Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXXVII

Subject: sweet 16 birthday party/dinner

Message: I am turning 16 soon and I have no idea of where I could have a quite small dinner party I want a really nice place but for just a small amount of people I would be really glad if you recommend places for me that are quite affordable. Thank you for your time in advance.
— A.T

FOLLY: Affordability is relative. If you're on the mainland, Orchid Bistro. If you're on the Island, Arabesque will be really cute for pictures. 


I always recommend Spurs for young birthdays because the space is pretty fun and their alcohol selection is rubbish.

Subject: Love you guys.

Message: Hey guys,

I just want to say you guys are doing an amazing job, I thoroughly enjoy reading the reviews, the sense of humor, the objectivity, everything.

EatDrinkLagos is my favorite Nigerian blog and my second favorite ever if I’m going to include foreign blogs. (My all time favorite is Le Grove and nope it has nothing to do with food LOL).

Anyway, great job guys.

We live to eat another day.....Ah hooo!!!!!
— L.A

FOLLY: Thank you! This made me smile. 

Subject: Rabbit meat Anyone?

Message: Hi, I’m sure this must be the oddest message you’re going to get in a while but I’m looking for a restaurant in Lagos with rabbit on their menu? Have you guys by any chance come across one? Please kindly let me know. Thank you :).
— N.E

FOLLY: I've never seen rabbit on a restaurant menu in Lagos but I know Chef Benedict has made rabbit in Lagos once. 

NOSA: He watched them kill it too. Sick bastard.

Subject: Thanka

Message: Thanks - just came across your website- brilliant, thanks you. Heard about a spot called La Brioche on VI near Pizzereah - care to rate it?
— R.P

FOLLY: Thank you. We've reviewed both. La Brioche and Pizza-Riah

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