EDL Taste Test: Taco Tuesdays at Toasties

In #EatDrinkFestival news, Nosa was on WJGB Podcast talking about the festival and food in general. 


Have a listen as you read and stuff. 

Toastie Taco Taste Test


toasties tacotuesdays-1.jpg

FOLLY: N2800 for two N3800 for three. Kinda makes sense to me. Unlike most other places, Toasties doesn't charge a different price for the different fillings i.e. beef, chicken or fish, rather they are all priced the same.

NOSA: Probably because she's not a crook. Fish isn't that expensive in the market.


Taste - Chicken

toasties tacotuesdays-4.jpg

FOLLY: I didn't get this one. My duo was beef and fish. 

NOSA: I had this one. To the glory of God, the chicken had flavor. Praise Jehovah. A bit on the salty side, but I liked it regardless. 


Taste - Beef

toasties tacotuesdays-2.jpg

FOLLY: My basis for comparing this is the beef tacos that I usually get at Bottles and I prefer those. The beef in this wasn't too tender and wasn't seasoned enough.

NOSA: I liked that these were proper beef strips though. In fact, these were my favorite of the lot to be honest.


Taste - Fish

toasties tacotuesdays-3.jpg

FOLLY: I've decided I don't like fish tacos that aren't deep fried like the ones at Crossroads. I tried the ones at Craft Gourmet and tried these and it's a pass from me.

NOSA: If the fish isn't battered, I don't think it really works in a fish taco. I might be wrong, however. 



FOLLY: These didn't blow me away so I'm going to stick to their toasties. Specifically, the steak egg and pesto toastie. 

NOSA: I liked the steak tacos to get it again. I also liked the size. They're cute little taco truck portions.