpg
la brioche champagne brunch-8.jpg


Corned beef with onions, peppers and potatoes topped with poached eggs and breakfast potatoes
la brioche champagne brunch-11.jpg


Tomatoes, scallions, topped with avocado and lemon ricotta cheese


With feta cheese, scallions & fresh baby spinach
la brioche champagne brunch-6.jpg

If you’d like to join us on our Lunch Club adventures,

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Bottomless Mimosas at La Brioche This Sunday

For over a year now, we've been trying to figure out how to throw a proper brunch party but we haven't made any headway. Lo and behold, we get an email from La Brioche and it literally falls on our lap. 


This Sunday, we're at La Brioche for a little champagne brunch.  With bottomless mimosas and everything. You guys probably can't fathom how excited Nosa is by this little bit of info so let's check out Nosa's bio in our About page.

Mexican food and margaritas are my kryptonite. And brunches with bottomless mimosas. And Guinness. And pasta. Look, I like food. Stop judging me. This one time, at a wedding, I got cut off at the open bar.
— Nosa

Yeah, he's very happy about this.

It's not just champagne, however. La Brioche will be serving up a couple of their brunch favorites.

Spots are limited because La Brioche doesn't have the largest space. We'll be out there from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

If you're interested, click the little button below. Brunch is only N5500

PS: Your reservation gets you one main and bottomless mimosas until La Brioche runs out of champagne. 

Brunch At La Brioche

La Brioche

22 Musa Yaradua St,. Victoria Island, Lagos

0818 842 1861

NOSA: I've been to La Brioche two times. The first was more of an attempt than a visit. I drove in and the security guy asked if I wanted to buy bread or go to the salon. Casually walked back to my car and drove out. Wasn't about to eat at a cafe-cum-salon. Not me, mate. 

FOLLY: That's funny but maybe the owner has two business ventures, or people confuse the location with another salon down the street?

NOSA: Anyway, I decided to give them another chance last Sunday. I think our original plan got nixed or something. 


NOSA: God, I hate the space sooooo much. I get what they're going for and I acknowledge the "cute" they've achieved, but I still hate it so much. It feels so tiny and claustrophobic. If I trip and fall over, I might smash up with my fall. 

FOLLY: I'm claustrophobic and I don't know what Nosa means by this space is claustrophobic. Sure, there are a lot of things in a small space but my heart wasn't racing with the usual "am I going to get trapped in here" feels I get when I'm in a stairwell or a tiny room with no light, or worst, an elevator. 

NOSA: All they need is a little more space. If they had Crust n Cream's space and replicated this, it would be so clutch.

FOLLY: They can grow with the space. If they feel their client base gets too big for this location they should, by all means, expand but until then I think they'll do just fine here. 

NOSA: The brioche wasn't the freshest. Funny, because you'd think that's their thing from the name. 

FOLLY: At least a day old, maybe the cook doesn't bake on the sabbath. 

NOSA: The croissant was a lot better, though.

FOLLY: Flaky, but not warm. I would have appreciated if they'd heated this up for 10 seconds as I love warm croissants. That's probably on me, though, as I guess I could have asked. 

The orange juice was a nice little jug for N800, unlike those other places that serve you a small glass for N1200. Sadly, it was bitter so I added white sugar to make it drinkable. 

NOSA: The mains, were what really won me over. I hated the space and my brioche wasn't the best, but our mains changed all that. 

I got The Monroe while Folly got their buttermilk pancakes.

FOLLY: With maple syrup (or so I thought), berry compote, and fresh strawberries. 

NOSA: The Monroe is breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, bacon, and caramelized onions in a croissant and all tied in by dijon mustard.

FOLLY: I didn't try Nosa's sandwich and I can't remember why. It was either he didn't share or there was cheese in it. 

NOSA: The whole thing just worked. I can't really put it in words, but it just worked. The mustard tied it all in so well and in a way I never expected. I wanted like two more when I was done. It was that good. 

FOLLY: I'm not a fan of mustard but Nosa is right, the dijon mustard was really good. I'd be damned if they told me this came out of a jar and wasn't homemade in their kitchen. 

la brioche lagos sandwich

NOSA: For a city without a lot of breakfast sandwiches, The Monroe is what we deserve. 

FOLLY: On my pancakes, I liked them. They were very thick and cakey, much unlike anything I'm used to but it was nice. 

I was expecting the thing in the middle ramekin to be maple syrup but it was some weird vanilla or sugar syrup that I didn't like. I much preferred eating the pancakes with just the berry compote and the strawberries. 


NOSA: This is such a slept on brunch spot. We slept on it too, but no more. If you can, give it a shot this weekend if your regular jaunts aren't clicking.

FOLLY: We didn't get to try dessert, although we had planned to. So, maybe we'll do another review of La brioche and just do dessert on that occassion. 



Croissant - N600

Brioche roll - N400

Orange Juice - N800

The Monroe - N2450

Buttermilk Pancakes - N2050



It's a tiny space so don't expect much from the parking situation