The Most Expensive Brunch In Lagos

Southern Sun Hotel

47 Alfred Rewane Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos

01 280 5200

NOSA: A lot of people might tell you Southern Sun brunch is overrated or that the food is not that good. They might have a point, but that doesn’t change anything. 

FOLLY: I don't think the food is "not that good"

NOSA: Sunday brunch at Southern Sun is the IT brunch in Lagos. For a lot of families, it has become a post church ritual. EVERYONE does Southern Sun on Sunday. And given how small the Lagos circle is, you might even run into that one girl that refused to dance with you in JSS1.

FOLLY: Walked in and I greeted three people before I got to my seat, mummies and daddies too. 

NOSA: I started with the Catfish Peppersoup. Totes forgot to take pictures, but take my word for it, it’s pretty good. Well, pretty good for me. I don’t want one of peppersoup connoisseurs fighting me about its authenticity in the comments.  

FOLLY: I messed up, I started with "breakfast" and then was supposed to have lunch next and then I got a salad - but we'll get to that later. My breakfast plate had pancakes, chicken sausage, bacon, mushroom and baked beans. 

Bacon and sausage were fab, but for some reason they cooked the mushrooms with onion and thyme so I wasn't a fan. 

NOSA: For my first proper plate, I got an Omelette with everything on it, Waffles, Bacon, Pork Sausages, and some Shrimp thing. The omelette was excellent. I think Jesus was guiding the man’s hand when he made mine. The one he made for the lady before me looked like scraps. Poor woman. She didn’t deserve that.

Loved the pork sausages and shrimp as well, but the waffles weren’t the one. They tasted a bit “old”. Hard to chew on. Rubbery. 

FOLLY: I really don't think they should bother keeping the pancakes and waffles in a hot plate cause it always falls flat. My pancakes were decent just a bit cold *sad face*. 

I wish they'd make them to order like the omelettes.

NOSA: Southern Sun is the only place with truly bottomless mimosas in Lagos. Ok, it’s not a mimosa. It’s bottomless champagne and bottomless orange juice, so it’s technically a mimosa. Stop being lazy and mix it. 

For my second plate, I had to get this…


Jokes aside, the “macaroni a la oil” was alright. 

This breaded pork thing in the back had mad potential. I hope it’s something you can get a la carte on a regular day because i bet it would taste so delicious when it’s made with some TLC.

FOLLY: For my second plate I got a salad from the salad bar. Feel free to judge me now, I also added a couple of lemon butter shrimp which totally elevated the salad to amazing-ness but yes it was still a salad. 


FOLLY: Not one to be defeated, I went for a third plate and got some dessert. There were no names so I had no idea what I was getting into, so I just loaded up my plate and went on. I discovered they had puff-puff and chin-chin in the dessert section as local options. Nice touch. 


NOSA: Southern Sun brunch is more of a social thing than it is a food thing. Honestly, the food isn’t mind blowing. It is great for a buffet, however. I mean, how many buffets have you been to with excellent food across the board?

FOLLY: Buffet food isn't prepared with as much TLC as a la carte dining but it's still pretty good food. 


You're probably wondering what this means. Click here for a little explanation.


Brunch - N9500