Mac n' Cheese in Lagos!

Smokey Bones

8B Fabac Close, Victoria Island, Lagos

0802 609 5962

NOSA: You guys don't even understand how excited I was when i found a place with mac n' cheese in Lagos. Shed every type of thug tear. I wasn't going to let anything ruin this thing for me. 

Not the shit parking.

Not the tight space.

Not the idiot waiter.

FOLLY: Nosa was pretty excited

NOSA: For N5000, you could get choice of one the meats with two sides and dessert. It took forever for the waiter to translate this piece of information to us.

FOLLY: He was really trying to up-sell us on the 'Table for 2'

NOSA: The food took forever too.

FOLLY: And it arrived cold when it eventually came. However, those two things might have been a factor of us being eager beavers and getting there before they were ready.

The way it worked was that they had made all the food already in their kitchen and had laid everything out there buffet style. They were just going to bring it based on your order. 

thumb_Smokey Bones Plate 3_1024.jpg

NOSA: But I damn wasn't going to let anyone take my joy. Mac n' Cheese in Lagos was about to happen. 

Anyway, I got the Pork Ribs with Mac n' Cheese and Potato Salad. 

FOLLY:  I had Barbeque Chicken (because they didn't have Southern Fried Chicken, just fish). My sides were Mac n' Cheese and Fried Rice (cause I didn't want vegetables)

thumb_Smokey Bones Plate_1024.jpg

The chicken was so delicious. They weren't just coated in bbq sauce, there was real flavour throughout. I also liked the rice, even though Nosa judged me for being boring with that choice

thumb_Smokey Bones Chicken_1024.jpg

NOSA: The ribs were bloody massive, fam. Like, I thought I was in a Flinstones episode. They weren't really tender and Ginger Tapas did it better, but shit was huge so points for that.

FOLLY: Ginger Tapas were also sweet and savoury-ish but these weren't 

thumb_Smokey Bones Plate 2_1024.jpg

NOSA: I thought the mac n' cheese was pretty solid. It wasn't, like, spectacular or anything. I've had better at multiple Thanksgiving dinners. But it wasn't bad, I'll reiterate. Before the owner comes to fight me in the comment section. Beggars can't be choosers anyway.

FOLLY: It was pretty good, I was just sad that it was cold. I asked my plate to get warmed up but they didn't leave it in the microwave for long enough, and I was too lazy to send it back so I just allowed it.

thumb_Smokey Bones Mac n Cheese_1024.jpg

NOSA: The potato salad was sooooooo good. I love potato salad so I know what I'm talking about. 

thumb_Smokey Bones Potato Salad_1024.jpg

NOSA: We got the Sweet Potato Pie for dessert and I was pleasantly surprised by it. These tasted like they used American sweet potatoes, which I've NEVER found in Lagos.

FOLLY: I had NEVER had Sweet Potato Pie before, didn't even know it was a thing. It was really good, and it had hints of cinnamon. I wish it was bigger however, as the slice was quite skinny.


NOSA: I wonder why these guys haven't blown yet because they should be bigger. I'm just going to blame the idiot waiter because there's something special going on here. I really believe these guys are "Essential" good. There were little things, like food taking forever and arriving cold, that held it back but there's something here. Maybe Folly and I need to check them out on a regular day.

FOLLY: I definitely want to go back. 


4th of July Special - N5000