Kid Friendly Territory

Golden Eagles Spurs

53 Isaac John Street, Ikeja, Lagos

0816 854 7692

FOLLY: From the moment you walk into Spurs, you just know that this is a family friendly restaurant. There's a jungle gym out front, their code of ethics lists "we love kids" as the second bullet point, and there's a little card on the table about children's parties.

NOSA: There were like two birthdays going on.

FOLLY: It was cute.

NOSA: If I had a kid, I’d totes bring them here. Right after we go to that water park place in Ikeja. By the time they get home, they’ll be proper knocked out. 

Parent of the year.

FOLLY: My first impression of the restaurant was great, and I was pretty sure I was going to love it, I ended up kinda liking it but I won't say I loved it. 

NOSA: I really liked the interior of the place. It was like a big IHOP or Applebee’s.

We ordered the Chicken Strips as our starter.

As you can see, those are not the chicken strips you and I know. That's bread and stew with some chicken tossed in. Because Folly and I don't know how to read, we didn't see that it said the chicken would be IN their sauce not served WITH their sauce. Nobody in my year got an A in WAEC English for some reason. I always thought WAEC fucked us over, but as you can see, my reading comprehension no too tap.

FOLLY: We ordered the Big Chief Platter to share as our main. It has 200g of Pork Ribs, Prawns, Grilled 1/4 Chicken, Fries & Onion Rings. Our ITK waitress tried to up sell us to a N6000 platter because she claimed this would not be enough for two.

My aunt clued me on to those tricks years ago so I just told her "no ma, if it's like that we'll order extra after". Alakoba. 

NOSA: "You're not my stomach, ma"

FOLLY: The prawns were smothered in the same stew that our chicken strips were made in. These were pretty meh, my gut told us not too order seafood here, but nopes I listened to my gullet instead. Welp. 

NOSA: It wasn't that bad abeg. I mean, I expected prawn fried in batter not prawn-in-stew, but it's not like this tasted like shit. The only crime committed was being prawn-in-stew.

FOLLY: I didn't say they were bad now, I only said it was 'meh'. 

FOLLY: I think the marinade on the chicken exterior was at least 5 flame emojis. Sadly, it didn't "reach the inside" as that part was dry. 

NOSA: I prefer Chicken Republic chicken tbh.

FOLLY: The best thing on the platter was certainly the ribs. There weren't fall of the bone quality like Urban Fuxion's or even BBQ & Cravings but they were far from difficult and chewy. They could have done with a lot more marinade, however. 

NOSA: I agree, the ribs were the best thing in the platter, but they, too, weren't excellent either. 

Spurs Big Chief Combo.jpg

FOLLY: The fries were meh, but I quite liked the onion rings. I've never seen onion rings done so thin and stringy but it worked. However, a little part of me still missed the crunch of regular onions rings.

NOSA: The fries were on Folly's side and she kept hiding it under the prawn so I never really got to try the fries properly...

FOLLY: Shade. I was only making space to cut the ribs.

NOSA:  I liked the onion rings though.

spurs ikeja waffle.JPG

FOLLY: I had seen this dessert pictured on Instagram a couple weeks ago, so I was confident dessert would come and make everything better. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be and the one on Instagram looked way better than what we received. 


Spurs Waffle.jpg

FOLLY: There was something about the waffle that tasted like break time biscuits, but that may be because I ate it dry without ice-cream  :(

NOSA: I liked how thin it was, but yeah, the waffle was a bit meh. Tasted better with the Ice Cream though. 


FOLLY: I was really excited to eat at Spurs because when we got in Nosa checked a couple of Foursquare reviews as we tried to decide what to order. I won't lie I was a bit let down, the food was in no way bad, but I think I was too excited because of the reviews I had read so I was disappointed.

 However, I do really think the restaurant it great value for money and the waitress was pretty pleasant. 

NOSA: The food isn't terrible and it's plenty affordable, but yeah, I expected more. I wasn't expecting some 5* thing, but I was expecting the Ocean Basket equivalent of a steakhouse. This place is really Chicken Republic in a bigger and nicer space. Just adjust your expectations.

You know what's really disappointing though? THEY DON'T HAVE COCKTAILS! This place would be infinitely better if you could get one of those giant margaritas.



Spicy Chicken Strips - N1200

Big Chief Combo - N3900

Log Cabin Waffle (Full) - N700

Savannah Dry - N700