Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXIV

Subject: Where to have a dinner party

Message: Hi,

I am a final year student in the university of Lagos. As part of our final year activities, we will be having a dinner and i have no idea of a venue. I will be glad if you can help me with a number of places on the island(preferably VI) for the dinner.

PS: somewhere really affordable for a student.

Thanks in anticipation,
I await your response.

Warm regards,
— H.A

FOLLY: Crust & Cream or Terra Kulture or Ocean Basket

NOSA: Go with Crust & Cream

Subject: Breakfast Places

Message: Hi EDL Team,

Always love to read from you.

Please can you recommend a list of places for a nice breakfast in Lagos. My Expat friends are all over me for recommendations on nice place for breakfast, appreciate your help.

— I.B

FOLLY: My favorite right now is Craft Gourmet, but I have a feeling they'd also like Churchill

NOSA: It depends on what type of expat friends you have. Are they expats or EXPATS? If the latter, then yeah, go to Churchill

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hello,

I’m helping a friend plan festivities for her 30th birthday and she would like to kick things off with a dinner party for about 20 of her close friends. could you please help with suggestions of nice restaurants with great food and good ambiance. I thought of RED but if i had a $ for every birthday dinner i’ve attended there, i would have opened my own restaurant by now. same with RSVP. Her budget is quite reasonable as she’s planning for 7k - 10k per head. Any suggestions? Thanks.
— Y.A

FOLLY: Maybe Arabesque? It's Lebanese food, however. 

NOSA: My pick would be Vellvett